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Depression: Look and Learn

The Cure for What's Coming

The Cure for What's Coming

As I’ve written before, as goes Michigan, so goes America. America’s prosperity – even the world’s, was built on manufacturing, especially automobiles.

Oh, Michigan! Oh, Detroit!!!! Officially the unemployment rate is 21%. That DOESN’T COUNT the people who lost their jobs and never qualify for unemployment benefits, like sub-contractors and 1099 people. It also doesn’t count all the people who have fled the area because the economy is so bad.

As goes Michigan, so goes America. It was said before, and with horror we see it coming true before our very eyes.

Americans won’t give away their sovereignty unless we’re homeless and starving. There couldn’t possibly be a NAU or an NWO unless America was on its knees. Or, six feet under.


Inflationary Depression: Quick Trillionaires in No Time Flat!

bag of money

bag of money

When I visited Mexico some years ago, I heard that our border guards were incensed because Mexicans BELIEVED that Americans walked around with bags of money. To their mind, this was laughable, a sign of how IGNORANT people were in Mexico. I mean, wouldn’t ANY American be suspicious of someone who walked around with BAGS of money?

However, when I went to cash a couple of hundred of dollars in for pesos, I discovered that the exchange rate was in the area of 3600 pesos PER DOLLAR and I did, indeed, NEED to walk around with a bag full of money.

Well, what’s a few zeros between you and me, hey? In Zimbabwe where their inflation increases the necessity to add zeros to their currency (at the rate of 215 MILLION percent) BY THE HOUR, knocking off ten or twelve every few months and re-setting the value of their currency is quite a common occurrence.

Shortly, when Obama calls a ‘bank holiday’ as predicted by Gerald Celente, your money won’t be available until the holiday is over, at an anticipated rate of ten cents on the dollar. Its either that, or you’ll be an instant trillionaire overnight, month after month after month.

Isn’t governance by the Federal Reserve a dream?

Inflationary depression. Not just for the Third World anymore! By the way, its all your fault.

Surviving the Depression Strategy: The NEW Homesteading

Homeless by Banksy

Homeless by Banksy

The economic collapse, this new Great Depression, is afflicting States and Municipalities as never before also. New strategies are required for the citizens to survive this coming disaster, and set themselves up to succeed and prosper in the years to come.

Recently Rep. Marci Kaptur captured everyone’s attention by telling homeowners facing foreclosure to “Stay PUT.”

Readers of this blog will know that several months ago I recommended a similar thing, and as wonderful of an idea that this representative from Toledo has, I suggest that Americans begin taking this idea much farther.

I call it ‘The New Homesteading.’

Finally this year, the local municipalities are suffering so much from foreclosures, that they are beginning to realize that their interests actually lie with the CITIZENS, and NOT with the bankers, the investment class, the wealthy.

A few years ago I had a direct and very painful experience with the prevailing attitude of a local municipality when my house burned down to the ground. The city, in the habit of picking the carcass of every citizen, made sure that they got as much money as possible from my disaster- going out of their way to charge huge fees for unnecessary mowing & other stupidities; requiring things that were completely senseless but damaging to the re-building process and charging huge amounts of money for those things, refusing to negotiate reasonable rebuilding plans (like a smaller, more affordable house) and so on, and therefore finally the entire project was cancelled- my being tens of thousands of dollars poorer and the entire catastrophe becoming a total loss.

Worse, the authorities refused to hold the insurance company accountable to the insurance contract as written.

The State of Michigan, its politicians and its cities have long been in the pocket of the insurance companies, bankers and mortgage companies.

Now, however, as the cities see growing areas of wastelands in their towns- formerly occupied homes that no longer pay taxes, no longer use the utilities, no longer receive maintenance, because they are ‘owned’ by some vague financial institute through some vague financial instrument somewhere in the world, the cities are discovering that their best asset is what it always has been- its citizens.

I want to point out one very important thing here- one of the most FOUNDATIONAL aspects of wealth building and equality that ever occurred in these United States was HOMESTEADING. There were VAST tracts of land that were unoccupied, uninhabited, undeveloped, unproductive, and a growing immigrant population that was desperate to get a good start in this country- by the sweat of their brows, by their work and ingenuity.

The government, at that time set out a program of ‘homesteading’ whereby landless peasants could go and find a piece of unowned property, and if they developed it, after a certain length of time could lay claim to that property and become its owner.

The modern version of this is the ‘squatters laws’ that are on the books almost everywhere.

Up until now, the State would claim properties because of unpaid taxes, and sell them to the investing class for the tax money only, and the mortgages and liens on those properties would simply be void.

However, there is no longer an ‘investment’ class that is able or willing to take on ‘abandoned properties’, fix up and maintain them and offer them to sale to a population that doesn’t even have work enough to sustain them.

Just because the State SAYS it is ‘owed’ taxes does not MEAN that those taxes are ‘owed.’ There are altogether too many cushy tax breaks for the friends of any given administration that do not apply to the citizens at large.

How many times have you heard the scream to heaven by government saying ‘WE ARE LOSING MONEY to taxes that are OWED to us because people are …. buying stuff from another state… aren’t paying enough cigarette taxes…. have stopped vacationing here and we are losing tourists tax dollars…’

Let us be clear here. The STATE DOES NOT LOSE MONEY because they have failed to find enough ways to tax people! THOSE MONEYS WERE NEVER OWED TO THE STATE UNTIL THE LEGISLATION LAID CLAIMS IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE LAID. Sales taxes are not OWED until a person decides to purchase, for example.

In the boom times, the ‘state’ made YOU and every working American pay over half of their money in taxes. Rather than being in service to YOU, the citizen, YOU the citizen were enslaved six months of the year to a vampire government.

Properties that ‘belong’ to the State ACTUALLY belong to the PEOPLE who ARE the state. They belong to the citizens, to the taxpayers. All the infrastructure that supports these buildings was paid for by the taxpayers- infrastructure that is going to hell in a handbasket as the citizens lose their jobs and lose their incomes and no longer even qualify to pay taxes or stay in their homes because of the usury charged them- usury that the laws SHOULD have protected the people from in the first place.

It is time for the citizens to begin a NEW government policy of their own- the New Homesteading. Are you and your family homeless already? Go find a decent foreclosed house and move into it. Get it livable, see if you can find work. This spring plant the entire yard as a food-producing garden. Set out your garbage and recyclables for city collection. Enroll your kids in the area school. Turn on the cable and utilities. BELONG there.

Life is much more affordable with no mortgage payment, no insurance payments and no property taxes.

Homestead the place as Americans used to do.

Make the city, the state, and any ‘investor’ pay the expense of throwing you out, the expense of proper records, the lawsuits to evict or ‘foreclose.’ Do everything you can to transform the legislation in your new city to permit homesteading, to lift wasteful lawn requirements and home-based business restrictions. Demand the city permit animals besides cats and dogs so you can keep chickens, or goats or sheep.

There is a limit to how much any of these entities will spend, especially if there is a mass movement of citizens laying claim to the properties of this country that belong to them and no one else.

It is a true statement that possession is 9/10 of the law. It is time that it worked for the citizens and not the elites only.

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