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Congress Speeding Up the Economic Collapse

money chimp

Congress’ continual spending of money that we don’t have is only speeding up the economic collapse predicted with certainty by the global banks and causing Bernanke to actually panic.

Blank check signing for the vastly overbloated and wasted military spending bill, but ONLY if they add tens of billions more for their pet projects. America’s NEEDS are being traded back and forth just to leverage spending for things most Americans are against, don’t need, and are proven wasteful.

Making matters worse, of course, they don’t even know what they actually want or need, meaning that the billions spent on the Department of Homeland Security is nearly ALL wasted, with almost nothing being accomplished, except for making sure the Constitution is being gutted more and more.

As long as THEY get what they want, what do they care if YOU have anything but misery?

Either further deflate the value of the dollar, or see if CHINA will pay more. I mean, why not give China rights to all of our property- we don’t need it, do we?


  Diane wrote @

Fire Congress! (Except for Ron Paul and a very few others).

I sent a message to my rep a few days ago through to impeach Bush. I had sent him one earlier to impeach Bush/Cheney but he said that it would be “a distraction from other pressing matters, such as Bush’s failed Iraq policy. ” HUH? Isn’t preventing a preemptive strike against Iran more important than dwelling on Bush’s failed Iraq policy? DUHH??? This time when I sent him the email to impeach Bush, I added quite a bit of my own verbage, including “I will keep your views in mind when you come up for re-election.” It’s time to stop playing nicey-nice to those who fail to represent “we the people.” I wonder how many of them would actually DO something if they knew their job hinged on it?

  Walter John Libby wrote @

History is a turning point. To see which way it turns to to

  Dante D. wrote @

Read Mathew 24: 14 to the end. If you cant’ understand much of it call 1-800-322-5385 on M-F bet. 8:30PM and 10PM EST. You can also check out /

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