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Continental Driver’s License Issued: New Era for Americans

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Whether you want it or not, shortly every country on the North American hemisphere will have access and information about YOU, an American Citizen.

Ron Paul is RIGHT. NAFTA, and the North American Union is REAL.

The very first such license has been issued in North Carolina!

“Marge Howell, spokeswoman for the North Carolina DMV, told the press that the state was embedding a hologram of North America on the back of their new driver’s licenses. “It’s a security element that eventually will be on the back of every driver’s license in North America,” Howell said.

“The goal is of the North American hologram,” Howell explained, “is to get one common element that law enforcement throughout the continent can look at on all driver’s licenses and tell that the driver’s license is an official document.”

The chip hologram is based on the logo above.

This is, of course, a much better solution than enforcing the laws that are already on the books- much better to make enemies and suspects of every American, than to genuinely CLOSE THE BORDERS to illegal immigration, or follow up on expired VISAs.

The North American Union is HERE already, and the only ones that don’t know it are the citizens. Radio chipped drivers licenses, being fought in 38 states by opposed citizens, are still being foisted on us in the same clandestine way that the roots of weeds take hold in your garden no matter what you do.

Soon we’ll wake up in a very different country we went to sleep in the night before….


Fascism #4: REAL ID by 2009: Michael Chertoff vs Ron Paul

real id, rfid chip

In a press release speech given this month by Michael Chertoff, Dept of Homeland Security, he said:

“Another important 9/11 Commission recommendation was the need to make sure that driver’s licenses do not become weapons in the hands of terrorists as they were on September 11th. As you know, this past fiscal year 2008, there has been $360 million available in funding, potentially, for states that want to have support for their REAL ID efforts. This fiscal year 2009 we’re requesting $50 million to facilitate State compliance, and there will be another $150 million in grants that will potentially be available to states for this purpose in fiscal year 2009.

I want to emphasize, though, the most important contribution we have made to allow REAL ID to be implemented in a way that is efficient and not overly burdensome for the states, is our cutting of the cost of the program by three quarters through rules, changes, that we recently announced in the last few weeks. This now means that the basic cost for a REAL ID-compliant license is about $8 per license over the life of that license, and that is an amount of money that certainly is well within what we should be prepared to pay protect not only against the possibility of terrorism being facilitated with illegal licenses, but to make it harder for illegal immigrants to get licenses, and also to manage to reduce identity theft, which, of course, is a very real problem across the country.”

Making enemies of Americans, by forcing them to have REAL ID, is the fourth step in turning a weakened democracy into a fascist state. Among the many, very expensive, things that are outlined in this horrendous press release, is the plan and the strawman arguments for forcing this unwanted and expensive tracking device on we, the citizens.

As Ron Paul has plainly told us, the government has too much, and is far too easy with releasing, our personal information. The ‘secret’ social security numbers, that were NEVER to be used for any other purpose, are now in the hands, and easily accessible to anyone that can claim an employer ID number, through another program called e-verify.

He explains, “We’re requesting for fiscal year 2009 $100 million for E-Verify, an increase in $40 million. As you know, this program allows employers to use an automated system to run employment authorization checks against DHS and Social Security Administration databases. Currently, more than 50,000 companies are enrolled, and we expect that number to more than double this year. This is a proven tool that attacks one of the most common ways in which illegal aliens fraudulently obtain work in the workplace, by using phony Social Security numbers or mismatched Social Security numbers.”

Soon, no one will be able to be employed without this RFID technology.

Furthermore, the money being provided to states to cover this UNFUNDED MANDATE is only 10% of the total. In this time of decreasing tax revenues for states, because of the increasing financial difficulties of the citizens, taxpayers, and homeowners, the costs of this corporate welfare program will be foisted off on an already struggling populace.

There are so many false assumptions in this very long winded statement from Mr. Chertoff.

He also said, “Let me talk about some of our progress to date. First, we’re requesting $140 million this fiscal year to support the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.

One terrorist incident is NOT sufficient reason to require RFID identification corresponding among THREE OR MORE COUNTRIES of Mexico, Canada and the United States, and perhaps ALL OF SOUTH AMERICA. This is a springboard for the North American Union and will be the database that will be shared among all three countries, and readily expanded to include the entire American hemisphere- both north and south.

Since when are we, as American Citizens, required to give such personal and private information to OTHER nations, especially when it is the ‘illegal use’ of such information that seems to be the ‘get around’ for illegal immigrants?

The rapid and unquestion progression of this very dangerous program is accepted by all of our representatives as a matter of course. Only Ron Paul is speaking out against this horrendous violation of our rights, and the danger of lost sovereignty that this promotes. Fascism is on the way, and is NOT being curtailed, let alone stopped, by our elected so-called ‘representatives.’

It is time for this to END. NOW.

Christians Bringing on the ‘Mark of the Beast’ Themselves!

christian american flag

One more time, we hear about a new book proclaiming that the Mark of the Beast, implanted radio chips, is almost upon us. Everyone, including folks as technologically backwards as the Amish, know this is true and they see it coming. Some of the most popular, talked about books on the market, among Christians, are books of prophecy that proclaim the coming ‘mark of the beast’ and forewarn Christians about the dangers and how to prepare for and handle that event. However, NONE of those books make it plain that Christians are bringing on this state of affairs themselves.

Does this statement offend you? I hope not. My hope is that it wakes you up to what has been, and continues to be, the downfall of Christian souls and brings about the monster that will force upon us all the ‘mark of the beast.’

There are several ways that this has, and continues to occur.

1. Continuous and intentional DISUNITY among Christians. This is true of all denominations regardless. It is in contravention of the ONLY chapter in the Gospels that records Jesus personal prayer to God Father- John 17. Unity is already there, as Grace, in Christianity, based upon the fact that Jesus prayed for it. However, it is a grace and blessing that Christians have had no interest in. Recently some Missionary Mennonites finally decided to convert to the Catholic Church- a surprise to everyone. The reasons they gave is that no matter what church they attended, the theology was DIFFERENT in each one. They looked and looked for a church that taught consistent doctrine and found none. They grew confused and didn’t know what to believe anymore, but they believed Jesus when He said ‘I am with you to the end of the Age,’ and they sought HIM out.

In recent decades especially, Christian denominations have been formed around ‘new ideas,’ new ‘hidden findings’ that ONLY the ‘elect’ could possibly know. It is this desire for specialness and being ‘in on the secret’ that has encouraged people to throw out the truth that God has shared with humanity since Adam and Eve. It belies a profound mistrust of God, of His Spirit. This, ALL BY ITSELF, provides an enormous opening for evil to do its work of misleading the masses.

False Pride. The false pride pertaining to calling oneself a Christian means that all one needs to do is to declare a personal relationship with Christ, and all is forgiven. The responsibility given to Christians to ‘flee the devil’ and to live a life congruent with Christian principles is ignored in favor of the cheap grace of purely intellectual assent that the Bible is true. This ignores, at minimum, the entire book of James, one of the many New Testament books that Protestants wanted tossed out of the bible in the first place, and set up generations of Christians that are not ‘responsible’ for the condition of the world. Continuous criticism of other Christian denominations is a sure way to destroy Grace, as not even the Angels themselves criticize. The very idea that Christ and His Spirit has abandoned the Church until these ‘new denominations’ showed up on the scene is an abomination. Unity is foundational to Christianity, but has been destroyed by false pride. Furthermore it makes Christ a liar. Such disunity and fervent and hostile criticism has opened the door wide to evil. To the unconverted, it exposes a profound hypocrisy in Christians and in Christianity, has turned people from truth to a lie, and has put the very existence of the Church at grave risk.

2. Voting for, and keeping in power, politicians and political parties who are clearly anti-Christian. Ralph Reed quit because the Republican Party kept betraying their promises, or keeping so few of them that the downward spiral was only GAINING momentum instead of being brought to a halt. Christians have, instead of being true to their calling, sold out to the Whore of Babylon and all that it entails- particularly the global military industrial financial complex and international groups. They have been deceived repeatedly, yet did not come out as a true community and refuse to participate in the Beast any longer. They believed the lies and supported it. They have thrown out all the ‘goods’ that have been given to God’s people over the centuries (because God abandoned his people??? EVER? according to your preachers, yes!) in favor of the lies of one of the MANY HEADS of the Beast.

What are the goods that have been given to us that have been betrayed by Christians?

1. Sound money and economics. While the preachers are proclaiming a ‘Prosperity Gospel’, Christians ignored all the biblical principles of sound economics, and rather than demanding our Christian representatives to restore it (as is outlined in the Constitution itself!) they took the path of least resistance (except the Amish!) and participated fully in the false economy that has been marching down the path to bring about the Mark of the Beast PURPOSEFULLY and OPENLY.

Biblical Christian economics (NOT JEWISH ECONOMICS) is very much capitalist-producing and earning for yourselves, saving your capital and from the savings, investing further in your production capability. It is debt and loan free. What we have been conditioned to believe is capitalism has actually been ‘fiat’ money, a technique that siphons off production wealth from families and gives it to the wealthy, through usury, through fees, through taxes. In fact, THE ONLY TIME IN SCRIPTURE THAT JESUS GOT VIOLENT, was with the ‘money changers’ who practiced this form of monetary policy RIGHT IN THE TEMPLE. This false capitalism is hated by Jesus in the extreme, as it impoverishes people, destroys families, and hardens hearts toward the poor, the weak, the elderly and widows.

2. Just War Doctrine. Justice has always been front and center of the demands of God on His people, starting with the Ten Commandments and taking it from there. We believe that whole nations have been destroyed for massive violations of these principles. The Just War Doctrine was developed from Christian principles based on Justice in scripture. Yet, EVEN NOW WHEN ALL THE POLITICIANS have openly declared an abandonment of the Just War Doctrine, Christians are still entertaining which of these politicians to vote for!

3. The Constitution of the United States. Most Christians haven’t even read this document, though they can recite certain areas of Scripture chapter and verse. This ignorance has meant that when our elected officials violate the Constitution, the very document which guarantees our right to freedom of religion, Christians have no clue! Mainstream media, who Christians KNOW is a fantasy-land and propaganda lying machine, a tool of the devil; claims that people who are Constitutionalists are ‘fringe’ or ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘lunatics’- and Christians believe what they are told. This, despite the lies that were spoken of the Savior in Scripture and the warnings that the Anti-Christ would try to mislead even the elect.
We know that the Mark of the Beast is primarily ECONOMIC.

Unconstitutional economics, of the type practiced by the Federal Reserve, is currently destroying the American Dollar. Soon, between the increase of funding for the war and the inflationary policies of the Fed, the Dollar will actually COLLAPSE. The collapse of the dollar will destroy our economy, and create incredible hardships in every home in America.

The only solution that will be offered by our politicians is to institute the Amero, as purely electronic funds, and the price will be to give up American Sovereignty to the North American Union. In order to be able to support our families in the new consumer society, we will be required to submit to radio chips. We even have new gas pumps that won’t function unless the data in our chips is present!

What should be done? Can this be stopped? Can Christians do ANYTHING to keep this from occurring?

It may be too late, of course.

However, I believe, like Martin Luther King, that God judges nations. He himself seemed to be given a ‘word of knowledge, when he said, ” “Don’t let anybody make you think that God chose America as his divine messianic force-to-be, a sort of policeman of the whole world. God has a way of standing before the nations with judgment, and it seems that I can hear God saying to America, YOU ARE TOO ARROGANT! You don’t change your ways, I will rise up and break the backbone of your power, and I’ll place it in the hands of a NATION THAT DOESN’T EVEN KNOW MY NAME! Be still and know that I AM GOD.”

I also believe this is a TIME OF JUDGMENT for America. We will each be held accountable for our actions, even to who we vote for.

It is time to take a stand, Christian Soldiers!

All of the politicians except ONE have abandoned the Just War Doctrine. Christians, in carefully examining modern weapons usage, have declared: “Nuclear weapons are instruments of PURE EVIL. A nuclear explosion, either by design or accident, would kill massive numbers of people, create international chaos, and cripple the world economy. Nuclear weapons are DEVOID of the SLIGHTEST SHRED of moral legitimacy. Prominent jurists consider their use illegal in any possible circumstance. The nuclear weapons states are deliberately undermining the rule of law in maintaining them.”

The evil of the current system of government has been declared, OPENLY. No Christian can vote FOR PURE EVIL, no more than they can for for abortion. Observe for yourself the blood-lust of the mainstream media. Both sides cannot vote for a candidate vicious enough, for one harsh enough, one who can torture enough, who can take this evil war far enough. They proclaim that anyone who doesn’t agree isn’t ‘patriotic’ or is a ‘lunatic’ or a fringe candidate. YOU believe that as if it were MORE TRUE THAN THE GOSPEL.

This current system of government, which is NON-CONSTITUTIONAL, has given our president, no matter who it turns out to be, the ABSOLUTE, TYRANNICAL POWER to set aside the Constitution that protects us, and impose martial law with mass arrests of American Citizens, dissenters and Christians, without recourse.

Does it end there? Not by a long shot, tragically. Martin Luther King’s prophecy said, “You don’t change your ways, I will rise up and break the backbone of your power, and I’ll place it in the hands of a NATION THAT DOESN’T EVEN KNOW MY NAME!”

What country is that? China. Thanks to the political dynasties of the Bush/Clinton, the most critical infrastructure for America’s security- the Panama Canal- has been virtually turned over to China. They were given our most advanced technologies, nuclear included, given our manufacturing facilities, and given ports that have basically given them the American continents, both north and south, when they so decide to take them.

Notice that those who are playing this extremely dangerous political game are from BOTH PARTIES. Anyone who doesn’t agree with the neo-con, neo-commie game are flamed and lied about by the media, and all the ‘tube as gospel people’ believe those lies, ignore readily available true information, and vote accordingly.

Christians have played politics as if it were a game of trade-offs, a ‘give us progress on abortion and we’ll ignore the rest’ game. By playing games with evil, we have compromised Christianity itself.

Our nation stands in judgment before God, right now. We will believe in, and vote, ALL the truths we have been given or we will be held accountable. Our accountability will come in the form of ushering in the anti-Christ, without protest, and without even trying. As we sow, so we shall reap. If we don’t stop this now there will be an economic collapse, the taking of sovereignty away from three countries, power placed in the hands of a very few, nuclear war, and an invasion of our very territory by a communist country enriched and empowered to do so by our very own political parties. We will reap the consequences of our ignorance, our flaws, our disunity.

Providence has given us ONE candidate that speaks the truth of these dreadful turns of events, and while Ron Paul has come out of nowhere, he has a REAL chance of winning, in spite of the lies the media feeds you. We have an OBLIGATION to vote for TRUTH, to support and demand the goods that God has given us through the centuries, to be true to our calling.


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