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Mark of the Beast on Right Hand or Forehead. Why There?

Jesus Christ

There is actually quite a lot in Scripture about the Mark of the Beast. These are quoted from the NKJV.

Rev. 13: 16ff He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, 17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666. Rev. 14: 8ff And another angel followed, saying, “Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.” 9 Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, 10 he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. 11 And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.” 12 Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. Rev 20: 4ff And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. 5 But the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.

In Romans 13 the Apostle Paul tells us to ‘put on Christ’ 13 Let us walk properly, as in the day, not in revelry and drunkenness, not in lewdness and lust, not in strife and envy. 14 But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts.

Since the earliest Church, Christians have ‘put on Christ’ in the form of a sign, as signs are extremely important in salvation history, not only for the Israelites that came before, but also for Jesus and His apostles.

The sign that ‘puts on Christ’ has been making the sign of the cross, and in both branches of the ancient Church, and in all the branches from there, Christians make the sign of the cross with their right hand, from the forehead, to the solar plexus, then shoulder to shoulder. This is the sign they use to begin and end prayer, by ‘putting on Christ’ they are accessing His power to save, His relationship with God, His intercession that was obtained for us by His sacrifice on the cross.

The mark of the beast is either on the forehead or hand, which subsumes the sign of the cross to the sign of the anti-christ. With that chip implanted in the hand, it is a defiled hand that rejects the cross making that sign. With that chip implanted in the forehead, it would be the FIRST thing touched when making the sign of the cross, subsuming the sacrifice to the anti-christ.

Amazing how that works. Just notice how badly God takes it.


  Daniel wrote @

The Mark of the Beast has never been identified until now. I finally figured it out after years and years of bible study. It is not a computer chip, biometrics or failure to keep the Sabbath. Email me for discussion.

  daniel cdebaca wrote @

i read your post and was curious to find out what the mark of the beast is . In the bible is say’s man’s number 666 but i don’t think the large majority of people christian or not would let such a mark be put on them.

  Margaret wrote @

Whatever the ACTUAL mark turns out to be, I believe everyone can agree that it will be utterly God-less, completely secular. I agree with you that if it was blatantly obvious that something IS the ‘Mark of the Beast’ that the majority of Christians would never accept it. Yet we know that Jesus asked” “Will faith even remain on earth when I return?” and those weren’t just idle wonderings. Therefore, I think it is something that Christians WOULD agree to, as something ‘beneficial’ according to Christian values, but that at its heart and root is totally anti-Christ. Therefore Christians must be in a very intimate, very dependent on God continuous state to recognize that mark when it shows up.

In order to avoid this becoming an extremely long reply, I think I may address this in a blog post. Thanks for bringing it up- its an excellent question and a fabulous opportunity for discussion by honest and seeking people. We could help each other in this way.

  retireddon wrote @

well, here is the factual nugget of information…believe it or not, the antichrist/the beast, will be Islamic, the Bible shows this…hard to show here in a blog, but I can email you the document that I have put together showing this…anyway, the mark of the beast is actually being used right now…it is called the bismillah…or what Islamic people say when they read the Qur’an, the hadiths, when they slaughter any animals, when they pray…they do this all the time…it is yelling “In the name of allah, most gracious and merciful”…as far as having it on their right arms or foreheads….if you look at jihadist, Muslim martyr, or Hamas pictures…you will see them wearing a headband or arm band that has the arabic writing of this term.
Now, trying to be short in this blog comment, when Revelation was translated from Greek to English, it was thought that the Greek numerology (Chi Xi Sigma)was what John had seen, because it the Book was written in Greek, and it was the basic common language then, however; upon Arabic speaking folks looked at the Greek text, it has been noted that the Greek 666 very close in resemblance to Arabic…the bismillah…the Chi in Greek (the X) resembles the crossed swords the jihadists, Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas use in their logos. Look at that, as well as the revival of Islam and how fast Islam is spreading across the world…666 is pretty much the bismillah and is being used today.

  Florian wrote @

Hi Daniel.

I’d like to knopw what you think the mark is.
Is there a way to contact you?
Let me know.


  Danny wrote @

The mark of the beast is the CROSS itself, Revelation 13 has been already fulfilled back at the dark ages when the catholic church required every one to conform to Catholicism and take a cross on their forhead or use the symbol of the cross with their right hand which christians do until this day, if you calculate the number 666 in the Hebrew alphabet you get a cross.
The cross has its origins in paganism as early as Egypt maybe earlier, the beast is Christianity and their followers worship a god man jesus and believes in a another pagan belief which is the trinity.
this will sound like blasphemy to you but if you are seeking truth the spirit will talk to you and you will keep asking questions.

I hate being the one that brings the bad news to every one but some one has to do it.
If you want to learn the truth about God you must forget everything you have learned so far from Christian doctrines and start from scratch.

you can email me at if you have any sincere questions

משיח בא!

  Margaret wrote @

The term ‘anti-christ’ is NOT the obvious opposite of Christ, although ultimately he will be. It actually means ‘another Christ, or another Messiah’ and people are being readily set up to accept him. The method is to discredit Christianity, from the Apostles onward, and then to bring in the ‘real messiah’ because only the “Jews” understand what the messiah can actually be, not some rabble of misfits, fishermen and tax collectors. People who buy into that are BOUND to reject Jesus as THE ONE AND ONLY MESSIAH, and to accept whomever shows up with that ‘accreditation’. 666 also refers to King Solomon, who after his bad turn demanded 666 talents of gold as tribute, a similar situation that all countries will find themselves in with this substitute. There are so many ways that 666 can be determined, and so many who’s names, positions, attitudes or abuse of power that qualify for that term, perhaps now it is the entire world, and all the power brokers in it, who have rejected Jesus as Messiah, who are ALL 666 in some manner or other, and therefore as we can clearly SEE, we are in a LOT of trouble.

  Diane wrote @

The RFID chip has the technology to keep one from buying or selling. Those who do not have the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name, will not be able to buy or sell. The chip is not the beast, it is the means by which those who refuse the mark or the name of the beast, will not be able to buy or sell. The question is, WHO is the HE that “causes all…to receive the mark” and who/what is the beast? They are not necessarily one and the same.

And not to change the subject but I just now referenced Revelation our of a pocket size New Testament Bible that was given to all the students at my (public) elementary school when I was a child. How things have changed…

  dsmith77 wrote @

“…This is the sign they use to begin and end prayer, by ‘putting on Christ’ they are accessing His power to save, His relationship with God, His intercession that was obtained for us by His sacrifice on the cross…”

I think you should be very careful in your language here. It’s God’s power. It was never ours to access whenever, wherever, or however we choose. Making the sign of the cross is purely symbolic. The wording used makes it sound like something out of a sci-fi novel or new age paraphernalia. Accessing God’s supernatural power is more like asking him for help. It’s His choice to act or not and that is generally based on His will and our faith. Ultimately, though, it’s His choice.

As far as an RFID chip (or a successor technology) being the future mark of the beast, I don’t know. It certainly fits with scripture. I hope I am not alive to see the day when planet earth adopts this mark or this technology in this way.

  Margaret wrote @

Putting on Christ is a command from the Apostles, and the early Church took it very seriously. “Accessing His power” is a very careful and clear way of explaining it and requires no further clarification unless someone doesn’t know the definition of those words. If we were slaves to a distant and unknowable god, like Islam, this would be the height of arrogance and pride. However, Jesus told us ‘I no longer call you slaves, but brothers and friends,’ meaning that we are of the very household of God and are therefore required to ‘put on Christ’.

Yes, I also hope I’ve passed on to the greater good of Heaven before these technologies plague the human race. Yet everything is nearly ready for them to be implemented, and therefore we are only just awaiting a ‘false flag’ disaster for the current administration to declare martial law. Once that happens, the government (read Constitution) is suspended, even though it is gutted now, and implementing the technology by forcing it upon people will be a fait accompli- we will have NO RIGHTS, and there will be NO LAW to protect us from it. So, unfortunately, I think that both of us will see it occur and we will both face the fork in that road- accept the mark of the beast, or not. One way will lead to a peaceful life and the ability to eat, buy, sell, and live a comfortable life; the other way is difficulties, exile, persecution, hunger.

God bless all of us!

  Nevi wrote @

First of all, believers are not required to delve into revelation, for the keys to the seals,are given only to the holders.

But, so that you learn a little..The beast that rises out of the sea, and out of the land..are one and the same- OIL
If you calculate the number:
O = 15
I = 9
L = 12
The sum of these is 36 ..of which the 2 composites are 18 and 18 ,and herein, is hidden the 666..and 666 which let you know that the two references,are to one.

In this, you will also understand that OIL , is indeed ‘the weapon of mass destruction’ because you now see clearly the damage it causes across the nations…compared to what people tout as ‘nuclear’ the damage is much more widespread…this is not to say that nuclear power is not dangerous, or threatens the globe.

In knowing this small detail, you will become more aware of what not being able to buy or sell without the mark is. Knowing more than that, is unimportant,and really not allowed to the general believer, whos command it is, to worship the Lord, in simplicity and humble spirit.

Woe to those that fiddled with the scriptural content in some backroom, on a computer, to declare war and the same to all that pervert religion, to spread terror – The Lord is watching. Further woes to those in positions of power that are advised by meddlers in the divine code – All they have done is unlock the fury of the Almighty, because even now, if the Lord were not there to intercede for fools , a portion of the earth would now already be dead, in fact a day has passed where the world leaders could have been swallowed up by the earth, never to be seen again if the Almighty were in a slightly more irate mood , because the foolishness of world leaders is now rising up to the heavens. There are cures for many things, but incessant stupidity has no cure, and is an irritation to the Father. All world leaders , that are charged with leading, but do otherwise seal their own fates, and many will escape here…but have no concept that they will be destroyed fully, because they refuse to stand in awe of the Lord,and do right!

In understanding this, you will also understand that the mark is not something tangible, or applied only to, do not try to involve yourselves in literal meanings to the high cryptics of Revelation, for it occurs on too many levels for man to understand.

People that think they can ‘crack ‘the bible codings, have already doomed themselves to fates they dictated by their own, be aware in your readings of Scriptures. It is given , so that you have a general synopsis of God’s Plan , but is not there for any to delve into, or to try to meddle with.

There is no command necessary, other than for you to believe in Jesus Christ, only begotten Son of the Almighty. Revelation unfolds in the lives of billions, without any really knowing..

Bible scholars,and theologians are lead, to give the best translation into languages understandable to mankind, but none should suppose to assign ‘meaning’ , for those things are given, only at their assigned times, by the Lord.

Even the seals,and holders of the keys, are only allowed access at their pre set designation in time, and not as man defines time, for man has no concept of time,as designated by the Almighty.

You have no need to worry about chips being inserted in your heads or all such physicalities. Those that propogate such explanations to things they do not know, also fall in danger of unnecessary judgements.

The command is simple..Live your life under the authority of the Lord,and obey the basic commands in simplicity, and you have the Mark of the Lamb not only on your forehead, but written in your heart. Keep yourself from senseless debates on the unknown, and prevent the loss of your tongues.

All that you see in the world, isn’t , and neither is all that you don’t see. Because you do not see the fiery anointing of the Lord across the earth, does not mean it is nonexistent.

As you see the morons,and even believers of the world deceived by ‘aliens’ and ‘ufo’s , remember who has the power to deceive,and is the master and prince of the air,and airwaves. Years and years of preparation, have allowed the minds of those that wish for delusion, to be deluded…and in fact, God will allow that as it is written, because a huge part of the earth will be deceived because of their need to see what seems ’supernatural’…to the believer, all you need do, is remain focused on the simple command given,and this will pass over you.

You , on this earth, are made in the image of the Creator of the Universe and there is no intellect given into any physical creation, more than given to mankind..but for those that wish to imagine their inferiority to other ‘beings’- then that is what they are. Yes, even the supposedly intelligent,and learned will fall prey to deception.

Have peace in your day, and remember the simple command you are given.

The iron laws of the Almighty, are not open to ‘modernistic interpretations’ to suit dysfunctional situations. The sword, goes out to all that shall meet, discuss, twist and adjust the commands of the Lord, to suit their own purposes on the earth. These have all bowed to the deceiver, and will follow in his footsteps,and share the judgements. Yes, the Sword of the Lord, is now at the church, and all that seek to redefine its purpose. The command, is given to all, that shall have questionable behaviour , as opposed to the law. The command, is not there to be questioned, or moulded to ‘modern living’. It is stated, and given by the ‘I AM’ for all. Defiance, is treated with warning first, as warning precedes judgement. So, as no correction has come from warning, the judgement of the Lord, falls upon the church and will be in full effect, soon.

It would be safer for all those leaders,and bishops to extract themselves from their acquired status, and join the queues of the sinful, who have humility before the Lord,and ask for forgiveness, than to stand in the pulpits and purport to do the Will of God,and thereby evoke the fury of the Lord. In this time, a judgement has already been laid down for all these, which will be effected throughout all the world, for all to see in time.

Again, have peace in your day if you find correction..but worry, if you are told,and do not turn from your path.

  melody wrote @


  albert wrote @

they will put the mark on the hand at first. then some people will wise up and try to get rid of it by chopping their hand off. The system will then prevent this by making the mark on the forehead as well. Because the head is a body part that u can’t chop off and still live.

  neAnonim wrote @

God bless you and give you wisdom!

  CHARLES wrote @

I have read a lot about this mark but I am not really looking for it because I know that the Holy Spirit will teach me about it at the right time. Be it the cross, a chip or a poster makes no difference its what it is I choose to put on the full armor of God and I am stronger than the beast!

  stung wrote @

Did anyone else hear the Fifth trumpet of God Almighty sound when oil wells were lit ablaze during Operation Desert Storm?
During the Gulf War when all the oil wells were lit ablaze I was attacked by a demon on three separate occasions all at night. This is what happened. While I slept this demon would fly through the window and attack me. The spirit inside me fought this demon briefly until I awoke. Then it made me take over. I leaped out of bed trying to defend myself. This demon was horrid and spun circles around me thrashing through my soul with his hands. then it left as fast as it came. The demon radiated from the pains associated with the abyss. He was like a coal pulled from the fire, with the pains of the abyss Revelation 9, 3. This attack happened on three separate occasions as I have stated. The third time however was different from the rest. As before the demon attacked me, but this time I had enough since to command it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. What happened next is even more amazing. After commanding this demon to leave in the name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit delivered me outside my room into the hallway. The demon followed. We were brought into the presence of the Lord. The Demon stood to my left and grabbing my hand with his, it placed its tail on top of my left hand. It was the sting of the scorpion and it went like this. It sent waves of fire through my soul Rev 9, 10. The pain was so sever that I couldn’t scream. Unconditionally, I looked straight up and said father please help me. The demon then left.

This all happened after being seduced into trying transcendental meditation and falling into spiritual bondage to witchcraft / demonic forces Revelation 13,10 or the spiritual bondage may have occurred after playing a Ouija board as a young boy. I’m not quite sure. What I am sure is that prior to being attacked by this demon, I was forced to go through the N.W.O’s. “secret” ceremony performed through transcendental meditation assisted with witchcraft / demonic forces. Why I say demonic forces is that I believe all witchcraft to be the powers of demons / the Devil. I was forced with witchcraft, through methods of torture, to go through said ceremony. The methods of witchcraft included mind control / manipulation, heart palpitations, witchcraft dreams causing sleep depravation, powerful visions, and many other forms. In said ceremony I was instructed to except the worship of one of their many “demonic gods”. They informed me that in excepting one of there gods I accepted them all. One of there Gods was the Devil, another they even named Jesus, but they had a demon for every occasion. What better way to join all religions of the world together under one banner of 666?

To the best of my knowledge this is the method Satan’s Secret Society uses to distribute the spiritual mark of the beast, and cause spiritual captivity Revelation 13, 10. Have you received your spiritual mark yet? This may sound hard to believe for those who don’t know what I’m talking about but it is a true story. Hear are a few scriptures giving in sight. Revelation 13, 10, If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go . This is spiritual captivity to witchcraft / demonic forces. Naham 3, 4, who enslaved nations by her witchcraft. Revelation 18, 23, By your magic spell all nations were led astray.
There is a way out, but it is difficult. Revelation 12, 11, those who overcame, overcame by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. They didn’t love their own lives so much as to shrink from death. Hebrews 2, 15, by their fear of death they are held in spiritual captivity. Satan’s Secret Society has many names; a few are the Mafia / Illuminate Masons 666! Have they been using drug dealers to terrorize your neighbor hood? Christians are their many Free Masons and Shriner’s in your Christian church? I’m sure they are in all walks of life and the cancer is spreading through out society.

Here is the rest of the story. Three to four nights later the demon returned in the early am @ about 3am. He wasn’t alone, Satan / Apollyon and the demon’s twin brother was with him. They hovered in the air above the ground, before the olive tree in the back yard. I could see them as the spirit in me manifested them to me! Satan hovered in the middle while the demons were on either side of him. The demon on his left had been thrown into the lake of fire for what he did to me. He radiated like a coal pulled from the fire what seemed to be 15’x15′. He was lit up like a Christmas tree! Graciously yours baptized by fire the witness! Who will believe this testimony? God will be my witness!

  Margaret wrote @

As horrible as that experience must have been, in fact it was a HUGE gift to you. Through it you were taught the great truths and you were given an everlasting experience of what is truly at stake.

In fact it was coming face to face with a demon that converted me, an experience so terrifying and hideous that I rarely speak of it. Yet at the same time, I had been totally apathetic to all things spiritual and God related, and therefore it turned out to be a great blessing to me that such attacks occurred.

We must ALWAYS remember the enemy and the ONLY one who can save us.

Thanks for having the courage to share this with people. I think it will become more and more important as the days elapse.

  stung wrote @

Is Revelations 13, 10 referring to Satan’s Secret society and spiritual captivity to Witchcraft?
Has the N.W.O. / Nazis Within the Order with its many branches, such as the “Free” Masons / Shriner’s / Mafia / New Age Movement just to name a few, distributed occult paraphernalia into society to cause spiritual bondage / captivity to witchcraft? Is this how the N.W.O. places people into spiritually captivity Rev 13, 10? Are Games such as Ouija boards, tarot cards, even the “8” ball with its pyramid in the middle, forms of (divination)? Could role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons be another method used to take people into captivity? Is magic art a method to lead victims into spiritual bondage, (which is the precursor to Transcendental Meditation, the secret ceremony used for distributing the “Spiritual Mark of the Beast”)? Has Harry Potter witchcraft books been distributed into society to lure people away from God and take them spiritually captive to witchcraft? Deuteronomy 18, 9 strictly forbids these practices.
Is it by spiritual captivity caused from these “games” / practices that people / victims are forced with witchcraft to go through the “secret ceremony” performed with transcendental meditation? In said transcendental meditation state, the victims are forced to except the worship of one of “Satan’s Secret Society’s” many “Gods”. They say that in accepting the worship of one you accept “all” there “Gods”. These are no Gods at all but demonic entities, one including the Devil! Is this the powerful delusion spoken of in the Bible 2 Thessalonians 11, and the method for enslaving society through means of witchcraft / demonic powers? Here are a few verses giving insight. “Those who go into captivity into captivity they will go” Rev 13, 10. “Who enslaved nations by her witchcraft” Nahum 3, 4. “By your magic spell all nations were led astray” Rev 18, 23.
There is a way out!!! “Those who overcame, overcame by the blood of the lamb and the “WORD” of their testimony, they didn’t love there own life’s so much as to shrink from death”. “This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of the saints” Rev 12, 11. Witchcraft / the powers of the Devil are real Job 2, 7. Are you aware that “the martyrs for Christ who don’t receive, what I believe to be, the “spiritual mark of the Beast” will come to life and reign with Christ for 1000 years during the millennium” Rev.20, 4? Would you trade a short life on earth for a 1000 year reign with Jesus Christ, and then so much more? Amen Brothers and sisters!!! You no who you are!
Also, are you aware that this society has been in the process of being set up for a long time under the totalitarian / evil rule of the Devil! Look up George Washington / Free Masons and the location of the Whitehouse and associated government buildings. This is just one of many examples. NWO / “Free” Mason symbolism has been distributed across the land. Satan and his followers are quite boastful. The Devil has been preparing for the coming tribulation for quite some time, when God will give him authority along with the Beast for 42 months of living HELL! And we thought Hitler was bad!

  Margaret wrote @

The actual word, in Greek, that you translate as ‘magic’ is ‘pharmakeia’ MEANING pharmaceuticals.

There are entire classes of drugs that don’t do anything else clinically except bring and keep people in a chemically hypnotized state.

The absolute trust in medicine and pharmacy is bringing many into mental ‘captivity’ or mental enslavement, especially since the idol of the television is filled from one end to the other with orders and commands that are mindlessly obeyed even by people NOT chemically hypnotized, let alone those who are. I suggest that the powerful delusion that goes across all of humanity is television and movies, and in almost every home the television has the prime spot of respect and attention, and even more than one television. It is by this means that people are deceived, or are delusional, and easily accept the gods you speak of and are therefore led astray.

Yes, we overcome by the blood of the lamb, and we can do this many times, but without removing ourselves from very powerful sources of of enslavement and idol worship, we may not win the great fight.

  Thorn wrote @

It is I that bear the sign. Clear as day, it is there on my right hand. I look at it as I write. And I wonder, what on Earth have I yet to become that could upset so many people.

My heart is pure, my wisdom runs deep. I have lived near seven lives before. My voice is soft, my face is fair, yet the dragon speaks to me and I share his wrath.

The blasphemies are wrought all over this world. They are preached by fools who care not for your souls but for their own pockets.

The great secret is hereby unveiled – do not confuse your empathetic good will for the man on the cross. Do not submit to a faceless God who is owned by a corporate institution. Do not bow to a religion whose ministers have raped a thousand innocents.

The greatest lie will come to an end. I will speak out from the last corner of the globe. Do not look upon me in a foul light, for many have said I share the image of Christ himself.

We are of the Earth, not above it. If you must know, the dragon the spirit of the Earth. It is life itself. DNA.

Close your black book of threats and guilt. The benefactors of your ignorance have ridden more riches than you can imagine.

I may sleep for another year, watching the progression of foul politics before I am fit to rise, horned and dancing.

– Thorn

Bless and entwine,
thy heart with mind

  Margaret wrote @

I love to get such interesting comments and I’m sorry I missed this one for so long.

Thorn, you are NOT the only one who exists as you describe yourself. I have met many.

Those who molest the innocent, whether as those false priests did, as school teachers or pedophiles all over the world do, are also in the purity of their evil hearts and evil intentions just as anti-Christ. And just like those false perverts that claim they are priests and all the rest, they too bear the ‘image and likeness of God’ but have darkened it so extremely that this part of their souls will suffer the greatest.

Everything, from science to education to commerce to finance to religion has all been hideously corrupted and there is very little of genuine love of God and neighbor in the world. It doesn’t appear to me like you’ll be beating that drum either.

  Job wrote @

Those of you postulating that the majority of Christians will reject the Mark are wrong. Many Christians already have embraced it. Those “loyalty cards” at supermarkets are a precursor and a rehearsal for the mark. Credit cards are a rehearsal for the mark.

Obedient Christians eager to comply with the government’s “War on Terror” would gladly take the mark in exchange for a promise of safety. The Devil is a clever soul; he will easily trick the masses into bondage. Sometimes it’s easier to seek convenience than to remain true to faith.

Make sure your minds match your hearts, good people. Mere Christianity in name and regular church attendance only is not very good armor. Fortify yourselves by opening your hearts to Christ and worshiping God the Father. Live a Christian life; don’t simply talk about it.

Take this message with full blessings from the Most High and ask your family and yourself some hard questions. Will you be susceptible to the mark? Only you and the Lord can answer that. What will you do? The time is draws nigh….

  Pete and Repete wrote @

“they will put the mark on the hand at first. then some people will wise up and try to get rid of it by chopping their hand off. The system will then prevent this by making the mark on the forehead as well. Because the head is a body part that u can’t chop off and still live.”

What UTTER nonsense, do you know how ridiculous that sounds? WHO is going to chop off their own hand when they could just as easily cut it open and dig out the chip?

If they put it in the forehead (which is TOTALLY ludicrous, just ISN’T going to happen) then they can just as easily dig it out there as well. It’s not like it will be embedded in the skull, what they going to do, start operating on EVERY single person to implant a chip? RIDICULOUS!

Most of you people are insane.


First of all before proper analsys can be made you must first start with the proper quaote: the bible is very clear it is in the forehead, and in the right hand these marks will be placed! Please read and study clearly the right material for the devil would like nothing less than to deceive you my brothers and sisters for that is also written for your understanding? Rev 13-16

  dennis wrote @

All I know is nobody is putting anything in my body. A cuntry boy will servive.

  Sandy wrote @

Hi Margaret,

Perusing your Facebook page brought me over here – so glad I stopped by. Your bio and postings are very interesting, but then again I knew they would be. How do you find time to do it all? I have a couple of Web pages, but can’t seem to get there to update them. As they say, “You go girl!” Bless you and bless all that you do for us humanoids!

  sergio wrote @

What if this symbol is the cross?
revelations is a symbolic book with real representation.

  Margaret wrote @

It always surprises me HOW literally true the Book of Revelation is- for example, St John sees a woman riding on a beast, and what do we also see now- the symbol of the EU IS a symbol of a woman riding a beast, Europa. The symbol is a spiritual mark, so whereas the Church gives her sacraments, confirmation and ordination both have an annointing of blessed oil on the forehead, and for ordination, on the hands; so too will the substitute spirituality provide such a thing.

  Den wrote @

I don`t know if this page is still relevant but you people seem to be overlooking the obvious, the only beast that has a mark on it`s forehead already are that of the horned beasts, if people are to receive a mark on their foreheads that would mean a return of the horned deities which the jews and most other nations used to worship, they were men not imaginary beings, the remnants being seen in those who are born with a caul or veil, open your eyes.

  Margaret wrote @

It has always been considered to be a spiritual mark, which the Church provides through the sacraments. The wicked give an ALTERNATIVE spirituality and alternative mark, just as the anti-Christ is ANOTHER Christ, a substitute one.

  Stung! wrote @

To th\e best of my knowledge the spiritual mark on the forehead stands for slaves of the most evil one, while hand signify s servants.

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