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Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall Memorial

Vietnam Veterans

Vietnam Veterans

I just had the honor and privilege of being a speaker at the Vietnam Veterans Moveable Wall Memorial.  I lost a beloved person in that war, and it isn’t often that I get to speak of him.  Therefore, this speech has meant more to me than almost any other I’ve ever given, and I genuinely hope that I have relayed the concerns and problems that are so clearly seen, and IGNORED, that our Veterans have to endure- battles abroad, yes, but battles even at home with our own government.

I have attached the speech as I intended to give it, which you can read here.  If you’d rather see the video, it is at the bottom of the page.  Understand that with the high winds and the limitations imposed, what is on the video is slightly different than the text here.

Please, please, feel free to leave your own stories of difficulties, of your loved ones, of anything that you want the rest of us to know about Vietnam, your Vets, or your own experiences there.  It is much too important to leave your voice unheard!

I thank you for accepting me as a substitute speaker for Linda Goldthorpe, Candidate for Congress in this First District.  It is absolutely the most important reason I’ve ever gotten up to give a public talk, and I hope that what I have to say gives honor to the Veterans we memorialize here, honors you, and honors Linda Goldthorpe. 

I too, have loved ones affected by the Vietnam War. As a child, twin brothers that our family dearly loved, Mark and Lee, enlisted.. One of those brothers had been engaged to the aunt that was living with us.  We all expected him to be family and loved him, loved both of them, just as much as if they already were.

Mark corresponded with us regularly. We had news of his difficulties, assignments, his activities; but being a child, much of this went over my head.  I remember he often complained about his feet, how they were nearly always wet, and the foot problems that came with that. 

Mark and Lee faced active duty combat nearly from the day they arrived.  They served two years together. I recall my horror when we received a letter with Mark telling us that he had decided to re-enlist for another two years, for the reason that if he did, it would save another young man from having to experience the same things he did during the last two years; both of them re-enlisted for another two years. 

At about the third year of his duty, the tone of his letters changed. He began speaking of the difficulties he would have returning to civilian life.  He began to express self-doubt in living normally, being a good husband and father, about being able to hold a job and do well.  The letters became darker, sadder, hardened; more distant.

The twins fought that entire 4 years without a disabling wound. The discharge date was issued, and the families anticipated the return of our heroes, the marriage of Mark and Kathy, and we understood there would be dreadful difficulties, but Mark was worth it- we greatly anticipated his return. 

The final day of Mark’s active duty, he stepped on a landmine.  Rather than shipping him home with honors and medals like his brother; Mark came home in a body bag. 

I want to say to you, and to Mark, who I have no doubt is here, that to THIS VERY DAY I love him just as much as I did when I was that little bitty girl who kissed that young, handsome and committed soldier goodbye. I’ve gone to the wall to get his name. He has been the subject of my prayers.

Since I became old enough to vote, veterans issues have been a major consideration at every election.  I have a son-in-law who served in Iraq. I have a nephew serving in Iraq and who will continue to serve. Both of those men have something Mark never had- a family and children. 

Mark didn’t have to battle a sullen, intractable and cold bureaucracy for his health care and his benefits.  Mark wasn’t MIA or POW and ABANDONED.  Mark didn’t have a family who had to seek WELFARE AND FOOD STAMPS to survive.  Mark hasn’t had to pay higher and higher costs for the health care he DESERVED, as our surviving vets have had to.  He hasn’t had to battle the government to take care of him from Agent Orange, or Sarin, or PTSD.  He wasn’t abandoned in a hospital room for three days to just die an ignoble and ignored death.

But the rest of our vets have to deal with all these things and more.

And this has been a consistent curse of how our politicians govern. It seems to me that our veterans have been one of the LAST commitments, one of the LAST concerns, of our government no matter WHO is in power.

For myself, seeing the huge numbers of veterans coming home with unimaginable injuries, burns, lost limbs, horrifying levels of PTSD, shockingly high incidents of suicide, that frankly I am SICK AND TIRED OF BUSINESS AS USUAL in respects to our veterans. 

Without them there wouldn’t even BE an America; there wouldn’t even BE a Constitution.

Therefore I no longer vote for ‘YES MEN.’  I no longer support candidates who don’t take a clear and unequivocal position on caring for our vets as they DESERVE. 

We have here some choices to make and they are important ones.  We have six years of ‘experience’ running for Congressional office- six years of the worst governance and economy Michigan has EVER SEEN, all without so much as a complaint from our State representative.  And this six years of experience going along with whatever bad decisions are made, with whomever has the influence in our State government, wants to do the SAME FOR YOU in Washington.

Hasn’t that been the problem all along, that when people arrive to Washington that they are goaded and trained into being YES men?  Saying YES to the policies and procedures that have kept our vets ‘second class’ all along?

I really MUST speak on behalf of Linda Goldthorpe because in my estimation she is not only profoundly committed to the welfare and honorable treatment of our veterans, she is knowledgeable about the actual ramifications of the loopholes that are inserted into every legislative bill that affect our veterans badly.  She needs no advisors to read the documents and tell her what to think.  Without anything between her and her experience, she will read those documents and KNOW what the pitfalls, the dangers, the loopholes are and whether a bill is good for our vets or bad.

She’s a strong and gutsy lady, not afraid to stand up and speak the truth.  In fact, because of the catastrophe that so many areas of our government has gotten us IN TO, she felt that it was absolutely NECESSARY for her to run for office, to give a voice to the PEOPLE who have been so incredibly ignored. 

Linda Goldthorpe BELIEVES in our veterans; she BELIEVES in their care and keeping; she BELIEVES they MUST be treated with dignity and honor that is due from every American, and she is willing to stand and hold people accountable for their abandonment of our heroes, our warriors, and the families they love.

As Linda says, “medical care for our veterans should covered by a simple, reliable plan, instead of a complex bureaucracy that lessens choice and leaves our veterans at the mercy of government doctors.  But, in any case, more care is better than less.  No expense should be spared for our veterans’ medical care.” 

If we are going to make a difference for our Veterans, and for the American people, we MUST stop electing the ‘party annointed’ yes men and begin electing individuals who are willing to put themselves OUT THERE, just as our veterans do, for our country, for our values, for our veterans, for our Constitution.  If we do not, the influentials who have continued to ignore the needs of our people and our veterans will do NOTHING to change our system to improve this situation.

Margaret Schaut

Margaret Schaut

Nuking America? War Mongering & False Flag Destruction

Now our illustrious and traitorous FBI is disclosing that Bin Laden has 20 suitcase nukes, smuggled from the former Soviet Union and into America through the open border between America and Mexico.   They assert that THIS is the reason Ahmedinajad of Iran mocks us, saying that America will be bombed back into the stone age.

All this DESPITE THE FACT that BIN LADEN IS DEAD.  Benazir Bhutto paid the ultimate price for revealing that information to David Frost of the BBC, in an interview that was- astonishingly- never shown on American television.

Closing the border at Mexico has LONG been demanded of our government, by Americans, and has been an inexcusably ignored issue by our President, our Congress, and the Senate.  PURPOSELY ignored, it has become plain, especially when our Department of Homeland Security has been given BILLIONS of dollars to harrass, investigate, and monitor American citizens despite the Constitution.

Like 911 and the World Trade Centers; like Oklahoma City; like the very concerned people of Texas City Texas believe, like the Anthrax attacks; the truth of nukes in America will be that of another false flag operation, designed to crumble America’s and American’s power and grant global domination to… who?  Israel?  No, not Israel, but the Zionists within it.

With all the ‘intelligence’ our government has collected, with all the ‘intelligence’ that has been given priority of everything, including the rule of law, it is our government that is responsible for any nukes set off in America, directly responsible or indirectly.

Between McCain’s September Surprise of his coming exit from the Presidential race, the likely assassination of BO, and the return of a Hillary Clinton/ Mitt Romney presidential race, the truth is that we are UNLIKELY TO SEE A CHANGE IN GOVERNMENT.

Bush’s dearest wish, “As long as I’m the dictator,” is just about to be realized.  There is NO WAY Bush/Cheney will permit themselves to be charged with murder or treason.  There is NO WAY the global bankers are going to give up their power over the governments of the world.  There is NO WAY the Neo-Cons and their puppet media want to put global nuclear war on the back burner where it belongs.

The only way is to have a catastrophe so great, so devastating, that even the hypnotized American people are willing to give up all their rights, submit to a monstrous dictatorship, and give in to anything the dictators order.

I hope your souls are in order, readers, to meet your maker.  We are on the verge of a global destruction for the final realization of the ambitions of a few, and they’re willing to take down the planet and every person necessary, to accomplish their goals.

Fascism #4: Extraordinary Surveillance of Citizens as Enemies

Heil Bush

Heil Bush

Fascism in America is nearly here, getting closer everyday. Extraordinary or extreme surveillance of citizens, because they are ‘enemies of the state’ are seriously on the rise. Corporate ‘niche’ product creation has certainly contributed, especially because in a large way, the fascism coming upon us is corporatized.

Weapons are the next great contribution to humanity, privatized and corporatized, privatized unconstitutionally, outside of the rule of law.

Their newest ‘invention’ by the ‘creative product development’ types is a taser bracelet, with an RFID chip that holds personal information, which, if implemented, must be worn during travel at airports, and is remotely operated outside of the control of the individual. It goes without saying that it would not be able to be removed once it is in place, because otherwise, what would the point be in having one?

The shock from the tazer is SO STRONG that it ‘immobilizes’ the target for SEVERAL MINUTES- understand that even taser shocks that have killed people had not totally immobilized them for that long!

Now we see the true heinousness of this fascism coming out. In June our ‘president’ issued a Homeland Security Directive that orders biometric data collection on all citizens. The list of information to be stored on those RFID chips makes France’s truckload of documentation look simple.

Aside from the actual security problems in having all that information available to anybody that has a reader, now with the addition of a DEADLY WEAPON to a biometric data chip, we can see the direction that the implantable chips are going.

Therefore, fellow American citizen, YOU will be forced into an implantable data chip with personal information that can be read by nearly any ‘official’, and if you are doing something someone, like a rent-a-cop or crowd control police don’t like, YOU WILL BE TAZERED AND IMMOBILIZED FOR SEVERAL MINUTES.

This could be a pro-life demonstration; an anti-NWO demonstration, an Earth Day celebration, an anti-war demonstration; you could be tazered from outside your church, tazered in school; tazered in the airport, on a plane, on the subway. You could be tazered because somebody doesn’t like you!

YOUR tazer could go off if someone else is ‘targeted’. YOU will NOT be the one in control.

Benign biometric implantable RFID chips were bad enough. Nobody wants their personal and private information available to all comers. Nobody wants to change from a cash society to a cashless fiat electronic currency. However, up until now the biggest reason NOT to have them was for personal privacy. NOW WE SEE THAT THEY WILL ALSO BE ARMED WITH WEAPONS TO CONTROL US.

They are using 9/11 to force compliance, and yet, we have NEVER seen the truth of 9/11 come out, the investigation was stymied, critical knowledge kept away from the people. We have NEVER YET found out anything about the Anthrax Biological Attacks EXCEPT THAT THE DNA STRAIN OF THE DISEASE WAS A MILITARY ONE.

WEAPONIZED RFID chips- a new level of fascist control of the populace, courtesy of ‘our own’ American corporations.

Corporate fascism: not just for dogs anymore.

The Economic Plan of McCain: Screw YOU, YOU WHINERS

McCain doesn’t know any more about economics than he does about quantum physics. Indeed, in the state who has fallen farthest, has lost the most wealth, has lost the most citizens, has had its carcass picked clean by globalists, and the few remaining scraps the idiotic state government ‘sponsors’ are fighting over, McCain comes with a solution.


Since the Clinton Administration and their globalist agenda, right through to today, there is NO LONGER such a thing as ‘THE BIG THREE’, no longer anything like ‘BLUE CHIP STOCKS’ and no longer anything but increasing inflation, joblessness, homelessness and foreclosure.

As goes Michigan, so goes the rest of the states.

Henry Ford was right, workers need to be able to afford to buy cars for cars to sell.  That isn’t a MENTAL condition.

The globalists have done everything they can think of to siphon off wealth from companies, from labor, from any and every possible profitable enterprise and sucked them all up. Those they can’t suck up, like small farmers, small food manufacturers, the Amish they use their tools to drive them out of business with regulation and taxes.

Yes, there are a few good automobile manufacturers still remaining in the US. But, for THEM to survive, they need BUYERS.

With our government in the condition it is now, with the candidates we have now, you can be sure that this will ONLY GET WORSE, MUCH MUCH WORSE.

Especially with that attitude.  You think these people care?  No way.  They have their reassurances from the the globalists, they’ll have safe places to live, plenty of food- luxury even, all they need to do is sell the people down the river.  A true bargain for two waffle-irons that don’t know a thing about governance OR the Constitution.

None of these people, not McCain and DEFINITELY not Obama, know anything at all about economics. They have no idea whether or not the people are getting screwed (what, they didn’t notice?), they have no idea what is wrong, and they have no idea how to fix this catastrophic economic freight train that is really gaining momentum and weight.

But you can count on McCain, his advisors, and everyone else in the two parties to have NOTHING to say to any of you who lose everything you own, all your wealth, all your retirement, except for the compassionate words:


Killing off America? Death to the GOP!!!

dead gop

dead gop

The left just doesn’t get it. Not everyone in America likes the Dominatrix Model of Fascism! The move to the left in both parties is so far, so extreme, that Bill Clinton is looking conservative! There are people who are being legally and financially punished for speaking out against the gay pride movement, where even our Christian heritage is being persecuted and schools becoming ‘gay recruitment farms’.

I used to not care much about the Gay Pride movement, my attitude was ‘do what you want, just keep it out of my face.’ I thought it was better to keep it away from children, for the same reason that I wouldn’t leave a very young girl alone with a man. What people did in their bedrooms was none of my business, and I preferred to keep it that way.

But, that’s NOT what happened.

How we ‘feminists’ fought workplace sexual harrassment! We came a very long way, and yet now we (and our children) are actually subjected, and BY LAW, to a much greater, much worse, form of sexual harrassment- LGBT, the laws they are getting passed, the infiltration of our public schools, the blatant public mockery of every single non-gay value.

Even the very words bring to mind sexual images that I really could do without, images that are frankly, mentally sexually abusive. Our children and grandchildren are subject to those images and ‘justifications’ at younger and younger ages, through television, internet and predation. We cannot even permit them to go to public schools if we prefer their minds to develop normally, without the bizarre mockery of human sexuality, family and religion that this movement forces upon us.

The extreme left doesn’t want us to just accept them as part of our society, they want to DOMINATE it, in a type of sadist/masochist relationship AND they want us to like it.


I saw a bumpersticker saying “if you tell me I cannot love, I’ll hate you forever.” No one is saying these people cannot love, but they know that. Its just one more ‘poor victim me’ dissimulation from the truth, an obfuscation designed to let people know that somebody’s feelings might get hurt.

But what of their ‘rights’? They have, and always have had, the same ‘rights’ to marry as anyone else has. For purposes of reproduction, no one can marry their father, brother, mother, sister, first cousin, aunt, uncle, grandparent, niece or nephew, or someone of the same sex.

What has been given to them is NEW rights; rights that no one wants or needs, that are unnecessary to accomplish what they say they want, that serves no benefit to bringing about future generations of Americans. Contract law, both corporate and civilian, would be sufficient to accomplish their goals.

And the GOP, including Schwarzenegger, has followed the Democratic lemmings, like Barak Obama, all headed off the cliff. They have given us John McCain- a candidate who cannot be trusted in any way, stands for NOTHING, and in all things important is just as limp-wristed as the gay pride McCain supporters he meets with clandestinely. This, probably because Christians STILL remember that McCain said they are the ‘agents of intolerance.‘ Not just pretty words, evidently. He NEEDS the gay vote.

So, McCain is fine with being an extremists’ extremist on the left, just as long as his handlers can make a convincing case that he’ll DO SOMETHING for, throw some pathetic bone to, the conservative side of America. As long as his infanticide position isn’t as extreme as Obama’s. Promoting his strong suit– war, and nuclear war at that! Promoting extremely damaging economic policies he knows NOTHING about. Continuing the same fascist policies, like the Patriot Act or FISA, of the Bush administration and participating full-tilt-boogie in destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


It really is way past time that the GOP died. It is happening, and like a suicidal maniac they seem to be doing EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to kill itself off.

Now there is an organized Conservative Rebellion. Vast numbers of Americans are READY to vote third party and intend to do so. We have terrific conservative candidates, like Chuck Baldwin and leaders like Ron Paul. We have, FINALLY, a DEMAND FOR REDRESS to hold our government accountable for repeatedly violating the law of the land, the Constitution of the United States.

If you, too, are sick of the games our politicians are playing I suggest you throw your cards in with these movements. Almost HALF of Americans will be voting third party, (and that’s from the neo-con mouthpiece, Fox!) in some states like Michigan the number is 70%. We want AMERICA back!

Fascists of ANY STRIPE BE WARNED: We will NOT let you take our country away from us.

The Neo Con Heart and Soul of Bush’s Foreign Policy

Well, here it is! Aside from the fact that as Sharanksy defines ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ they do NOT correspond with what Americans mean by those words, Pat Buchanan has taken on Sharanksy more or less effectively.

It is absolutely unconscionable that our neo-con foreign policy take its inspiration, direction and advice from a self-proclaimed Zionist with no interest in America’s Constitution.

Adoption of Sharansky’s ideology has been one of the worst political decisions in American history. However, our current government, current ‘representatives’ and virtually every international governance group has blindly accepted his ideals.

Wowie, a NATURAL Viagra?

In this day when more and more Americans are doing without health insurance, many men who might benefit from, or enjoy Viagra are doing without.

I just came across a very interesting press release in the news section of Ingen Bio, which states that watermelon, especially the rind, have a natural chemical called citrulline, which acts as a blood vessel relaxant as does Viagra, though it is not ‘organ specific.’

Alas, most people aren’t inclined to eat watermelon RINDS, and according to this article, you need about 6 cups of watermelon in order to get sufficient citrulline, a fact that can keep a guy running for facilities.

I suggest, though, that it is possible to deal with the rind.

Using a fruit and vegetable dryer, you might slice the rind very thinly and dry it as you would slices of banana, mangoes, tomatoes or other fruits and vegetables.  If you also dry watermelon this way, it would most likely keep you from overusing the facilities.  You could coat the rind with Agasweet, in order to improve the flavor, keep down your sugar intake,  and still get enough.

Or, you could try this miracle fruit that seems to make things that don’t taste all that good suddenly taste heavenly.

My bet is that this is every bit as effective, and much less expensive, than Viagra.  What do you think?

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