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During Collapse, Consider ‘Growth Industries’

Jump! You Fuckers!  Nicholas Roberts/AFP/Getty Images

Jump! You Fuckers! Nicholas Roberts/AFP/Getty Image

Everyone is looking for the ‘growth industries’ that may be the key to surviving this cascading economy. The best advice, aside from investing in gold and silver (for those who have money), is to consider health care, especially geriatrics.

During the Clinton Administration, welfare benefits, including health insurance, were severely curtailed, but an under-reported effect of that draconian cutting was that hospitals, especially charitable and public hospitals, experienced a horrendous loss of funds. This during the time of HMOs and PPOs that privatized profit and socialized expenses- our disdain for our own people while embracing the vampiricism of the rich is actually a huge injustice and a great shame on our nation. This is far more important to remember today than it has ever been.

That mechanism is staring us in the face once again under this capitalist/fascist regime- bailing out the financial industry that sucked all profits and all wealth from our people, we now are facing a bitterly fought bailout of the ‘Big Three’- the only major industry left in our country that ACTUALLY provides income to families, ACTUALLY provides product WORTH something, actually does business with untold thousands of small business owners. It is ALSO the MAJOR HEALTH INSURANCE PROVIDER IN THE UNITED STATES.

Don’t want to bail out the Big Three because there are still (castrated) unions there? Don’t want to bail out the Big Three because they had the nerve to fly in on old private jets??? (The financiers didn’t even have to bother with appearing. They just picked up the phone and walked away with trillions in free and unaccountable funds! They didn’t even have to move from their yachts).

Aside from the American families, American small businesses and American suppliers that the Big Three supports to the tune of at least 3 MILLION living wage jobs- by itself nearly 10% of the population, if we LOSE their CONTRIBUTION to the health care industry, we will see massive closures of hospitals and clinics all over the country.

New legislation forcing doctors, health care professionals of all types and pharmacists to give treatments and drugs that violate their conscience and professional oaths brings thought policing to a new and extremely dangerous level. They paid for their own education. They paid their dues at university, in residencies, in investing in practices. Socializing their consciences and ignoring WHO made the investment in money, talent, time, intellect, practice, facilities, marketing and etc. is a rising evil that risks much.

Most of the charity hospitals are Catholic, and we are already seeing Bishops proclaiming that if legislation passes forcing them to have ANYTHING to do with the slaughter of the unborn, the Catholic hospitals will close. Period.

Can your tax dollars bail out public hospitals and replace charity hospitals & clinics so you’ll have someplace to take your own family members in emergencies, illnesses, infections?

Yes, health care will be a BIG GROWTH INDUSTRY, alright, but not in the way Wall Street talks about it.

Without the BIG THREE’S CONTRIBUTION, there will ONLY be growth in the number of ill and disabled people with no medicines, no treatments, no professional care. Growth in the number of seniors whose retirement funds failed, whose health insurance failed, whose homes are foreclosed on, whose illnesses will not only remain untreated, but will require others to take them in and care for them. Growth in the ‘suffering industry’ for old and childless feminists and perpetually teenaged old Don Juans who are seeking SOMEONE to care if they’re alive or dead, in pain or comfortable, have a roof over their heads, food in their mouths, insulin for their diabetes…

Ignoring minimum human charity, minimum human dignity, and ‘unalienable’ Constitutional Rights in Terri Schiavo’s case happened FOR A REASON.

Would Americans accept a disabled woman’s loss of her Constitutional Rights to life? Would we accept that, like the Nazis, food and water are extraordinary provisions for those ‘in care’?

Yes, we did- our politicians, our courts, our media, our people- all accepted that denying food and water to a living American who was not dying is permissible for any reason at all.

WE ARE ALL about to experience the true ‘growth industry’ in this country and the burden of it, and the suffering of it, will be all ours. The elites, the politicians, the corporate fascists will be able to fly anywhere in the world on private jets to get all the health care they need or want.

Not you, though.

Yes, buy the tired old bullshit line ‘the unions ruined everything’ when the unions have been busted and impotent for years. Buy the puritan ethic that tells us that if a person is blessed by God he’ll be healthy, wealthy and wise and therefore the manufacturing industry isn’t blessed but actually should be PUNISHED.

Care for everyone and every issue in the world except those that negatively affect Americans.

Be careful of what the media tells you that you want. You might actually get it.

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