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Arizona Says “DC a Fountain of Harm”

It was their congress person and their federal judge assassinated.

However, they are being honest. DC IS a fountain of harm.


Time to Talk Alternate Economics

Economic Crash

Wreck of an Economy

If our mainstream economy totally crashes, and all the best experts say it will, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be ANY economy. Economy is necessity. In order for people to survive, there must be means of getting what is needed, and THAT is economy.

The very basis of our current ‘cash’ economy is that the dollar has its value in only one thing: human labor. It is your own labor, or the labor of someone who works for you, but since gold no longer backs the dollar, then labor is the only thing left in quantity to ‘guarantee’ the money supply.

By merely inflating, perfect strangers (the Fed, the IRS, the State, the banks) lays claim to a certain amount of your labor, and in so doing, steals your time and effort. By further taxing, the value of your labor is assessed against YOU, your property. The worse the inflation, the more damage that is done to the value of your labor, the less it buys for you, and the more of your property is stolen outright.

When the dollar goes, and it will, it will be replaced by two things.

One replacement is a new fiat currency which will ‘reset’ the ‘value’ of your labor and begin the process all over again. The reset will transform your labor to a tiny percentage of the value it held in all the decades past and you will be, in actual fact if not in labels, a slave. It could be in the form of an Amero or other hyper-governmental currency, or it could be in an electronic currency through RFID chips. It could be a combination of the two, but in either case the effect will be the same.

The second replacement is using gold and silver coins to exchange for goods and services. This has been frowned upon by our elites and the government because ‘you can’t earn interest on gold.’ What they are saying, and what they don’t like, is that gold does not give them the ability to steal your labor. They cannot inflate it. They cannot genuinely track it. If you have it in your possession it belongs to you and it ‘guarantees’ the value of your labor and your property.

Therefore, the current elites will most likely do a major seizure of all the gold they can get their hands on from the citizens. As I have written here before, there have been hints in the global media that there will come a point that anyone who owns gold, silver or alternate currencies will be tried as a traitor to the government that is set up after the total collapse.

This is to force us back into the fiat currencies that have robbed us of all we own, robbed us of the value of our labor, and to further rope us into slavery.

Americans being who we are, there have been many experiments in economics that are NOT based on cash and are not based in gold. The government has come down extremely hard on many of them, such as bartering, in order to keep the iron fist of the elites inside any potential for wealth generation.

Since economics of some sort is a necessity for your very survival, I will begin a series of alternate economics and the foundation of them, and I will leave it to your ingenuity to consider and make the most of them.

I invite you here to ask questions, offer information on your alternative economics, or to discuss the ins and outs of all of them.

Franken Romney

While Mitt Romney was, far and away, the preferred candidate in Michigan, there were LOADS of voters that didn’t trust him and it seems with good reason. Mitt Romney is Frankenstein’s Monster only far more evil, far more hypocritical, far more hostile to the people of the state that made his a household name.

During his campaign he spouted his support for manufacturing, for the Big Three, for the families and communities that depend on these jobs for a living, their retirement, their health care.

But while our economy and our dollar collapses, while the CFR and global bankers sniff that they want massive bailout help and GET IT WITHOUT OVERSIGHT OR RESTRICTION, while more and more families are homeless by the criminal banking and investment that has been done; Franken-Romney has changes his tune and declares it to be irresponsible to help the Big Three.

If we don’t, we’ll lose at least 3 million jobs, countless small businesses, and the death knell of Michigan will spread all through the continental US.

The powers that be want an enslaved, consumer society and no other kind. Once we can’t do that anymore, and we can’t, they will surely demand something we don’t want to give: our sovereignty.

Franken-Romney doesn’t mind being a traitor to the most foundational of all relationships so there is no reason to think that he would be loyal to anyone else. Though a Christian he professes that he is completely pro-choice, would never interfere in a woman’s right to choose an abortion, despite the fact that he, like the rest of us, are bound to the Commandment Thou Shalt NOT KILL. If he can betray his own God, his own spiritual heritage, there is no reason to believe he’ll be loyal to anyone else either- not to America, not to Michigan, not to the Americans who depend on manufacturing to support their families. Big money is his interest, big money is his true god, big money is the only one with his true loyalty.

Even the Frankenstein monster wouldn’t have done that. It takes another traitor.

During Collapse, Consider ‘Growth Industries’

Jump! You Fuckers!  Nicholas Roberts/AFP/Getty Images

Jump! You Fuckers! Nicholas Roberts/AFP/Getty Image

Everyone is looking for the ‘growth industries’ that may be the key to surviving this cascading economy. The best advice, aside from investing in gold and silver (for those who have money), is to consider health care, especially geriatrics.

During the Clinton Administration, welfare benefits, including health insurance, were severely curtailed, but an under-reported effect of that draconian cutting was that hospitals, especially charitable and public hospitals, experienced a horrendous loss of funds. This during the time of HMOs and PPOs that privatized profit and socialized expenses- our disdain for our own people while embracing the vampiricism of the rich is actually a huge injustice and a great shame on our nation. This is far more important to remember today than it has ever been.

That mechanism is staring us in the face once again under this capitalist/fascist regime- bailing out the financial industry that sucked all profits and all wealth from our people, we now are facing a bitterly fought bailout of the ‘Big Three’- the only major industry left in our country that ACTUALLY provides income to families, ACTUALLY provides product WORTH something, actually does business with untold thousands of small business owners. It is ALSO the MAJOR HEALTH INSURANCE PROVIDER IN THE UNITED STATES.

Don’t want to bail out the Big Three because there are still (castrated) unions there? Don’t want to bail out the Big Three because they had the nerve to fly in on old private jets??? (The financiers didn’t even have to bother with appearing. They just picked up the phone and walked away with trillions in free and unaccountable funds! They didn’t even have to move from their yachts).

Aside from the American families, American small businesses and American suppliers that the Big Three supports to the tune of at least 3 MILLION living wage jobs- by itself nearly 10% of the population, if we LOSE their CONTRIBUTION to the health care industry, we will see massive closures of hospitals and clinics all over the country.

New legislation forcing doctors, health care professionals of all types and pharmacists to give treatments and drugs that violate their conscience and professional oaths brings thought policing to a new and extremely dangerous level. They paid for their own education. They paid their dues at university, in residencies, in investing in practices. Socializing their consciences and ignoring WHO made the investment in money, talent, time, intellect, practice, facilities, marketing and etc. is a rising evil that risks much.

Most of the charity hospitals are Catholic, and we are already seeing Bishops proclaiming that if legislation passes forcing them to have ANYTHING to do with the slaughter of the unborn, the Catholic hospitals will close. Period.

Can your tax dollars bail out public hospitals and replace charity hospitals & clinics so you’ll have someplace to take your own family members in emergencies, illnesses, infections?

Yes, health care will be a BIG GROWTH INDUSTRY, alright, but not in the way Wall Street talks about it.

Without the BIG THREE’S CONTRIBUTION, there will ONLY be growth in the number of ill and disabled people with no medicines, no treatments, no professional care. Growth in the number of seniors whose retirement funds failed, whose health insurance failed, whose homes are foreclosed on, whose illnesses will not only remain untreated, but will require others to take them in and care for them. Growth in the ‘suffering industry’ for old and childless feminists and perpetually teenaged old Don Juans who are seeking SOMEONE to care if they’re alive or dead, in pain or comfortable, have a roof over their heads, food in their mouths, insulin for their diabetes…

Ignoring minimum human charity, minimum human dignity, and ‘unalienable’ Constitutional Rights in Terri Schiavo’s case happened FOR A REASON.

Would Americans accept a disabled woman’s loss of her Constitutional Rights to life? Would we accept that, like the Nazis, food and water are extraordinary provisions for those ‘in care’?

Yes, we did- our politicians, our courts, our media, our people- all accepted that denying food and water to a living American who was not dying is permissible for any reason at all.

WE ARE ALL about to experience the true ‘growth industry’ in this country and the burden of it, and the suffering of it, will be all ours. The elites, the politicians, the corporate fascists will be able to fly anywhere in the world on private jets to get all the health care they need or want.

Not you, though.

Yes, buy the tired old bullshit line ‘the unions ruined everything’ when the unions have been busted and impotent for years. Buy the puritan ethic that tells us that if a person is blessed by God he’ll be healthy, wealthy and wise and therefore the manufacturing industry isn’t blessed but actually should be PUNISHED.

Care for everyone and every issue in the world except those that negatively affect Americans.

Be careful of what the media tells you that you want. You might actually get it.

Congress Speeding Up the Economic Collapse

money chimp

Congress’ continual spending of money that we don’t have is only speeding up the economic collapse predicted with certainty by the global banks and causing Bernanke to actually panic.

Blank check signing for the vastly overbloated and wasted military spending bill, but ONLY if they add tens of billions more for their pet projects. America’s NEEDS are being traded back and forth just to leverage spending for things most Americans are against, don’t need, and are proven wasteful.

Making matters worse, of course, they don’t even know what they actually want or need, meaning that the billions spent on the Department of Homeland Security is nearly ALL wasted, with almost nothing being accomplished, except for making sure the Constitution is being gutted more and more.

As long as THEY get what they want, what do they care if YOU have anything but misery?

Either further deflate the value of the dollar, or see if CHINA will pay more. I mean, why not give China rights to all of our property- we don’t need it, do we?

Losing an ENTIRE State? Even Michigan Can’t Borrow

Cerberus Demon Dog

As goes Michigan, so goes America. Mark my words.

There was a time, not long ago, when Oakland County, Michigan was one of the three richest counties in the United States. However, since the global bankers have ratcheted up their globalization efforts, there are few places that have been more devastated, had more wealth sucked off of the populace, than Michigan.

Consider: banks have actually been the ones deciding who gets money, who keeps money, and how money gets shared around, based on its lending criteria. While activists and politicians have concurred with global corporate media that these standards were good and right- you can’t let the PEOPLE and the MARKET decide who should have credit access, can you?- the trumpet that has been tooted for years about the woes of poverty was EDUCATION.

The citizens dumped mountains of money into the black hole of liberal education.

And the bankers decided who got the loans to pay for over-priced education and who didn’t.

Poverty remained. Despite one of the most vibrant economies in the world. Despite the presence and influence of the automobile companies. You remember the “Big Three”, right?

Once the global bankers were able to get hold of the ‘Big Three’ it wasn’t long before that entire industry was completely trashed. Where these companies had built up the economy of the world, where automobiles, the ability to buy and use them was the PREMIER signal that a developing nation was TRULY developing, the entire world changed because of Michigan’s Auto industry.

Now its gone. Parceled out. ALL profits taken from it, and the secondary industries like car repair, parts manufacture, and even full-service gas stations, independently owned, all of them, destroyed.

The bankers BLAME YOU. The media BLAME YOU.

According to the LIES, YOU were the one buying homes and cars that you simply couldn’t afford. YOU were the one buying things with the equity in your home that you shouldn’t have.

The hard working and RESPONSIBLE citizens of Michigan helped make the world a DIFFERENT PLACE than it had been, a level of income generation and prosperity the world had never seen before.

Now its over. Cerberus, an evil demon dog guarding the entrance to hell, owns Chrysler. Cars and parts are made in China, Mexico, almost anywhere people can live on $1 per day.

But, thanks to the REFUSAL to permit credit, the normal, world-changing, production economy of Michigan is in a free-fall collapse.

The ‘Big Three’ is vampirized, gutted, and the remains of the carcasses shuttled off, and nothing but a graveyard is left behind with living dead citizens waiting for the next hammer blow to fall.

The border between Canada and Detroit is backed up for hours as the global lackey Homeland Security personnel make trade, tourism and interaction between our formerly friendly countries a torturous, time consuming and expensive endeavor.

Michigan taxpayers have dumped VAST amounts of money into our schools. Home of one of the TOP TEN Universities in the world, that school and hospital conglomerate wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the commitment and investment Michigan citizens made over the years.

Now, the bankers have decided that the State can’t even borrow the money for the well-established student loan programs.

This won’t be the end of the banker’s refusal to allow the State to borrow. The state politicians have raised every tax and fee they could dream up, but it still hasn’t been enough money. Rather than cut government, eliminate the excessive influence the bankers and their buddies in insurance, finance, and all the thousand tentacles of power that are choking the state; the dumb-blonde politics are still believing the bankers will help save Michigan.

Not so. The assets that remain in Michigan CANNOT be seized by the few elites if the citizens retain power, and therefore the citizens must be DRIVEN OUT.

An END to credit, EVEN FOR GOVERNANCE, is the easiest and a very effective way, TO TAKE AN ENTIRE STATE.

To quote the official: “We just can’t go out and borrow money right now, and that is the bottom line.” Detroit News, April 24, 2008.

The credit is CUT OFF for Michigan, and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR IRRESPONSIBILITY.

It has everything to do with the assets that YOU have and the globalists WANT.

Like the Great Lakes and their fresh water?

Keep believing the lies and soon the Great Lakes will be the Great Bogs and the rest of the State will be the Great Backwater.

Art: Allison Smith

By the way, is Michigan ‘past peak’ and the problem is NOT free fiat money, printed by the Federal Reserve, given to whom THEY choose, multiplied by 40 by ‘fractional banking reserve’ and then spread around to who THEY want to? Our obligations to pay back that ‘free money’ by 40x? We pay back with interest what others take for free, multiply out for free? And THIS is OUR fault….

Fed As Traitor

Greenspan Globetrotting, advising Oil Countries to pull out of the dollar even though it would destroy American economy.

Did you REALLY believe that this private corporation has YOUR interests, or the interests of America at heart?

Watch THIS before you allow our politicians to expand the powers of the Federal Reserve.

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