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DHS Muscles the Great Lakes

Ore Boats on the Great Lakes

Ore Docks and other Lakes businesses targeted by Homeland Security for free ‘security functions’ around the Great Lakes.

Over the last few years, Michigan and the Great Lakes has seen a devastating surge in policing action by the Department of Homeland Security, around all shores of the Great Lakes.

Most recently, the Ore Docks have been targeted as security sites, at the expense of the businesses there. An anonymous source explained, “We fought this by contacting our Congressional and State Representatives and got nowhere. We are now required, by Homeland Security, to secure the shores around the business. If anyone, a fisherman, a citizen walking their dog, a couple swimming, come near to the area, our workers have to leave their work, go to those people, escort them to a security shed, get their identification and contact Homeland Security with a complete report. Homeland Security decides what happens to the people who inadvertently use the shores near the business. This is done at the expense of the BUSINESS, not Homeland Security, and proves to be a disruption in normal work days.”

The obvious questions are, for example, what justification could Homeland Security possibly have for such a procedure? What can justify requiring a business to do the policing, detain ‘citizen suspects’, demand their identification, write security reports, and be in contact with Homeland Security to decide ‘what to do’ with the citizens thus illegally detained?

The arrogance connected with these kinds of demands are not new for Homeland Security in Michigan.

U.S. Rep. Candice Miller, the five-term Republican congresswoman whose district includes Selfridge, said Friday that the Department of Homeland Security has been “tremendously beefing up” at the base and working with the Michigan Air National Guard contingent there on border security efforts.

The imaginary problem with illegal border crossing between Michigan and Canada, at the tiny point of Sault Ste Marie is one focus of Homeland Security:

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency has proposed the use of “fencing and other barriers” on the 49th parallel to manage “trouble spots where passage of cross-border violators is difficult to control.”
The border service is also pondering options including a beefed-up technological presence through increased use of radar, sensors, cameras, drones and vehicle scanners. In addition, it might continue to improve or expand customs facilities at ports of entry.

Rigorous Border Patrolling at the US Canadian Border in Detroit/Windsor has raised serious concerns about massive losses of trade numbering in the billions of dollars between the State of Michigan and Canada. With no evidence to justify such strictures on this border, but mere propaganda, the economic damage done to Michigan has closed untold thousands of businesses who rely on that trade for their incomes, at a time when Michigan’s economy is already stomped down on the ground.

Nobody imagined when Congress created the Department of Homeland Security that the department itself would mount the next attack on American transportation, travel and trade. But the department begins an assault this week that will do billions of dollars in damage if it is not stopped.

While there are virtually ZERO illegal immigrants coming from Canada into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, still DHS has opened Homeland Security Immigration offices there, replete with militarized training.

Far and away, NAFTA is the overriding concern with Michigan, as NAFTA superhighway, the new NAFTA Bridge and the Great Lakes surrounding Michigan, are critical resources in the hands of the few who can seize them. Like the policing ascribed to Great Lakes business owners at the ore docks, all of this is done at the expense of Michigan taxpayers and small businesses, not only in dollars, but in freedoms lost, resources stolen, and the affliction of a formerly free and productive people.

Anonymous, Occupy Wall Street & Dignity

Anonymous- an uprising of young people with formidable talents, skills and resources at their disposal. BUT I want to know… WHERE IS YOUR DIGNITY?

What movement EVER had to defend itself by saying ‘we’re not teenagers living in their mother’s basements’???

It is IMPORTANT and relevant to your future, the future which has been stolen by banksters, Wall Street and hidden agendas who care so little about YOUR future that they toast you with champagne and mockery.

Your empty threat of taking Wall Street off the internet, that never materialized, guaranteed that the powers that be will not take you seriously, and it doesn’t show that the media is gullible, it shows that you don’t as yet understand who you are up against.

Your entire future, its content and its quality, is ON THE BRINK. The ones you are up against have MORTGAGED YOUR ENTIRE LIFE FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT.

They have it all now, you think fooling around with whether a park is clean or not is going to reserve a future for you?

Your actions and protests MUST proceed as if your life depends upon it, BECAUSE IT DOES.

Back when there WAS a Constitution in force, Nixon’s ‘tin soldiers’ STILL shot 4 students dead. Those students knew their future was at stake then.

Now, however, we not only have tin soldiers who are totally willing to kill Americans, in violation of the Constitution they have sworn to uphold, protect and defend, WE NO LONGER EVEN HAVE CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTIONS AND RIGHTS.

Without breaking open the shadow government, the hidden crimes, and demanding and receiving GENUINE justice, your future will be stolen with impunity.

Without demanding the Constitution and all your rights being restored, your future will be stolen with impunity.

Without demanding that all the necessities and trappings of civilization, like infrastructure, energy, medicine, housing, and important institution be RETURNED TO THE PEOPLE, your future will be stolen with impunity.

The thieves are SO CLOSE to having it all that they won’t stop now, and they have ALL THE CARDS.

They have the media that will tell the story THEIR WAY.
They have the tin soldiers that will enforce arbitrary laws THEIR WAY.

They have banks and financial institutions that will deal with all the wealth of the country THEIR WAY, and their way is NOT to care whether you live or die.

Yes, you can have ‘victories’ but these are victories in battle salvos.

The war is for the rest of your lives, and your enemies don’t care if you and all you love are totally devastated. IN FACT, THAT IS THEIR INTENT.

I suggest you cooperate with others who are fighting in their own ways for the same goals and reasons.

Intrepid, focused and REALISTIC. Claim your dignity and KEEP it. Remember the Vietnam Protests, because this can, and probably will, get ugly.

Planetary tremors shake Earth in 1st and 2nd successive waves (via The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond)

Planetary tremors shake Earth in 1st and 2nd successive waves January 2, 2011 – We are now in the midst of the second wave of global tremors to strike the planet in 48 hours. The first planetary tremor of the New Year dubbed the 11:11 event occurred on January 1. The second wave registers another planetary event between 11 and 12:00 MST. The first wave The 2nd tremor shows the heaviest seismic disturbances under Chile (above), Brazil and Antarctica.  … Read More

via The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

Survival Skills for the Greatest Depression: Clan’destiny’


WWII Americans Fight for Liberty

Surviving an economic collapse is serious and difficult business. Surviving hyperinflation compounds the problem exponentially. Surviving global fascism takes it up to the stratosphere.

Is it your destiny to survive what is coming? Are you preparing?

We know we can retain our wealth by investing in gold and especially silver. We know that we may be permitted into the ‘new’ economy if we sell our our American values and succumb to a global government and a new version of fiat currency, this time electronic.

However, ‘cooperation’ is no guarantee at all that we can survive it until the new monster collapses under its own evil weight.

Therefore I think it is an appropriate time to think a little further into they types of skills that are likely to be very important to surviving the juggernaut that is coming.

In American history, one of the useful forms of quiet clandestine communication was the skill of quilting. Certain quilt patterns lent themselves to carrying messages that the uninitiated would not be able to decipher. A person escaping on the underground railroad might find themselves using a quilt with the flying geese patches. The direction the flying geese were going on the quilt would indicate the direction the escapee would go for the next leg of their journey, if the ‘geese’ were flying northeast, the quilt would indicate that by its layout.

Under Cromwell, Catholics were slaughtered in huge numbers and most especially priests. Rather than making normal vestments for the priests to use for hidden masses, needleworkers would create patchwork chasubles that not only worked for the various church seasons and their colors, but indicated various secret congregations based on their arrangements. If a priest was stopped by the authorities all they would see was a quilt/sleeping bag, however, these were valuable maps as well as sacred vestments.

In fishing communities knitted sweaters having special patterns unique to families provided a means of identification.

Saladin used carrier pigeons to send messages back and forth to his various military outposts against the crusaders.

The list of potential communication opportunities is huge. In fact it is limited only by the imagination and skills of any group or series of groups, and it could be done with all manner of materials.

There can be no question that under fascism and communism, under conditions of oppression and war, clandestine communications have been critical for survival, not only of the people themselves, but also for people who find themselves in dangerous situations such as military.

In our world today, when Big Brother is exploiting and infiltrating virtually every form of modern communications, it really is time to begin to brainstorm about the various ways individuals can communicate important messages and warnings to each other without relying on our electronic means.

I hope that you will immediately begin considering various methods that you are capable of using among trusted and important individuals.

We take our clues from survivors of other forms of oppression and times of grave danger from government, military, fascism, genocide.

What was clandestine permitted their ‘manifest destiny.’ Never forget that.

Tea Party Beware! Same GOP Tricks, Different Election

certain death

What will it actually kill?

Just like the Rock Man, who sees what he wants to see and hears what he wants to hear, the GOP has decided to attempt to assimilate the Tea Party crowd all the while keeping itself open for the same old tricks to please the ONE PUPPETMASTER.

There is NO COMMITMENT for the criminality and theft to end.

The GOP’s potential platform is designed for the express purpose of drawing the Tea Party crowd, and thereby winning upcoming elections, but without the true commitment that Tea Party people require.

According to WND, the grass-roots rebellion is significant enough to warrant platform changes. Without those changes the Tea Party will never support the GOP.

Some of the proposed platform items are as follows:

I will vote for only that legislation which contains a citation to the specific authority granted in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.

I will vote against any legislation that infringes the individual right to keep and bear arms.

I will vote for legislation that allows the use of domestic resources to achieve energy and food independence.

I will vote against any legislation that results in a federal takeover of any private corporation, institution or entity.

I will vote against any legislation that authorizes the United Nations to impose a tax, levy, fee, or royalty on the United States or any of its citizens.


One or two sections only means that there will always be loopholes whereby corruption will enter and the infection that is killing our country will just destroy more organs of the body America.

The REAL trick of this platform is the fourth point listed. “I will vote against any legislation that results in a federal takeover of any private corporation, institution or entity.”

How easily this one statement can be manipulated, as if these criminal corporations must be given a free pass because they are ‘privately’ owned. As if ACORN can never be legislated against or closed down because it too is an ‘entity’ protected under this plank.

Commitment by any politician to this particular point is catastrophic to the Tea Party. It means that we cannot audit the Federal Reserve because, as Ron Paul points out, to audit the Fed is to END the Fed.

It means that we cannot take any actions against ‘private’ banks, investment houses or international corporations because to do so is to garner results that will become a takeover or destruction of those entities.

In short, while private property is certainly a Constitutional right, this element of the platform guarantees the status quo as regards criminal corporations, corruption in our government and the continued seizure of citizen’s properties for the enrichment of a few.

Far far better to return to the original practices of our Founders and permit corporations ONLY long enough to provide for the public good. Far better to guarantee that no entity of any kind will have more rights, more privileges, more support than the individual human being citizen.

Far better to force our government to take responsibility to ‘coin money’ and to outlaw with severe penalties anyone or anyTHING (corporations) that operates a currency that is fraudulent and nothing more than counterfeit monopoly money.

The Tea Party is GETTING SOMEWHERE. The politicians are ignoring the citizens in every way, and the rage is growing. If we settle for easily manipulated tricks, we hamstring our own advance and drive a stake through the heart of the country, instead of the vampires we intend to take down.

Depression: Look and Learn

The Cure for What's Coming

The Cure for What's Coming

As I’ve written before, as goes Michigan, so goes America. America’s prosperity – even the world’s, was built on manufacturing, especially automobiles.

Oh, Michigan! Oh, Detroit!!!! Officially the unemployment rate is 21%. That DOESN’T COUNT the people who lost their jobs and never qualify for unemployment benefits, like sub-contractors and 1099 people. It also doesn’t count all the people who have fled the area because the economy is so bad.

As goes Michigan, so goes America. It was said before, and with horror we see it coming true before our very eyes.

Americans won’t give away their sovereignty unless we’re homeless and starving. There couldn’t possibly be a NAU or an NWO unless America was on its knees. Or, six feet under.

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