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Muni Bond Dominoes: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul to Pay…

The downward spiral of our ‘recovery.’

Wall Street’s Entitlement to YOUR Money – The Bottomless Pit to Hell


For far too long Wall Street has felt so entitled to YOUR money that it could justify paying executives OBSCENE amounts of money, which they’ve gotten from YOU, even in the event of their colossal failures; speculated on YOU in order to take OBSCENE amounts of profits on commodities and destroy the industries that produce them like critical agriculture.

This time, the ‘highly respected banking firm Bear Sterns’ has required YOU to bail them, and their speculators, out with your money, immediately thereafter being SOLD to a foreign investor for $2 per share, making ‘someone’ rich off your tax money; and then YOU pay the additional price of the very alarming inflation this new pumping of money into the black holes of greed causes.

We have no right to object to this massive corporate welfare, though we’ve heard for decades about the welfare queens getting rich off their $400 per month from us taxpayers. We have no representation in DC that counters the lies Wall Street and their cronies have been spoon feeding us for decades.

What lies? How about that NAFTA is GOOD for our economy? That it is GOOD for America to ship out all of its jobs, its technology, manufacturing facilities, its resources overseas? That it is GOOD for our economy to sell our ports to our enemies? That it is GOOD that our President GAVE away our highest technological secrets to China? That it is GOOD to consider citizens enemies of the state to protect us? That Corporate-Greed health care and insurance is GOOD for US.

Those things were NEVER good for us. They WERE good for Wall Street, for our enemies, for the global bankers, for the military industrial oil complex.

These failures are used to JUSTIFY refusing YOU credit to save your home or your business. To justify destroying family farms and locally owned agriculture. To JUSTIFY taxing you to death because of inflation, at the local, state and national level.

Now we hear them say that it is MUCH better for us to save Wall Street with our increasingly worthless tax dollars, paid for by the labor of fewer and fewer workers, than it is for us to let it crash.Perhaps. Perhaps it is one more of the lies we’ve been fed until we are burning in financial hell.

The Collapse of the Dollar Simply Isn’t Being Stopped

Rather than come clean about the thieves that are destroying our money, the government has instead decided to remove from their website, a piece at a time, information that makes public the cascading collapse of America. Perhaps if we’re busy watching the latest sitcom, we won’t notice!

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