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Fascism #4: Extraordinary Surveillance of Citizens as Enemies

Heil Bush

Heil Bush

Fascism in America is nearly here, getting closer everyday. Extraordinary or extreme surveillance of citizens, because they are ‘enemies of the state’ are seriously on the rise. Corporate ‘niche’ product creation has certainly contributed, especially because in a large way, the fascism coming upon us is corporatized.

Weapons are the next great contribution to humanity, privatized and corporatized, privatized unconstitutionally, outside of the rule of law.

Their newest ‘invention’ by the ‘creative product development’ types is a taser bracelet, with an RFID chip that holds personal information, which, if implemented, must be worn during travel at airports, and is remotely operated outside of the control of the individual. It goes without saying that it would not be able to be removed once it is in place, because otherwise, what would the point be in having one?

The shock from the tazer is SO STRONG that it ‘immobilizes’ the target for SEVERAL MINUTES- understand that even taser shocks that have killed people had not totally immobilized them for that long!

Now we see the true heinousness of this fascism coming out. In June our ‘president’ issued a Homeland Security Directive that orders biometric data collection on all citizens. The list of information to be stored on those RFID chips makes France’s truckload of documentation look simple.

Aside from the actual security problems in having all that information available to anybody that has a reader, now with the addition of a DEADLY WEAPON to a biometric data chip, we can see the direction that the implantable chips are going.

Therefore, fellow American citizen, YOU will be forced into an implantable data chip with personal information that can be read by nearly any ‘official’, and if you are doing something someone, like a rent-a-cop or crowd control police don’t like, YOU WILL BE TAZERED AND IMMOBILIZED FOR SEVERAL MINUTES.

This could be a pro-life demonstration; an anti-NWO demonstration, an Earth Day celebration, an anti-war demonstration; you could be tazered from outside your church, tazered in school; tazered in the airport, on a plane, on the subway. You could be tazered because somebody doesn’t like you!

YOUR tazer could go off if someone else is ‘targeted’. YOU will NOT be the one in control.

Benign biometric implantable RFID chips were bad enough. Nobody wants their personal and private information available to all comers. Nobody wants to change from a cash society to a cashless fiat electronic currency. However, up until now the biggest reason NOT to have them was for personal privacy. NOW WE SEE THAT THEY WILL ALSO BE ARMED WITH WEAPONS TO CONTROL US.

They are using 9/11 to force compliance, and yet, we have NEVER seen the truth of 9/11 come out, the investigation was stymied, critical knowledge kept away from the people. We have NEVER YET found out anything about the Anthrax Biological Attacks EXCEPT THAT THE DNA STRAIN OF THE DISEASE WAS A MILITARY ONE.

WEAPONIZED RFID chips- a new level of fascist control of the populace, courtesy of ‘our own’ American corporations.

Corporate fascism: not just for dogs anymore.


Get this: GOP Accuses Ron Paul People of Being Dishonest!

dishonest politician

A BIZARRE election year! The GOP, discovering the ENORMOUS number of RP people as delegates in particular states, has accused Ron Paul supporters of dishonesty! That’s like Bill accusing Hill of dishonesty!

It is DISHONEST for the GOP to push through a candidacy that NOBODY wants, that wasn’t WON by a VOTE OF THE PEOPLE in the first place, and then, when REAL Americans decide to take things BACK, accuse THEM of dishonesty.

From top to bottom in BOTH parties, there is so much graft, so much corruption, so much self-seeking, so many greasy palms, that even when the CITIZENS are sick and tired of the games and come in droves to transform it, the crying and whining goes on and on.

I’m wondering when it will turn ‘mean.’

The truth is that there were many more Ron Paul people who wanted to be involved, but the GOP refused to permit them, because their hand-picked selection has already been chosen two years ago. They didn’t want anyone to come in and upset that pathetic rotten-apple cart. The ‘powers-that-be’ were carefully watching everyone for signs of ‘Ron Paul Fever.’ If they thought you had it, you were OUT.

I, of course, was out. At least temporarily!

Fascism MAY still replace Democracy in this country, and soon, but you must understand, GOP, there are LOTS of us that aren’t going to let you take it so easily.

There are LOTS of people who have flushed the chemical hypnotic Lunesta, have turned off your idiot boxes, begun THINKING about what you are doing, and have decided ENOUGH.

Dishonest? You’re the ones who have VIOLATED EVERY OATH you’ve taken to the detriment of our country.

No more. We’re going to be holding your feet to THAT fire.

By the way, God bless you all, GOP’rs. You’ll need it!

Fascism for Dummies, Dummy!

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