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Poisoned World: Chimera

The Technocalypse that is coming upon is will most likely be more than we can manage on our own. A discussion here at Transhumanism.

The most committed research is the one seeking ‘super warriors’- warriors with basically no soul, no morals, nothing between them and their ‘masters’ who have no compunction about using warriors for their own illicit gain or clandestine purposes. Imagine an entire army of these controlled borg!

Poisoned World: Deadly Military Vaccines

Poisoned World: Eugenics

HERE is the Neo-Con Handbook! Found it!

Like the rest of you, I’ve been scratching my head wondering, “What the HELL is going on here?????” as I watch our American representatives, political parties, and President just toss our Constitution aside for….. WHAT???

I’m getting accustomed now to realizing that there are many things hidden that should be in the light.

During a recent spate of BIZARRE sudden changes and moves among the top people, looking for answers to these horrible changes in events and directions, I happened to come upon the actual PLAYBOOK of the neocons and liberals, the ONE thing (and the one person) who has given substantial ‘reasons’ to toss aside every single value we’ve held dear and given the new ‘direction’ our country, our politicians and our world is following.

There are some people who, not holding a lot of power of their own, have a HUGE influence on the governments and politicians of the world. One good example of such a man is Karl Marx. He had no country of his own, a man of minor power, but the effect his ideas have had on the world, and on governments, has been GLOBAL, has been evil for the people (what- 300 million slaughtered due to his ideas?) and it continues to this day. It will be one the great challenges to overcome in the future, as well- as they say, ideas don’t die.

I have found such a man influencing the powers-that-be; a man with minor power of his own but incredible influence- even called a ‘hero’ and widely admired by ALL the power-brokers of the world. You will find him among the Bilderbergers, the Global Bankers, the Zionists, the EU, the UN, the wealthy, the influential, the media moguls, and politicians EVERYWHERE.

The effects of his writings have inspired European countries to surrender their sovereignty AND currencies; has dumped the Just War Doctrine as the foundational document for international diplomacy; has tossed the Constitution of the United States like it was nothing more than a menstrual rag; will make use of the NEW AGE spirituality to cancel Christianity (as much as possible) and inspired the NAU and the NWO.

The extent of his TRUE power is yet to be felt, no question about it, but in the future I think the world will think he’s the best thing since humans discovered fire, and support him and his ideas wholeheartedly (regardless of what the people want), and THEN when he has REAL power discover that what he will actually bring on humanity is horror upon horror, much like his predecessor Karl Marx.

One NECESSARY point to make here:

I don’t know about you, but I find Bush to be a very WOODEN orator. No conviction, no passion, no creativity, no inspiration. He used to be an animated, convicted and interesting speaker as Governor of Texas but for some reason it CHANGED. He’s more like a Zombie spouting overly rehearsed and dead words. So imagine my surprise when I discovered this very left blog waxing POETIC about how the incredible eloquence of George W. Bush at a speech that NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT.

They describe Bush as

One blogger, at the Jewish Review, named Bush our most eloquent president ever, based on this speech.

And then, give thanks to God that he appointed George Bush to be president for eight years.

Imagine my surprise… Here is the speech.

Imagine my further surprise to read the interview:

The next morning, Bush met informally with reporters to talk about his speech, and had this exchange with them:

Q Can I go back to your democracy speech?

THE PRESIDENT: Yes. Did you like it?

Q I loved it.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Say that in your stories.

Q I’ll say it anywhere. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: What did he say?

Q I’ll say it anywhere.

THE PRESIDENT: Okay, good. How about in print? (Laughter.)

Q Oh, well —

THE PRESIDENT: That may be taking it too far. (Laughter.)

And indeed it was. Neither the New York Times, the Washington Post nor the Los Angeles Times printed any excerpts from the speech, nor noted its power in their news stories, which is a shame (on them), because the speech was in fact extraordinarily eloquent.

No wonder no American even knows about this.

Ron Paul has great ideals too, but he takes his foundation from what we know already works. This is the oath of office for every one of our politicians. It defines ‘democracy’ as AMERICA defines it; it defines ‘republic’ as AMERICA defines it, it defines ‘freedom’ as AMERICA defines it.

However, our ‘Dissident President‘ and, so it seems, many others, have tossed this important and successful heritage for a NEW definition of these terms, AND bases America’s entire policy on it.

On January 12, 2005, the Washington Times published an interview with the President of the United States who stated: “If you want to have an idea of what I am going to do on foreign policy, read Natan Sharansky’s book The Case for Democracy. It’s a great work.”

This interview has just recently ‘disappeared’ so I can no longer give you the link.

While the terms and ideas sound good, remember that in order to bring this vision about, it has cost us our own freedoms, our own government, our own Constitution. This is an extremely important measure of what such a vision will bring globally.

Here is Bush BEFORE AND AFTER hooking up with SNatan S.

Our President meets with this individual BEFORE meeting with heads of state.

Marx SOUNDED good, too. What he spawned, however, was a series of dictators from the very maws of hell– Chairman Mao, Stalin, Hitler…in some circles, even called ‘antichrists.’ This will be no different.

What was the Neocons take on that speech? The Velvet Revolution!!!

When nukes, economic collapse, bombs, torture, occupations, widespread homelessness, and fascism are all VELVET, what will they call it when the real misery arrives? Golden?

Laid out extremely well, this piece is worth a careful read. You will see what I mean. Edit: this IMPORTANT link has disappeared in English. In the French here. Further edit: I retrieved the document from the Google cache and have published it here. I expect other links to disappear as well. If you find that has happened before I do, please let me know!

Suddenly we ‘discover’ that Al Qaeda isn’t the worst terrorist threat in the world, its Hezbollah! America SERIOUSLY needs to nuke Iran, and Syria is now an integral part of the Axis of Evil. Don’t we already have enough on our plate? Well…..

THIS is the Neocon/Liberal handbook/playbook that has taken our freedoms, is guiding the NWO, and affecting every decision our politicians make. (no affiliation- if you buy it I get nothing.)

The new definition of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ as the freedom to walk in the public square without getting shot is a dangerous re-definition of a word that everyone ‘already understands.’ Speeches sound good with those words, but the audience is NOT ADVISED that the definitions have CHANGED.

The world of ideas is the most powerful- in HUMAN terms. Remember that!

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McCain and Sharansky

When our Ira Stoll reviewed Natan Sharansky’s latest book, “Defending Identity,” for these pages last week, he concluded by writing, “Mr. Sharansky’s last book, ‘The Case for Democracy,’ was famously endorsed by Mr. Bush, who gave Mr. Sharansky the Medal of Freedom. If the next American president reads this latest book by Mr. Sharansky on the interplay between identity, democracy, and freedom, it could be more important than any CIA or State Department briefing in understanding the foreign policy horizon.”

Quite a quote, isn’ it?

Bush’s Pre-Conference

The actual amount of influence by this author is stunning. The neocon playbook is well in hand and well in progress.

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