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Poisoned World: Nu-Killer Weapons

Vietnam: Surprisingly, STILL a Very Touchy Subject

As you can see from the posting below, I recently was asked to give a speech at the Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall Memorial.  It was not a speech I had planned to give, nor was it one that I could give the bland, same-old political ‘buzzword’ speech about, for the reason that I am not a politician and never intend to be.

As I made clear in the talk, that differed from the actual talk somewhat, I was speaking from my own memory as it was when I was a small child.  Outside of that, it was specifically about the effects that carried over into my adult life when deciding who to vote for at any given election.

I was quite shocked to see comments from someone who ‘knew’ Mark himself, who was, in fact, ‘touched’ in an unexpected way about my own childish memories of him.   If I do burn in hell, I have to assume that it won’t be for that reason.

I have long considered the possibility that my parents and my aunt ‘softened the blow’ for me at Mark’s death, about the things he actually wrote, about the challenges he faced.  However, hearing NOTHING from anyone else, I preferred to just keep the memories I was given at the time and cherish them; I pray for Mark and his brother; and for the first time I was ever called on to do so, to at least honor that young man who I remembered so well.  His letters are still in the possession of our family, though not in my own personal possession.  The dates of his service are readily available.  We also have a picture of my brother who, inspired by Mark’s enlistment, asked for, and wore, fatigues for his birthday because to him, Mark was a true hero.

Mark’s sister is one of the most loving individuals I’ve ever known in my life.  That fact alone makes Mark’s story a valuable one, and it means to me that Mark had a wonderful effect on that woman’s heart- I know she admired him very much.  In every respect, that family is one that is an honor have known.

Therefore, the person who has commented so passionately about Mark is someone I am very interested in hearing from.  I am interested in hearing what they know and remember about Mark and his brother.  I am interested in hearing their memories of the war.  And if, as I still believe, that Mark’s death was an unmitigated tragedy and loss to his family, his loved ones and his country, perhaps more specific and difficult details can be shared by this individual and we can all benefit.  I would certainly be grateful to fill the man out, make what is known about him a better, fuller picture.

Nobody, least of all me, expects a small child to be told the specifics of the horrors of war, and nobody expects a small child to skeptically challenge their parents on the ‘truth’ or ‘what was left out of the story’, and nobody expects a small child to be up on the politics and mechanics of such a controversial war.

We are currently in a war with repercussions for troops and families that are every  bit as horrifying as Vietnam, if not more so.

Therefore, it is naive to expect that decades down the road there won’t be raw nerves, sensitive topics and extremely painful reactions about the troops that are being lost or are suffering now, or will be suffering in the future.  We cannot ignore that reality, any more than we should have ignored it in Vietnam.   When will our country EVER learn?

So, to my commenter, and anyone else that wishes to share the stories that you remember, even the painful, sensitive and horrifying parts, please put them in some form that I can post here.

Truth will always out, will it not?  Or will it buried, shuffled around, swept under the rug, ignored?

Thank you to my readers and those who care so much.  It moves me that even after all this time, Mark’s story still inspires passion in someone that knew him.

Dollar Meltdown, Media & Iraq War Interconnection: Fed Reserve Solution?

With Greenspan running off to the Middle East, China and Russia recommending they dump the dollar, our condition is far worse than we ever imagined.

Treason in High Places

scorched earth liberty

Scott McClellan now has to come out and DEFEND HIMSELF even though the only thing he has done is to expose the horrendous treason foisted on the American people and the world.

What has this preposterous and evil nightmare of an administration cost America for its incomprehensible purposes?

It has cost us the CONSTITUTION- with the Patriot Act and so many other legislative events, the citizens are now enemies of their own government!

We are now subject to intense surveillance, are staring down the impending micro-chipping of our very persons, likely to be arrested and imprisoned for protesting, criticizing or opposing the decisions and the events that are unfolding before our eyes.

The fascism that is coming about is staring us in the face, has been completely legislated, has been supported by private militias and UN troops on OUR SOIL, and is ready to be implemented against us at the drop of a hat. ALL WITH THE BLESSING OF THE HOUSE, THE SENATE, AND THE SUPREME COURT!

We are now more dangerous than any other country in the world. By abandoning the Just War Doctrine, and pursuing a ‘pre-emptive’ unprovoked strike policy, every other nation in the world perceives itself to be at risk of a wild and unprovoked strike against them. There is no basis upon which we can operate responsibly in the world of diplomacy. America is now, like never before, at risk of other nations taking a ‘defensive’ first strike against us for no other reason than being criticized in the media!

It has cost us the economy. The terrible inflation that we are all experiencing in reality, but that mainstream media, Wall Street and the government denies and fudges over, is costing Americans their property, their livelihoods, their savings, their retirements. The effects of this have only just gotten started, and we have an enormous way to fall. Depression for us is inevitable, all the while the wealthy cronies get bailouts in the billions, laughing at Americans all the way to their ‘dual citizenship countries.’

Crony capitalism has cost us our industry, our jobs, and the American dream. It is bringing on our heads super-governmental organizations like NAFTA, NAU and expanding the relations with the UN, with troops brought to America that agree to fire on our own citizens.

The Vice President has declared that the US Constitution DOES NOT APPLY to the office of Vice President!

It has proven to the world that they are correct and America is little more than the stupid big brother of Israel. We went to war based on Al Qaeda being the worst and most dangerous terrorist organization in the world, but now that Israel has failed to take down Hezbollah, Hezbollah is replacing Al Qaeda as the greatest monster. Couldn’t be just coincidence, could it?

It has cost us thousands of lives, and many thousands of permanently disabled American vets, and has put us at very grave risk of nuclear war. Millions have already died, millions upon millions WILL die, all to do what… give a ‘legacy’ to the Bush Administration?

We haven’t even gotten around to discuss Chinagate and the treasonous sale of our nuclear secrets to China by the Clinton administration! This is ready to overcome America at any time now! China has said that all bets are off after the Olympics in August. They hold the Panama Canal against us, hold all the major ports to our south, have all the military secrets about America that they’ll ever need. Plus, a 100 million man standing army who will NEVER have a wife or family…

It is WAY PAST TIME for this administration, the previous administration and all the way back to Gerald Ford to be charged with HIGH TREASON, and investigated thoroughly for every single instance of it in every department, every office, every crony connection. Every Congress and Senate needs to be charged and investigated for the same.

The PEOPLE need to DEMAND of the current roster of so-called ‘representatives’ WHY THEY AREN’T ACTING IN THE INTERESTS OF AMERICANS???

Failure to do this is to lose our country altogether. If we let this go, with the VAST AMOUNTS of evidence available to us, then we have no reason to complain that we have lost our country, are starving, are imprisoned, and our children have no future. We deserve what we get.

But THIS is the roster of ‘statesmen’ the powers-that-be are railroading into the presidency!

What we NEED is COMPETENT and experienced STATESMEN, those who are COMMITTED to America, to the Constitution, to a proper and healthy world citizenship.

How much does this governance have to cost us before we say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!” ???

The time to act is NOW.

Americans are SICK of WAR! De-stress AND Protest Cheney Planet!

dick cheney death

We’re sick of the war. We’re sick of the lies. We’re sick of being ‘terrorized’ by cave- and mud- hut dwelling dictators and petty minions who we have convinced that we hate them.

We’re sick of wasting our hard-earned money making the military/industrial/oil complex RICH beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

We’re sick of being treated like criminals in our own country.

Time to destress AND protest this illegal war and the greedy, corrupt power-brokers that promote endless war for a century or more to come.

Join everyone else, take the day off March 19 in honor of the date we inflicted this war on innocent people!

We MUST start making ourselves VERY CLEAR, or we’ll be paying far more than a days pay!

Bits And Pieces: Your Children REALLY Pay for this War.

terrified iraq war child

The sinister and monstrous losses of America’s youth during the Vietnam quagmire seem to have lost their impact. Have we forgotten the souls we love who we’ve lost? There is a wall to remind us, if our memories are so short.

While the ‘investors’ in that war have always felt good and justified by Vietnam and all that they got from it, I can tell you that the losses we American people took were, and STILL ARE, devastating.

The criminal disregard for the POWs, for the wounded who returned, the bureaucratic shell game over Agent Orange, needs to be REVISITED NOW, before the numbers start coinciding for our young people again.

Was it EVER a case that our government TRULY valued our children? You cannot say yes.

Is it EVER going to be the case where our government TRULY values our children? How can you say yes when the foreign policy has our young, for generations to come, in far away lands fighting wars to make the ‘elite’ rich?

Our care for the casualties coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan is DISGRACEFUL. It won’t change either, though our representatives can find all kinds of teats from which the special interests can suck off our budget, there isn’t remotely enough to take care of our veterans.

Our children pay with their lives, their limbs, their mental health. Their families are paying with fatherless children and grieving widows.

They are coming back in pieces, with pieces missing, with horrifying disabling injuries. Think this will stop if the war continues? You can tell them you voted for the warmongers based on principle.

For what? WHAT PRINCIPLE is more important than your obligation to your children, your country?
This will go on for a HUNDRED YEARS if the neo-cons have their uber-profitable way. We have far exceeded, in terms of human lives, what was lost on 9/11 our own and those of Iraqis and Afghanis.

Hussein, as horrible as he was, was not responsible for 9/11 and the Taliban are growing in number, not lessening.

The children that I know and love are FAR TOO PRECIOUS to lose for the greed and ambition of a few, who are destroying our economy, our jobs, and our futures. NO WAY do I want ANY of them sacrificed so others can go on more cruises, wear haute couture, vacation in Capri.

You tell me. Are you panting after sending YOUR children to these illegal wars? Are YOU anxious to put them in the way of ‘usable’ nukes? Are YOU willing to send them to bed tonight with stories of a financially enslaving future, if they survive this at all, in order to be ‘right’ about ‘terrorists?’ Do you REALLY believe they’ll have a better financial future if this goes on? Even a future life as good as you’ve had it? They won’t. We’re so in debt now we have to borrow from our enemies to fund this.

Are you willing to send them off for LIES?

They WILL find that out, you know.

Go ahead then. Vote for war. Believe me, your progeny will thank you for it. Won’t they?

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