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Franken Romney

While Mitt Romney was, far and away, the preferred candidate in Michigan, there were LOADS of voters that didn’t trust him and it seems with good reason. Mitt Romney is Frankenstein’s Monster only far more evil, far more hypocritical, far more hostile to the people of the state that made his a household name.

During his campaign he spouted his support for manufacturing, for the Big Three, for the families and communities that depend on these jobs for a living, their retirement, their health care.

But while our economy and our dollar collapses, while the CFR and global bankers sniff that they want massive bailout help and GET IT WITHOUT OVERSIGHT OR RESTRICTION, while more and more families are homeless by the criminal banking and investment that has been done; Franken-Romney has changes his tune and declares it to be irresponsible to help the Big Three.

If we don’t, we’ll lose at least 3 million jobs, countless small businesses, and the death knell of Michigan will spread all through the continental US.

The powers that be want an enslaved, consumer society and no other kind. Once we can’t do that anymore, and we can’t, they will surely demand something we don’t want to give: our sovereignty.

Franken-Romney doesn’t mind being a traitor to the most foundational of all relationships so there is no reason to think that he would be loyal to anyone else. Though a Christian he professes that he is completely pro-choice, would never interfere in a woman’s right to choose an abortion, despite the fact that he, like the rest of us, are bound to the Commandment Thou Shalt NOT KILL. If he can betray his own God, his own spiritual heritage, there is no reason to believe he’ll be loyal to anyone else either- not to America, not to Michigan, not to the Americans who depend on manufacturing to support their families. Big money is his interest, big money is his true god, big money is the only one with his true loyalty.

Even the Frankenstein monster wouldn’t have done that. It takes another traitor.


The Economic Plan of McCain: Screw YOU, YOU WHINERS

McCain doesn’t know any more about economics than he does about quantum physics. Indeed, in the state who has fallen farthest, has lost the most wealth, has lost the most citizens, has had its carcass picked clean by globalists, and the few remaining scraps the idiotic state government ‘sponsors’ are fighting over, McCain comes with a solution.


Since the Clinton Administration and their globalist agenda, right through to today, there is NO LONGER such a thing as ‘THE BIG THREE’, no longer anything like ‘BLUE CHIP STOCKS’ and no longer anything but increasing inflation, joblessness, homelessness and foreclosure.

As goes Michigan, so goes the rest of the states.

Henry Ford was right, workers need to be able to afford to buy cars for cars to sell.  That isn’t a MENTAL condition.

The globalists have done everything they can think of to siphon off wealth from companies, from labor, from any and every possible profitable enterprise and sucked them all up. Those they can’t suck up, like small farmers, small food manufacturers, the Amish they use their tools to drive them out of business with regulation and taxes.

Yes, there are a few good automobile manufacturers still remaining in the US. But, for THEM to survive, they need BUYERS.

With our government in the condition it is now, with the candidates we have now, you can be sure that this will ONLY GET WORSE, MUCH MUCH WORSE.

Especially with that attitude.  You think these people care?  No way.  They have their reassurances from the the globalists, they’ll have safe places to live, plenty of food- luxury even, all they need to do is sell the people down the river.  A true bargain for two waffle-irons that don’t know a thing about governance OR the Constitution.

None of these people, not McCain and DEFINITELY not Obama, know anything at all about economics. They have no idea whether or not the people are getting screwed (what, they didn’t notice?), they have no idea what is wrong, and they have no idea how to fix this catastrophic economic freight train that is really gaining momentum and weight.

But you can count on McCain, his advisors, and everyone else in the two parties to have NOTHING to say to any of you who lose everything you own, all your wealth, all your retirement, except for the compassionate words:


Dr. Death to Put Michigan Out of its Misery?


When we’re sick, depressed, and helpless, we COUNT on our doctors, loved ones and family to help get us through those times, with love and compassion.

Yes, there are illnesses that finally, pain medication doesn’t help but those are RARE.

Yet DOCTOR Kevorkian had no interest in fulfilling the doctor’s role, and instead of being of help and support to those who needed it, decided the best way was to just kill them.

People who were treatable, who could have a quality of life that was worth living, who should have been SAFE with their doctor, are the ones Kevorkian killed. There was no need for it, which is why he was imprisoned. That’s where he should stay.

Jack Kevorkian, too sick to serve his prison time, too mentally sick to serve the constitution, has decided to run for office in Michigan. I take it as a sign of how ill Michigan is, that he could even be considered a candidate.

As desperate as the depressed economic situation is in Michigan, the politicians STILL act as if Michigan was an economic powerhouse and are taking all the money and property they can get their hands on, without regard to the people.  Its hard to imagine anyone doing a worse job.

So, perhaps Michigan will elect “Dr. Death” Kevorkian to put it out of its misery. It probably needs it.

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