Margaret Schaut

One more conservative viewpoint on the world at large.

About Me

My field is communications of all types, with a classical education that covers ancient civilizations and languages, philosophies, governance and histories; the history of communications and forms of it; as well as the progression into modern communications forms. Different peoples, different thinking patterns, different cultures interest me.

I have long advocated for sub-communities. For example, I advocate for the Amish community that is facing challenges with our government and security laws that are destroying its very existence.

I have produced radio programs, writing and researching issues and individuals mostly pertaining to the effects of the larger global influences on sub-communities, from micro economic development, to women and children’s issues, to genocide and violence, to the homeless and poor women and children.

I have spent most of my adult life in volunteering efforts to assist the oppressed, injured, wounded and unheard.

This is my ‘practice’ blog, learning and using the internet and social media to do some writing on my own, not with a ‘nom de plume’ on behalf of non-profits and other organizations, but from my own perspective and on issues that interest me and in my own name.

As an aside- I was STRUCK BY LIGHTNING… (evidently necessary to get my attention…)

and re-converted Catholic thanks to the intercession of many souls who prayed for pathetic wretches like me, and the active interest of our Holy Mother Mary in each and every soul, no matter how lost or far away.

Over and above that, you can see ‘Who Really Rescued Who‘ for the values and orientation of my work- let’s NOT FORGET what we are made of, what is great about humanity, about the things we do for one another that could affect people for CENTURIES if we just remember them- like the Constitution of the United State and the Bill of Rights.

I build Squidoo pages which are more-or-less permanent postings about almost anything that interests people. At this time, out of almost 1/2 million Squidoo pages, one of mine has achieved a ‘lensranking’ of #1 top page of them all, and it seems to be holding at this position for a while! Squidoo is a terrific and flexible platform and so much fun to use!

My interests and responsibilities are too varied and demanding for this blog to be about anything else besides what I’m up to, what I believe is IMPORTANT, and how I see the world-at-large; as a sister to the human community; as an American, as a person who believes in YOUR God-given rights.

Ecstasy of St. Theresa


  Bill Pentland wrote @

Dear Ms. Schaut,

I am working on an article anout the NAIS and its impact on the Amish community for The Nation magazine. I am aware that you’ve been very involved in this issue and would greatly appreciate an opportunity to speak to you about it. Are you available to speak briefly sometime soon? I can be reached at (203) 561-3712 or Thanks and hope you’re well.

Best regards,
Bill Pentland

  Linda Goldthorpe wrote @

Hi Margaret…thanks for the link. I found out last night that Ron Paul has endorsed our campaign so I’m pretty excited! Keep up the fight.

  Alexandra Di Trolio wrote @

Hello Ms. Schaut,

My name is Alexandra Di Trolio and I was looking to contact you about being a guest for a radio show. I work for a show called “The Blog Bunker” on Indie Talk, Channel 110 on Sirius Satellite Radio. We are based in the New York area and would welcome the opportunity to do an in studio interview or a phone interview if one in studio is not possible. Please email me at the address below if you are interested and I’ll be happy to give you more details regarding the channel and the show. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Alexandra Di Trolio
“The Blog Bunker”
Sirius Satellite Radio

  ElektraOdyssey wrote @

This blog, and your other accomplishments are amazing! I’m humbled. I stumbled onto it while researching gov’t surveillance for a social/science “fiction”(?) novel I’m writing. If you have any time at all, could you reply to the email address I gave you with some more info on that–best links, sites etc? Thanks for putting yourself out there, like my hero, Abbie Hoffman!

  GADEL wrote @

Nice to meet you here too my dear friend.

  prescinct368cor wrote @

Interesting articles and keep up the great work in keeping us informed about the issues affecting our Nation and Constitutional Republic. “The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves” -George Washington

  Margaret wrote @

Thanks so much for your visit! Yes, the time of times, the time of great decisions, is here. Either we will do what we must to save our Republic and all of our rights, or we will become that which our forebears fought against. This decision has been forced on us, along with the very grave handicap of neurlinguistic progamming on television, video games and movies, that has convinced us that the right to ‘choose’ is far more important than any other ‘right’, and unfortunately our choices are perilously narrowed as our rights have disappeared. 2012 is going to be a very important year.

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