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Democracy by the Sword: Basis of Changed American Foreign Policy

Forced Democratization has become the new foreign policy of the United States, a HUGE change from the platform that George Bush ran on, was elected on, had planned to pursue.

There is a reason for this change, and it isn’t 9/11. The change is far more sinister, far more strange to the country America has always been, and it is, in its very foundation, completely at odds with America’s true interests.

Read it here.

This is a TOTAL DEPARTURE from the heritage, history and practice of America in every possible respect.

Where our foreign relations were based on true capitalism and Just War Doctrine, now we have become the terror of the world by a radical and uncontrollable philosophy of ‘democracy’ that strangely requires us to overthrow democratically elected governments and deal with, and attempt to control, dictatorships.

Our new capitalism is actually NOT true capitalism, but leaves America, and all her assets and wealth, her citizen’s productivity and investments, as prey for anyone with cash, even our most base and dangerous of enemies.

Our domestic governance actually considers itself to have the right to turn itself into our own petty dictator, with the right to spend the next 750 generations into financial slavery, to dominate and dictate our most intimate and personal of actions, to punish and pursue even those who think for themselves.

This is diabolical- incredibly sinister, and for reasons known only to themselves (and the media who isn’t telling) almost every single politician of either party, every corporation, every interest group, is also lying down for this very deceptive philosophy.

America is betraying herself, her liberty and her citizens and soon it will be impossible to stop the speeding train that is taking her down.

Is there anyone willing to speak up, to end this catastrophe we stand on the edge of?


Reproduced from the Google cache, as after I posted the link in English, the entire page disappeared and is now only available in French.


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