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After Birth Abortion & The Constitution

Newborn 12 weeks gestation

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A very serious problem for America is that it is completely unique in its Constitution. This puts America, in its very foundation, at odds with all of human governmental style in history and in our world today.

There is hardly a more dramatic demonstration of this than this article: “After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?”

A child who is born, in ANY condition, is a CITIZEN of America and is not entitled, but IMBUED with all the rights OF a citizen, moral wordplay notwithstanding. If they are alive they HAVE THEIR RIGHTS. We, as fellow citizens, who depend on those rights as much as anyone, are obligated to enforce those rights for the benefit of the individual citizen, ALL OF THEM, or forfeit them for ourselves as well.

Not so anywhere else in the world, and even our own Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg, who swore an OATH to that Constitution, has dismissed the document as irrelevant. The ONLY replacement for our Constitution is tyranny in one form or another.

After-birth-abortion, elsewhere called murder or infanticide, is based on a reasoning so convoluted, so bizarre, as to defy imagination.

It is not possible to damage a newborn by preventing her from developing the potentiality to become a person in the morally relevant sense

If an infant is breathing when it leaves the womb, it IS a person in EVERY moral sense.

When I was growing up I knew someone whom society referred to as a Thalidomide Baby, and she attended all of our childhood events such as birthday parties. The effect of Thalidomide on this child was that her arms were missing and all she had were hands attached to her shoulders. She was extremely small. She was severely deformed and lived a life of great pain.

According to Dr.s Alberto Giubilini, and Francesca Minerva:

Euthanasia in infants has been proposed by philosophers for children with severe abnormalities whose lives can be expected to be not worth living and who are experiencing unbearable suffering.

The Thalidomide Baby was, despite her suffering and her disability, a happy child and became a happy adult. She married and had five beautiful children of her own, cared for BY HER and her husband, and all in all had a productive and important life.

Eugenicists are avidly seeking justification for murder of the disabled or imperfect, and are abusing the sorrows of families to forward this despicable agenda.

In modern society we can’t save everyone from the problems of disabilities and enormous difficulties. But as Americans and as human beings, we can offer palliative care, the ease of suffering, and most importantly, comfort and love. This care is available to the born AND the unborn.

A Place to Turn When a Newborn Is Fated to Die

Hospice Care for the Unborn/Newborn

Newborn hospice vs. euthanasia

Hospice, Palliative Care for Newborns, Infants and Children

My Thalidomide friend found her life every bit worth living, the people around her worth loving. I cannot imagine a circumstance under which she would have preferred death to a loving, if pain-filled, life.

Even these dark-hearted doctors admit:

Although it is reasonable to predict that living with a very severe condition is against the bestinterest of the newborn, it is hard to find definitive arguments to the effect that life with certain pathologies is not worth living, even when those pathologies would constitute acceptable reasons for abortion.

Yet they still play with definitions to justify murder:

In spite of the oxymoron in the expression, we propose to call this practice ‘after-birth abortion’, rather than ‘infanticide’, to emphasise that the moral status of the individual killed is comparable with that of a fetus (on which ‘abortions’ in the traditional sense are performed) rather than to that of a child. Therefore, we claim that killing a newborn could be ethically permissible in all the circumstances where
abortion would be. Such circumstances include cases where the newborn has the potential to have an (at least) acceptable life, but the well-being of the family is at risk.

Like it or not, our forebears provided us with a form of government that gave citizens the unalienable right to ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ If a child is alive when exiting the womb, this is guaranteed to THEM, without the liens or contingencies the rest of this monstrous article would lay all over the defenseless, and at their expense.

No human being is capable of making a fully informed decision about the potential to have an acceptable life or not. Those who take the choice into their own hands we call murderers.

It is all too obvious to say that history is repeating itself. Someone made the decisions of who would live and who would die during the holocaust, based upon reasons so repulsive that Nazi-ism is synonymous with evil personified. Justification to murder has cost over 100 million deaths in WWII alone, and the vast number of abortions, chosen by a child’s own mother reached 50 million Americans in 2008.

That number defies imagination, especially with the bountiful provision of birth control of all types, including sterilization, mountains of money dumped into the end of American human progeny. And still, even with all that, there is this over-reaching and deceptive play on words that seeks to kill the BORN CITIZENS, not being satisfied with the massive loss of life already.

The problem, therefore, isn’t with our medical knowledge.

The problem is, we do not love our children, nor do we love the human race. America does not even have the respect for our future and the youngsters who will populate it that our Founding Fathers did.

America will stand or fall based on respect for the Constitution and our willingness to protect and defend those rights, even for the smallest among us, who are our future.

In a world that sees far more value to the elites in NO rights for their people, America has stood alone. But we are giving it away to replace it with what the world seems to offer instead.

When mass genocide is seen as a great good, then all of us are in real trouble.


Military Bestiality: Hell on Earth 2012

Deafening silence on the part of our military brass, the INCONCEIVABLE FALL of our military!

Tucked away in the NDAA is a paragraph legalizing and providing for sodomy & bestiality!

Once ‘God and Country’ was the swan song of noble men, protecting and defending the Constitution and our Republic, Free Men spreading freedom, men with God-given rights that can NEVER be taken away from any man with dignity.

Now, actually LEGISLATED, in the NDAA, a fall from that grace turning our troops into a mere herd of cattle, sexual perverts who need the provision of beasts for their pleasure, no more dignity than wild boars.

I ask, what use is a flag to a herd of pigs? What loyalty can any American expect from a pack of crocodiles? What military honor is there in sex with billy goats and sheep?

That such a thing could even be CONSIDERED to be put into a bill regarding our military, by our legislators, WITHOUT OBJECTION, just beggars the imagination.

That it could possibly be in there IN THE FIRST PLACE is such an insult to every service person, and every family that has given one over, that it makes one want to retch.

That the MILITARY BRASS KEPT ITS MOUTH SHUT, not only about this treasonous legislation as a whole, but also this ‘granting’ of the favors of bestiality, is a SIGN to America- a sign SO DREADFUL that by it alone we must conclude that the American Experiment is OVER.

To our government, human beings are no longer made in the ‘image and likeness of God.’ No, all of us are no better than animals, and one need have no concern for the treatment of THESE animals.

The NDAA clearly takes away our Constitution and institutes a Tyranny, it also proclaims in a diabolical way the new situation of Americans, including military Americans, to their government.

Not Hitler, not Stalin, not Mao, EVER sought such legislation against their citizenry. Yes, they treated them like cattle and animals, but it never once even occurred to those monsters to seek to legislate it through the ‘representatives.’

PETA may have gotten that paragraph removed. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? PETA?????? They’re worried about our troops sexually molesting chickens!

It looks to me like PETA will soon be the only advocate remaining for the troops, er, herds fighting against their own fellow american animals and other manimal species across the globe!

What need for honor guards when the manimal troops die? What need for careful handling of remains??? Just ship them off to the glue factory and see if we can get a little profit off their remains, or leave them in the fields just as the animals caught and killed in military action.

What need for medics, doctors, field & VA hospitals when veterinarians will do? What need for VA benefits for manimals? Cost cutting will abound in very short order…

The government, kept in power by the might of the military, has made its position and its respect for the military clear by the very presence of that paragraph. A greater ‘slap-down’ isn’t even POSSIBLE, except for the coming full application, and yet our IMPOTENT military brass does and says NOTHING.

Furthermore, WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE AMONG OUR RELIGIOUS LEADERS??? What use is a miltary chaplain among a pack of dogs? What consideration is given to the souls of rats and mice? Why aren’t they screaming from the rooftops that our military refuses to allow funerals that mention God or the name of Jesus???? THIS IS THE RESULT.

By their fruits you shall know them, and fruit like the NDAA, and its profoundly monstrous ‘inserts’, prove beyond any doubt that the tree has become DIABOLICAL.

An EVIL is in control of our government and military; an EviL that has populated the deepest levels of hell, but through our governance it has been given a presence HERE- and it is bringing hell with it BEGINNING THIS YEAR.

Choose who’s army you’ll be fighting for, Military Brass and all its entrails, all the manimal troops and suddenly useless chaplains.

The new battlefield is who, or WHAT, humans actually ARE.

Christmas In America 2011: War on Earth and Men of Bad Will

The Christmas Spirit was nowhere evident this year, but rather bad will all around. Recall the joy of the angels “Peace on earth to men of GOOD WILL.”

Instead, this year the lead up to Christmas, on which most small businesses depend for their very lives, we had a pathetic increase of temporary holiday jobs of 120k, (which are gone now, along with hundreds of retail establishments), idiots mangling and fighting over the ugliest shoes known to man, the outright theft of billions from private accounts, a Christmas present of the NDAA, a declaration of war on the world INCLUDING AMERICANS & an end to our rights altogether, an increase in nazi homeland security & 9500 inland checkpoints, a call for implementation of 800 concentration camps all over the country, sales of homes over-accounted by half, and psychopathic maniacs in power provoking global nuclear war.

After the most miserable Christmas on record, with over half of Americans living below the poverty level and even Salvation Army kettles dried up, the ‘will’ of the people drummed up by the media is bad, only bad, all bad, against American citizens.

Killing the Spirit of Christmas is truly the last straw for this country. If there isn’t even enough good will remaining to feed our hungry brethren, then there is no possibility of peace on earth, a gift given ONLY to men of good will.

And this is EXACTLY what we have to look forward to in 2012, war on earth and men, ALL men, of bad will.

Iowa wants to throw itself out because the people want to vote for Ron Paul.

Imagine if that were ANY other candidate! Put some other name in there and see- If Gingrich wins Iowa, we’ll just throw it out!!!!!

The parties are making themselves CLEAR.


In fact, I would go so far as to say that the parties have substituted THEMSELVES for the people in our Bill of Rights and Constitution, and where it says ‘We the People’ THEY read ‘We the Parties.’

Not only is this evident in their horrendous treatment of a very popular statesman among Americans, but it is evident in their incredible drive to REMOVE our Bill of Rights and our Constitutional Rights from the people, while holding themselves and their corrupt politicians above the law themselves.

At this point, only the most obtuse haven’t noticed how dangerous this is. It is totally guaranteed, thanks to previous administrations and their selling out our technology and manufacturing to our current enemies, that war will no longer escape our own shores, and we will all suffer from the effects of an incredible wave of our own bad will.

There is no longer ANY excuse. Absolutely every American KNOWS something is WRONG. They KNOW our politicians are corrupt, even that is bragged about on lamestream media. They KNOW the truth. Even if we lose the internet to SOPA, where they wipe the truth away and leave the rest for their own purposes, the truth has gotten out and there is no longer any excuse but one: ‘the love of truth is not in them.’

America has said to God, from whom our unalienable rights come: “Who gave you the right to occupy America? Nobody.”

2012 will begin to tell the price of that bad will.

Arizona: A Little Necessary Background

Arizona Says “DC a Fountain of Harm”

It was their congress person and their federal judge assassinated.

However, they are being honest. DC IS a fountain of harm.

Assassination of Judge Under Cover

Funny how this stuff works.

A Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the top US Federal Judge for the State of Arizona was assassinated barely 72-hours after he made a critical ruling against the Obama administrations plan to begin the confiscation of their citizen’s private retirement and banking accounts in order to stave off their nations imminent economic collapse, and after having the US Marshals protecting him removed.

Or this:

Interesting to note about the assassination of Judge Roll is that it is being blamed on a “lone gunman” said to be mentally unstable (aren’t they all) said directed at a US Congresswoman named Gabrielle Giffords, who survived this mass killing, and that killed at least 5 other innocent people, including a 9-year-old girl named Christina Taylor Green “curiously” born on September 11, 2001 (9/11).

Couldn’t be just coincidence, could it? Another patsy?

JP Morgan’s Turn at the Trough

Now that JP Morgan Chase is finding itself in legal fraudclosure problems that are larger than they can handle, Goldman Sachs has stepped down from the throne and instead Daley has substituted, and JP Morgan now has the ears, the agendas and the pocketbooks to get the justice system in tow at the expense of Americans one more time.

About Daley: 

He also played a pivotal role in creating the housing crisis, was on the board of Fannie Mae, opposed financial reform, supported health insurance companies, fought for Pharma interests, lobbied for telecommunications companies and adamantly opposed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

But, despite the obvious facts as follows:

There’s a section of my forthcoming book about the rule of law which examines the direct causal line between the vast number of Wall Street officials in key administration positions and the full-scale exemption from accountability which financial elites enjoy even for the most egregious lawbreaking. When you compile all of those appointments in one place, the absolute stranglehold large-scale corporate interests exert over virtually all realms of government policy is quite striking. But it’s nothing more than what the economist Nouriel Roubini meant when he told the makers of the 2010 documentary “Inside Job” that Wall Street has “captured the political system” on “the Democratic and the Republican side” alike, or what Simon Johnson describes as “The Quiet Coup”: “The government seems helpless, or unwilling, to act against” elite business interests.

It has NOTHING TO DO with the current economic crisis!

How poor do Americans need to be before our politicians say ‘enough’! Third world status is too good for us, apparently.

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