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The Most Courageous Political Question Ever Asked

The divide between the government and the wishes of the people has NEVER been greater. Across the country, 48% of voters are ready to vote third party and in some places, like here in Michigan, over 70% of voters intend to do so. That same amount are worried about the ILLEGAL war, the escalating war, the war that is getting America nowhere but bankrupt; that same number are worried about the economy and WELL THEY SHOULD BE.

That same number are feeling lied to, abused, and misused by all the powers that be.

Yet our media, our political machines, everyone we depend on to handle things properly, are all betraying us at every turn.

During this ‘calm before the storm’ we know the turmoil is COMING, and its right around the corner. We know that what happens in this election will determine the fate of America and the only thing we can ALL agree on is that we don’t like how it looks to us.

In the midst of this, by a politician, I was asked the most courageous, most poignant, most important political question I’d ever heard in my life.

“Where is your HEART?” Linda Goldthorpe asked me.

And THATS the rub, isn’t it? In a world where our hearts can’t even be understood anymore, where our attention and ability to think is so disrupted, where our values have been so chewed up- no matter what they are- by the lies and manipulation of those we trusted, the only thing remaining for us to vote on or with is our HEARTS.

It is truly a dangerous question. Obama for president? He’s on the top ten most corrupted politicians in America list, has bailed out so far on every ‘foundational’ position like FISA as soon as AIPAC or the telecoms dangle the promise of money and backing; promises to make infanticide LAW (despite his ‘expertise’ as a constitutional lawyer), yet the black community’s heart is ‘One of OURS in that White House no matter what the costs.’ The feminist movement’s heart is ‘Infanticide and abortion ENSHRINED into Federal law, even if it costs us the Constitution.’ McCain stands NOWHERE we can believe in or trust, he is the pot calling the kettle black.

They have a right to vote with their hearts- who doesn’t? In fact, that’s all we each have left is what resides there, in our hearts.

Is your heart with the PARTY? With RACE? With GENDER? With your WALLET? With ABORTION? With WAR? Where IS your heart? With FEAR and TORTURE??? Your heart of hearts?

If the economy COLLAPSES, with that change your heart? If our government starts a global NUCLEAR WAR, will that change your heart? If our country turns into a dictatorship from hell, will that change your heart? You had best really look NOW, BEFORE YOU VOTE.

To ask this question in such an awful political year is to position oneself in the most dangerous of places, in the most authentic truth of who Americans ARE. To bring out into our faces what we are willing to sacrifice for the true motivations each of us have.

Bart Stupak , Linda Goldthorpe’s competitor and an incumbent, is totally wrapped up in the issues facing Michigan’s agriculture. As I’ve discussed here before, small farmers are being destroyed across the state, by Federal standards that violate EVERY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT of property owners. The Amish community is being completely destroyed by these things.

And for the Fed, the destruction isn’t happening fast enough. They’ve just sent 13,000 Federal Agents to Michigan, at Michigan’s expense, to speed up this process. The monster is too big, Bart Stupak too small, to save ANYTHING. He’s too involved in the party, in the party politics, too caught up in the monster to make any difference.

The Republican’s complaint of big government is much too little, much too late. Not only has government increased in its size to a Godzilla under their watch, the ones Godzilla tramples under are expected to turn over all their rights, all their wealth, TO Godzilla. The two parties have done this.

We MUST crumble that machine. We won’t do it by more of the same.


The ONLY thing that can save America, no matter where our hearts are, is to RETURN THE GOVERNMENT TO THE PEOPLE.

Where Michigan goes, so goes the country, and Michigan is in a DEPRESSION. ALL of her assets are being SEIZED by government, or purchased by foreigners.  It is harder to buy or sell ANYTHING. It is coming to YOUR state too.

Do we have the HEART to do that? Linda Goldthorpe thinks so. Ron Paul thinks so. Chuck Baldwin thinks so. Bob Barr thinks so.

Its time for us to decide where our hearts truly are because, like it or not, THAT is what will determine the future of our country. If we don’t have the heart for the fight, our enemies surely do.


Ron Paul Obama Voters are Political Nukes Targets

The people are clearly seeing that the candidates of THEIR preference are in the political battles of their lives. In the bid for the most powerful position in the world, the stakes are HIGH, and the truth is that what the American voters want is NOT what they’re going to get.

A sign of how serious this is? The term ‘nuclear option’ in the political arena.

Since her husband is no longer in office, when Clinton speaks of the nuclear option against Barak Obama, it is an ‘allegorical’ allusion. Make no mistake about it, though, the woman INTENDS, no matter WHAT, to be the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT, and she will brook NO INTERFERENCE with that ambition. One wonders, indeed, how it would work if her ‘better half’ were still in office…

We can see THAT with Bush/McCain. He, too, is NOT HAPPY that the PEOPLE are ‘raining on his coronation’ and holding him accountable to laws he wrote. Bush is NOT HAPPY with the situation and committed a crime in order to keep things ‘on track.’

However, and this is where it gets REALLY scary- for Bush, the election term ‘nuclear option’ is NOT JUST PRETTY WORDS. Frantic meetings of the GOP powers-that-be have convinced them that the people just don’t see it their way. Party faithful are bailing in favor of almost ANYONE that talks sense about our world, highly respected former Republicans have announced Third Party candidacy- in the event Ron Paul ‘disappeared’ his people would STILL have excellent choices- and the GOP KNOWS THEY AREN’T COMING BACK.

In the Democratic arena, the battle to the death between Clinton and Obama is almost meaningless: Diebold has NO INTENTION of a democratic presidency and will not permit one.

But the fight among the Republicans is of an entirely DIFFERENT LEVEL.

The GOP as it stands will have a true following corresponding with Bush’s popularity level. This is the best it gets with the party in such a bitter battle. Diebold’s President won’t even be able to FAKE support.

What to do? Texas knows. Think Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Think New York City, New York. Think Texas City, Texas.

What??? Texas City, Texas?????????

They’ve noticed a correspondence between refinery events in Texas City and soaring Oil profits and prices. There are others.

But the GOP POLITICAL Nuclear option-to-end-all-optionsGUARANTEES an end to all debate.

Crumbling Parties: Is the ‘Come Uppance’ on the Way?

I’ve said this frequently, it is a bizarre political year and the parties are on their way DOWN.

Ron Paul people, have been gaining delegates, putting the GOP in an uproar, and showing that party for the hypocrite and anti-people enemy it has become.

But before anyone laughs at the GOP problems the democratic party is in just as bad of shape. They’ve decided to get a ‘pro-life in name only’ democrat, Tony Campolo to join in and ‘explore’ putting a life plank in- probably to try to make inroads to the pro-life movement which is very unhappy with McCain and now expects the GOP to betray that interest ONE MORE TIME.

Clinton, blindly ambitious at ANY COST, is threatening the ‘nuclear option’ against Obama delegates, supporters of a nincompoop who doesn’t have a plank to actually stand on, even when it is provided for him.

Despite all this, the ONE THING that is totally forgotten by both parties is:


They want the parties to listen to THEM- the Presidential election would look VERY DIFFERENT if the parties DID listen.

They want to get out of the war. They want the troops HOME.

They want their economy REPAIRED. They want America rebuilt.

They want their own work, their own income, their own commitments to benefit themselves, their family, their country.

They want small government; they want their Constitution BACK.

They want their RIGHTS.

They want trade policies that are fair and balanced, and keep jobs HERE. Fairness in pay for the rich versus pay for the workers.

They want the necessities of life, food, gas, utilities, to be affordable.

They want to have GENUINE, not CORPORATE, health care. They want their property saved, not the wealthy. They want the right to farm, to keep government off their backs; to freely travel, work and build a business without raids, laws and idiots coming in and running them out of business; they want the former freedom from illegal search and seizure, from illegal militias, from borrowing from our enemies to make the war machine people rich.

The parties are failing, can’t keep it together, and there is no reason they SHOULD. Both together have VIOLATED everything it means to be an American.

We watch with interest as power slips from the hands of the elites. The people are gathering for a true come-uppance, and the power brokers that ignore us will regret their decision this time.

Taking DOWN McCain: EVERYONE’S Best Interest

Is it a surprise to ANYONE except the corrupt GOP that McCain MUST go down in flames? For all the party strong-arm tactics and complaints, no reasonable human being WANTS McCain for President, the man that ‘makes Dick Cheney look like Gandi.” In an era when politicians feel and act as though they are above the law, is it any surprise that McCain BROKE HIS OWN LAW: McCain-Feingold? No, McCain, YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW. He OUGHT TO be going to PRISON. Like SO MANY OTHERS. Allow me the pleasure to quote: ”

“The FEC regulations specifically state that candidates who do not receive public funding payments from the US Treasury are exempt from the primary spending ceiling,” expounded one of his senior campaign officials. Chairman of the commission David Mason, however, warned McCain last month that his withdrawal request had not yet been granted.

(And it still hasn’t been granted!) McCain has 2 problems with this issue. 1: If the FEC allows McCain to withdraw from FED matching funds he will be revoked from many delegates in states that he was able to be on the ballot without the required number of signatures; therefore he will lose any delegates for him in those states. 2: If the FEC doesn’t release him from matching funds he will be capped at 50 million dollars and will kill his run for president because he will not have the money to compete. But it gets better: The problem is even more complicated than this. “McCain used the matching funds eligibility to avoid having to collect signatures to qualify for ballot access in several states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Those state wins must be voided according to most experts on the issue. That means he does not have the necessary delegates. Ironic that it was his law (McCain-Feingold) that got him in this mess. McCain broke his own law…I was one of the people that have addressed this and did so on record on the radio. You people can not wait for the FEC to rule on this. The delegates in these states need to file the motion at their conventions for McCain to be revoked of all his delegates in those states for failure to comply with election ballot state law requirements. Find out if your state allowed McCain to be on the ballot without obtaining petition signatures.” — Dr. Steve Parent”” Sooner or later, probably MUCH LATER, the GOP will discover that they must LISTEN to the people. Will this take down the GOP? It could. Its their own fault. Ten Things You Should Know About McCain But Probably Don’t. Yes, this time around, “the politics of denial ARE being struck as with a plague.” Before the Democrats GLOAT, remember, there are a LOT of traitors in your organization too! Your party and the Congress you control has been practicing denial for decades too. You’ll be NEXT.

I’m Shocked! Donors Strong-Arming Democratic Race


Noah W(h)iner, sock puppet of George Soros and Move On . org sent out a SHOCKING statement of Democratic ‘business-as-usual’- read it here yourself!

This is pretty outrageous: a group of Clinton-supporting big Democratic donors are threatening to stop supporting Democrats in Congress because Nancy Pelosi said that the people, not the superdelegates, should decide the Presidential nomination. It’s the worst kind of insider politics—billionaires bullying our elected leaders into ignoring the will of the voters.

According to the New York Times, their letter “carries an ominous tone, which stops just short of delivering a threat. The donors remind Ms. Pelosi that they are ‘strong supporters’ of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.” Their language was careful, but their implied threat was universally understood.”

They’re the old guard, and this is how the Democratic Party used to function—the big donors called the shots. But the small donor revolution has changed that. The 20 people who signed this letter have given Democrats an average of $2.4 million per year over the last 10 years”

That’s the meat of the crying that Dr. Evil’s group is doing, as if the ‘new guard’ is any different from the ‘old guard’ except being more efficient and vocal at being ‘thought police.’

Their preferred candidate, Obama, has no more spine than Pelosi who is also a sell-out of her country and constitution. The NEW Democratic strategy is to adopt the ‘American Idol’ model, NOT STATESMANSHIP, and go with the charm and an empty head instead of governance.

Soon they’ll be just as OUT as the GOP. Thank God.

Evil Hypocrisy of Clinton’s Pro-Choice


Steven Mosher, following up with Chinese One-Child policy 25 years later wrote “As one of the leaders of the National Organization of Women put it to me, “I am personally opposed to forced abortion and sterilization but, after all, China does have a population problem.” Others, sounding for all the world like the Chinese Communist Party officials I had interviewed, openly argued that, because China was a poor country, its people could not be allowed (from CHOICE people?) to have as many children as they wanted. A number even applauded the Chinese model, and wanted to use it as a blueprint for other countries. “Limiting everyone to one child, even in the U.S., is a good idea,” one said to me.”

Sounds like an anti-choice anti-life communist position doesn’t it?

What’s worse, if there is such a thing as worse than that, is that Billary Clinton was responsible for selling America’s military and nuclear secrets to China, putting them in a position to not only take our jobs (manufacturing facilities being the single largest LEGAL export to China during their administration) , but also to take and rule our country! The Idiot’s Guide to Chinagate explains, “Federal investigators later concluded that China made off with the “crown jewels” of our nuclear weapons research under Clinton’s open-door policy – probably including design specifications for suitcase nukes. Meanwhile, Clinton and his corporate cronies raked in millions.” Furthermore, “ Clinton’s top campaign contributors for 1992 were Chinese agents; his top donors in 1996 were U.S. defense contractors selling missile technology to China.”

Clintons sold America out to China, the ONE country who FORCES abortions on women whether they want them or not. In fact, the primary target of these abortions is females, leaving a current STANDING ARMY of approximately 200 MILLION single men, who have NO HOPE of ever having a family of their own. This army is amassing on our southern continent, with ports and a critically important canal, turned over in exchange for millions to fund the prime ‘pro-choice’ advocates in our times!

I was one of those individuals that felt that the Beijing Conference in 1995 would be the ONE place where pro-life and pro-choice people would agree: that either way you looked at it, China was FORCING abortion on women. NOT SO! The National Organization of Women actually APPROVED of China’s forced abortion policy, and fought like crazy ANY HINT of objection against China’s policy!

That’s when they lost me forever. Pro-choicers aren’t for choice. They are for abortion- their demonic sacrament of blood for the commission of license and selfishness of any type at all.

But, just for the record, not completely cold OR wasteful: fetuses are at least being used as medicine, organ donors and food. Baby eating in China? Not fiction…..

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