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Depression & Detroit’s Economic Miracle

Yes, inflationary depression is eating away our country state by state. With glad-hand republican politics and dumb-blonde democratic politics, the party games are chewing up Michigan like NO OTHER STATE.

But there is much more to the story, and you can be sure, with the candidates we have running for office, this amazing depression will be coming soon to a country near you.

Watch the video and THINK IT OVER.  Will an Obama presidency get us ANYTHING else? Given his flight from commitment to FISA, when money was dangled in front of his nose, he’s definitely ‘a player’ FAST and LOOSE, and will play things any way he needs to to get what he wants. Obama would make a GREAT Detroit Mayor. When (or IF) we get rid of the corrupted one we have, we’ll be back in the market for another.

The legacy of the black power movement. Detroit was its FIRST real test, its first achievement. First Detroit, and then the country. Detroit’s economic miracle: much too high taxes, much too much bumbling government, and an understanding of the State Constitution measuring someplace near the understanding of our imported moose, a completely worthless attorney general and corrupt legal system, being AVIDLY FOLLOWED by our supermodel governor and the petty, lay-down-for-any-dollar-you-can-get ‘representative’ minions.  Being sucked dry by this government, tax increases burdening the citizens that remain in the state, Grand Rapids boom won’t last long.

Even at $100 each, houses in Detroit are NO BARGAIN. Soon that will be true of all of the state, because by running the entire state like they run Detroit, that’s the only future Michigan has.

Don’t forget- not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. MLK

The Most Courageous Political Question Ever Asked

The divide between the government and the wishes of the people has NEVER been greater. Across the country, 48% of voters are ready to vote third party and in some places, like here in Michigan, over 70% of voters intend to do so. That same amount are worried about the ILLEGAL war, the escalating war, the war that is getting America nowhere but bankrupt; that same number are worried about the economy and WELL THEY SHOULD BE.

That same number are feeling lied to, abused, and misused by all the powers that be.

Yet our media, our political machines, everyone we depend on to handle things properly, are all betraying us at every turn.

During this ‘calm before the storm’ we know the turmoil is COMING, and its right around the corner. We know that what happens in this election will determine the fate of America and the only thing we can ALL agree on is that we don’t like how it looks to us.

In the midst of this, by a politician, I was asked the most courageous, most poignant, most important political question I’d ever heard in my life.

“Where is your HEART?” Linda Goldthorpe asked me.

And THATS the rub, isn’t it? In a world where our hearts can’t even be understood anymore, where our attention and ability to think is so disrupted, where our values have been so chewed up- no matter what they are- by the lies and manipulation of those we trusted, the only thing remaining for us to vote on or with is our HEARTS.

It is truly a dangerous question. Obama for president? He’s on the top ten most corrupted politicians in America list, has bailed out so far on every ‘foundational’ position like FISA as soon as AIPAC or the telecoms dangle the promise of money and backing; promises to make infanticide LAW (despite his ‘expertise’ as a constitutional lawyer), yet the black community’s heart is ‘One of OURS in that White House no matter what the costs.’ The feminist movement’s heart is ‘Infanticide and abortion ENSHRINED into Federal law, even if it costs us the Constitution.’ McCain stands NOWHERE we can believe in or trust, he is the pot calling the kettle black.

They have a right to vote with their hearts- who doesn’t? In fact, that’s all we each have left is what resides there, in our hearts.

Is your heart with the PARTY? With RACE? With GENDER? With your WALLET? With ABORTION? With WAR? Where IS your heart? With FEAR and TORTURE??? Your heart of hearts?

If the economy COLLAPSES, with that change your heart? If our government starts a global NUCLEAR WAR, will that change your heart? If our country turns into a dictatorship from hell, will that change your heart? You had best really look NOW, BEFORE YOU VOTE.

To ask this question in such an awful political year is to position oneself in the most dangerous of places, in the most authentic truth of who Americans ARE. To bring out into our faces what we are willing to sacrifice for the true motivations each of us have.

Bart Stupak , Linda Goldthorpe’s competitor and an incumbent, is totally wrapped up in the issues facing Michigan’s agriculture. As I’ve discussed here before, small farmers are being destroyed across the state, by Federal standards that violate EVERY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT of property owners. The Amish community is being completely destroyed by these things.

And for the Fed, the destruction isn’t happening fast enough. They’ve just sent 13,000 Federal Agents to Michigan, at Michigan’s expense, to speed up this process. The monster is too big, Bart Stupak too small, to save ANYTHING. He’s too involved in the party, in the party politics, too caught up in the monster to make any difference.

The Republican’s complaint of big government is much too little, much too late. Not only has government increased in its size to a Godzilla under their watch, the ones Godzilla tramples under are expected to turn over all their rights, all their wealth, TO Godzilla. The two parties have done this.

We MUST crumble that machine. We won’t do it by more of the same.


The ONLY thing that can save America, no matter where our hearts are, is to RETURN THE GOVERNMENT TO THE PEOPLE.

Where Michigan goes, so goes the country, and Michigan is in a DEPRESSION. ALL of her assets are being SEIZED by government, or purchased by foreigners.  It is harder to buy or sell ANYTHING. It is coming to YOUR state too.

Do we have the HEART to do that? Linda Goldthorpe thinks so. Ron Paul thinks so. Chuck Baldwin thinks so. Bob Barr thinks so.

Its time for us to decide where our hearts truly are because, like it or not, THAT is what will determine the future of our country. If we don’t have the heart for the fight, our enemies surely do.

At the Edge of Eternity: Mass Graves at Home

At a particular point in my life, I suffered a severe trauma- the only thing I could do was to weep. At my feet my little baby girl, almost a toddler, crawled up to me, patted me and said ‘oh, poor, oh, poor.’ Her look was so compassionate, so comforting, her concern was real, her attempt to make me feel better was everything her little heart could give. To this day, when I feel too injured by death or loss, if I can’t get comfort anywhere else I go back in time to that moment, and let that little peanut do her ‘bit.’ What a gift to me! I knew at that time that, if she so chose, she would be a HUGE gift to humanity and the woundedness we all share.

I was proud of her. That little bit, that tiny girl, STILL makes me proud.

Yesterday I took that little bitty with me in my heart to the very edge of eternity. We went together to offer to God, to mother earth, to the Eternal-beyond-time a very small box; a box filled with the pieces of the remains of TEN other little ones, in a casket about the size of a computer- the very definition of a ‘mass grave’.

It was Eternity, God, who gave me the special gift of my little comforter. It was Eternity, God, who had given me the gift of others who participated in my life, who left their mark on me, who I offered back to Eternity, God, at the end of their life.

Always we return people in much worse shape than when we got them. We give thanks for the life they led, we give thanks for their legacy, we hope that Einstein is right and their soul, their spirit, remains in eternity. They have lived their lives, enhanced and enriched the human experience, and taken all that with them to the other side.

Yesterday we were again offering back individuals that humanity had received as a gift, as the great potential to comfort others, to love, to participate in our human experience, to solve problems, to make use of their special gifts, to be someone’s soul mate, to leave a legacy (perhaps) of lives changed and transformed.

This time we offered those gifts back to Eternity having chopped them to pieces and thrown them in a dumpster before they ever took their first breath. Unless someone had dug those body pieces out of the dumpster, they wouldn’t have even had the dignity of a human funeral. They were nothing more than trash to their parents, to their doctors, to the janitor.

We returned them to Eternity along with the interior, unheard screams of their agonies as they were slowly, coldly, ruthlessly dismembered.

Standing at that edge of Eternity offering these special and gifted individuals, I experienced a profound SHAME in humankind, the humankind that I love, that I need, that I participate in our destiny together with.

Every human being on the planet has been touched by abortion, the numbers are so vast- 50 MILLION in the United States alone. In London there are 600 per day.

At the edge of Eternity, I offered all those in my own family and friends who have this, and the aborted, in their histories. Whether known or unknown to us, we all have them.

At the edge of Eternity, no matter how beautiful and dignified the burial the truth is that it was still a MASS GRAVE, akin to the mass graves of revolution, genocide, war; but this time its all about our own self-hatred, our own rejection of our humanity, the hardening our hearts to all that is tender, innocent, soft.

Imagine being the God of Eternity and ‘receiving back’ in this way, what He has given to us in love.

Imagine being the man who stomped his toddler to a horrible death, where the child was no longer even recognizable, meeting his Maker in the midst of that horrible act.

Witness Lisa Mota told the San Francisco Chronicle that Aguilar told people who tried to stop him that the boy was “trash.”

We, as a species, are no longer able to love, and we carelessly and brutally murder the only ones among us who haven’t yet lost that ability. There is no stretch from the unborn in pieces in the trash to a father intensely stomping to death his own son ‘because he’s trash.’

At THAT edge of eternity, my own little comforter only increased my shame for all of us, myself included, no matter how earnestly and lovingly she tried her comforting. A dreadful blend of pride and shame. My hope is that instead of trying to comfort me, she is able to go and comfort those who won’t make it as far as she did. They need her far more than even I do.

Betrayals Begin Already: Obama Backs FISA

Long have civil libertarians and constitutionalists felt betrayed by the GOP- one full of promises that then, after election time or when push comes to shove and actions are IMPORTANT, betrayed again and again.

Internets and people for whom civil liberties and rule of law are CRITICAL ISSUES have been betrayed by Obama, before the first citizen ever even casts a vote for president.

Obama backed away from his promise of filibuster of FISA, and instead voted to permit law-breakers retroactive immunity!

This is no small matter, as every day lately we see our rights washed away as unimportant, our internet use being challenged, our freedoms being replaced by executive orders and fascistic unconstitutional enforcement.

Now Obama shows his TRUE colors and we now see that those with influence, over and above the people, have a ready ear in Obama. Telecommunications, Homeland ‘Security’, privacy- all will find a happy home in dealing with Obama.

All he needs US for is to get him elected. After that, all bets are off. Sounds just like McCain, doesn’t it?

Right, Left, Liberal, Conservative- we are ALL being used. But is is US that will lose our country- THEY have reassurances that the rest of us don’t.

So much for the ‘great defender of change.’ Same story, different name.

Congress Bought by Telecoms to gain FISA Switch

Chimera: Not Just About Embryos, Not by a LONG Shot!

In “Its life, Jim, but not as we’ve known it” the scientists have decided that the biggest issues facing the embryonic research are the same as the pro-life, anti-abortion position: are they people? do they have rights? are we killing innnocent human life? This is ‘so 20th century!’

This is NOT the great danger I am speaking of, despite their continued importance.

In case you’re not up on the latest, chimeric (blending animal and human embryos) research definitions are as follows:

There are four types of human admixed embryos: cytoplasmic hybrids, true hybrids, human transgenic embryos, and human animal chimeras. Cytoplasmic hybrids are created by replacing the nucleus of an animal egg cell with one from a human cell. True hybrids are a combination of human and animal gametes. Human transgenic embryos are made by adding animal mitochondrial and nuclear DNA to human embryos. Finally, human animal chimeras are constructed by introducing animal cells into a human embryo.

They also discuss the concept of eugenics, and understand that these things must be addressed. They ask questions-

Besides debating about human-animal chimeric embryos, Dr. Cameron warned that people should not be distracted from other, perhaps even more important, issues. Eventually, the world will have to deal with eugenics. Should science give people new capabilities? What about machine intelligence? Dr. Cameron believes that issues of those kind are of greater significance, but they are not addressed as much because we are still discussing embryos, which he believes are a 20th century problem.

All of this is important to the debate. However I suggest that it doesn’t cover the real issues, NOT BY A LONG SHOT.

Animal to Human Disease Transmission Hysteria:

In addition to all of the above, recall that we have been inundated with a near-hysteria about the disease called ‘bird flu.’ We have spent BILLIONS worldwide trying to stamp out bird flu where ever it shows up, in order to prevent that disease from leaping from animal to human. A few humans have died, yes, but only a very few.

This ‘terror’ of an animal disease making that great leap into the human population has increased big brother by giving the USDA, FDA and Department of Homeland Security FAR MORE POWER to deal with animal populations, radio chip them, put resistant farmers like the Amish out of business, all in an effort to prevent bird flu and mad cow disease from creeping into the human population.

An Avenue Like No Other!

Animal/human hybrids will provide a direct avenue by which diseases that were formerly ONLY in animals will be able to enter the human population. Ebola virus and Marsburg’s disease were thought to be only in animals, and they are horrible diseases that have made the leap to the human population, without the benefit of blending human and animal dna. Think how fast it would spread if it infected a creature who is both animal AND human and the means to infect the entire human population were gained by the viruses or bacteria?

The ‘Art and Science of Unintended Consequences’:

This unintended consequence doesn’t even show up in the discussions, no matter how many scientists are present!

Another considerations which it is NOT too soon to consider- once these creatures grow, they will want to reproduce. They will be able to reproduce with animals OR with humans. Unless they are distinctly MARKED, or animal features are prominent on the creature, you will not be able to tell if your son or daughter is dating someone who is part rat, part lizard, part spider, part cow.

Once reproduction begins, and these forms of humanoids are having ‘litters’, there will be NO STOPPING that genetic strain through the human population.

You can be sure that if these creatures become pregnant THEY WILL NOT ABORT THEIR YOUNG, and since they are unlikely to have a conscience (ONLY a human trait and a rare one anymore at that) other than what animals have, their ‘natural’ traits will include their ferocity and instinct for survival, they will not permit ANYONE to endanger their young.

Mad science is FULL of unintended consequences. The nanites that destroy sock odors are making their way into the environment, doing their micro-bot damage to whatever wildlife they come in contact with. Genetically modified food is a primary suspect in the death of butterflies, honey bees and in Morgellon’s disease.

Animal/human hybrid chimeras are one more example of reckless, insane science that pushes its way forward despite ALL concerns that are unique to HUMANITY, despite the issues of eugenics that so destroyed Europe through Hitler, and created a world war, despite all the lessons humanity has ‘learned.’ They say the great minds stood on the shoulders of those who came before. That learning includes learning from our history, our philosophy, or experience.

We are throwing away critical information in the interests of … what?

Can we afford these unintended consequences? If someone were to make a ‘eugenic’ type of decision for you or your family- would you or your family member survive that? What if your dna makeup shows a tendency to downs syndrome, to cancer, to autism? Would eugenicists permit your dna line to continue?

If your family were infected by an animal disease for which there were no cure, because of this science, would you think it was worth it?

How many people need to die before we decide the price is too high?

What Really Happened In Iraq? New Act of War and on the Edge of WWIII

Do we REALLY want this to continue?

Who’s interests are we REALLY serving? As the last post indicates, it was the Federal Reserve and trying to keep dollar hegemony that inspired the true decision for war in Iraq, and other middle eastern nations are following Hussein’s lead on monetary issues.

NOW we threaten nuclear war with Iran, and while the monetary policy and interests of the global banks is clearly one of the reasons, Israel is making clear statements that inflame war mongers and give justifications for the unjustifiable.

In fact, HERE is our latest ACT OF WAR, a provocation that is beyond beyond, and will very likely bring us to a nuclear WWIII. Thank you AIPAC- you are NO FRIEND of humanity.

It is NOT in OUR interests, and not ONE SINGLE PROBLEM has been, or could be, solved by this war.

Dollar Meltdown, Media & Iraq War Interconnection: Fed Reserve Solution?

With Greenspan running off to the Middle East, China and Russia recommending they dump the dollar, our condition is far worse than we ever imagined.

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