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At the Edge of Eternity: Mass Graves at Home

At a particular point in my life, I suffered a severe trauma- the only thing I could do was to weep. At my feet my little baby girl, almost a toddler, crawled up to me, patted me and said ‘oh, poor, oh, poor.’ Her look was so compassionate, so comforting, her concern was real, her attempt to make me feel better was everything her little heart could give. To this day, when I feel too injured by death or loss, if I can’t get comfort anywhere else I go back in time to that moment, and let that little peanut do her ‘bit.’ What a gift to me! I knew at that time that, if she so chose, she would be a HUGE gift to humanity and the woundedness we all share.

I was proud of her. That little bit, that tiny girl, STILL makes me proud.

Yesterday I took that little bitty with me in my heart to the very edge of eternity. We went together to offer to God, to mother earth, to the Eternal-beyond-time a very small box; a box filled with the pieces of the remains of TEN other little ones, in a casket about the size of a computer- the very definition of a ‘mass grave’.

It was Eternity, God, who gave me the special gift of my little comforter. It was Eternity, God, who had given me the gift of others who participated in my life, who left their mark on me, who I offered back to Eternity, God, at the end of their life.

Always we return people in much worse shape than when we got them. We give thanks for the life they led, we give thanks for their legacy, we hope that Einstein is right and their soul, their spirit, remains in eternity. They have lived their lives, enhanced and enriched the human experience, and taken all that with them to the other side.

Yesterday we were again offering back individuals that humanity had received as a gift, as the great potential to comfort others, to love, to participate in our human experience, to solve problems, to make use of their special gifts, to be someone’s soul mate, to leave a legacy (perhaps) of lives changed and transformed.

This time we offered those gifts back to Eternity having chopped them to pieces and thrown them in a dumpster before they ever took their first breath. Unless someone had dug those body pieces out of the dumpster, they wouldn’t have even had the dignity of a human funeral. They were nothing more than trash to their parents, to their doctors, to the janitor.

We returned them to Eternity along with the interior, unheard screams of their agonies as they were slowly, coldly, ruthlessly dismembered.

Standing at that edge of Eternity offering these special and gifted individuals, I experienced a profound SHAME in humankind, the humankind that I love, that I need, that I participate in our destiny together with.

Every human being on the planet has been touched by abortion, the numbers are so vast- 50 MILLION in the United States alone. In London there are 600 per day.

At the edge of Eternity, I offered all those in my own family and friends who have this, and the aborted, in their histories. Whether known or unknown to us, we all have them.

At the edge of Eternity, no matter how beautiful and dignified the burial the truth is that it was still a MASS GRAVE, akin to the mass graves of revolution, genocide, war; but this time its all about our own self-hatred, our own rejection of our humanity, the hardening our hearts to all that is tender, innocent, soft.

Imagine being the God of Eternity and ‘receiving back’ in this way, what He has given to us in love.

Imagine being the man who stomped his toddler to a horrible death, where the child was no longer even recognizable, meeting his Maker in the midst of that horrible act.

Witness Lisa Mota told the San Francisco Chronicle that Aguilar told people who tried to stop him that the boy was “trash.”

We, as a species, are no longer able to love, and we carelessly and brutally murder the only ones among us who haven’t yet lost that ability. There is no stretch from the unborn in pieces in the trash to a father intensely stomping to death his own son ‘because he’s trash.’

At THAT edge of eternity, my own little comforter only increased my shame for all of us, myself included, no matter how earnestly and lovingly she tried her comforting. A dreadful blend of pride and shame. My hope is that instead of trying to comfort me, she is able to go and comfort those who won’t make it as far as she did. They need her far more than even I do.

First Black President a Return to Slavery?


Slavery is primarily an economic policy, and the evidently necessary reminder of what slavery was originally about in America.

Among the many hypocrisies of our Rock Star candidate Barak Obama, a return to economic slavery in America is one of the most evident results of his economic policies and his very own submitted budget.

Obama’s platform outlines new spending of $287 Billion at a time when our country is so bankrupt we MUST borrow EVERY DAY from our ENEMIES. At a time where the working Americans that remain employed give over 50% of their income to taxes. His platform cannot be supported in any conceivable way other than RAISING taxes and further enslaving ALL Americans to the government bureaucracy.

Recall history, if you know any, Mr. Obama, and remember the suffering that American’s ended based upon the Constitution and a willingness to shed the blood and spend the wealth of those who did NOT engage in slavery and opposed it. Remember that it was the Constitution of the United States that provided the VERY BASIS for such an end to a heinous crime against humanity, and ask yourself- what are my policies that will BRING THAT BACK???

A second feature of slavery that exposes Obama’s hypocrisy is the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act silences American dissent under the most flimsy of circumstances, allows Americans to be incarcerated and imprisoned without Habeus Corpus or even without contacting family. The government is allowed free reign to ‘pressure’ and ‘torture’ American citizens without ANY Constitutional protections as the Constitution itself has been overturned, during Obama’s watch, without even so much as a peep of complaint about it, let alone the outspoken voice one would expect.

Recall, Mr. Obama, the lynch mobs and those who would murder slaves, murder protesters all by avoiding the law of the Constitution and the corrupted officials that turned away from the inherent rights of those people. Recall how blacks were SILENCED by government, by the media, by the affluent. Re-examine your own corruption and willingness to sell out the Constitution two years running, and ask yourself, am I willing to take the heat and restore the Constitution to its rightful place? Am I willing to do whatever it takes, for the protection of ALL my American PEOPLE, to UPHOLD THE VOW that my soul will surely be held to before God?

While Obama is personable and very attractive, he simply isn’t a man of proper conviction. He has no interest in the Constitution and is perfectly willing to return America to a slave state for no other reason than to be a sugar-daddy for all those who prefer a nanny state to freedom; who prefer to spend other people’s money than earn and keep their own.

Recall that we are all created EQUAL, that ALL are entitled to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, and ask yourself why you don’t believe that? Why should some be enslaved in order that others can have a better, government provided living? Why should the unborn, who automatically have the right to LIVE be considered less than human as your black ancestors were?

That the Constitution and Bill of Rights PREVAILED with bloodshed and money that was NOT YOUR OWN is the ONLY REASON that your candidacy is possible in the first place. Need you be reminded that there have been NO black Prime Ministers or Presidents in other Western Nations as of yet?

We need Ron Paul who not only understand the critical economic issues of our time, but understands what canceling the Constitution actually means and will bring about for all of us- including the former slaves and oppressed people of our nation’s history. They must be spinning in their graves!

It really is way past time that Atlas shrugs…

Blood Lust Has Overtaken the Parties, Except Ron Paul!

The Blood Lust Will Overtake You ALL

In Alabama…

“In 1993 Don claims he saw clouds that formed seven trumpets (three “clear and ready to blow”); in 1994 a veil of darkness that covered half the sky; in 1994 the inspiration to say, “The heat shall be in the blood. It shall come to a boil. People shall become enthralled with its power and thrill. The dullness of their souls shall be shattered and overpowered. It will drive the emotions and provide a life force of its own. It shall wash over all of mankind. Prayer is the only defense to keep from being drawn into the boiling cauldron.” Prophecies

In 1994 experiments began on aborted embryos for cloning and genetic research purposes.Also in 1994, almost ONE MILLION people were chopped apart with machetes in Rwanda, though they also for years had had prophetic warnings which were dismissed as ridiculous and ignored.

Mother Theresa had said, “the fruit of abortion is nuclear war.”

It can’t be any surprise that those of us opposed to the wholesale slaughter of tens of millions of innocent Americans felt that 9/11 was, perhaps, in part, chastisement for so much bloodshed.

What we didn’t understand at the time, but is CLEAR NOW, is that this bloodlust would make America abandon our Christian principles ALTOGETHER and be willing to DROP THE FIRST NUCLEAR WEAPONS, unprovoked, against ‘enemies’ that can’t possibly be a danger to us!

Luke 23: 27-30 is a promise or prophecy of Jesus’ own:

“there followed him a great multitude of the people, and of women who bewailed and lamented him. But Jesus turning to them said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me but for yourselves and for your children. For behold, the days are coming when they will say, ‘Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bore, and the breasts that never gave suck! Then they will begin to say to the mountains, ‘Fall on us’; and to the hills, ‘cover us.'”

We have the opportunity to vote OUT those who have succumbed to this blood lust, and elect Dr. Ron Paul, who has introduced the Sanctity of Life Act. He has delivered 4,000 babies and cared for as many new mothers!

Yet, our Republican front runner, John McCain has declared that the ILLEGAL and IMMORAL war with Iraq can and should last 100 years- this from a man Pat Buchanan described: “John McCain will make Dick Cheney look like Gandhi.”

But you say, “there won’t be nuclear war” by the democrats…

Take a look here:

Even the media is keeping the blood lust going, and you’re listening! Observe the BLOODLUST yourself! Not enough torture? Not enough war escalation? Too ‘soft’ on the ‘war on terror?’

Will YOU choose the bloodlust for yourself and your country? It is HERE, NOW.

Will you ignore the reality of what we are genuinely facing, because the blood lusting media ridicules the ONLY candidate that wants America to survive? Wants America to THRIVE? Wants to SAVE AMERICA from the monsters that have been running it for at least two decades?

Will you ignore this opportunity to elect Ron Paul, because you would rather believe proven LIARS than what you KNOW to be true?

Reconsider your soul, reconsider life, reconsider whether we want to empower and dive headlong into what the neo-cons, neo-coms, and blood-thirsty military industrial one-worlders want. There are consequences for every decision. There will be irreversible ones for this one we are facing as a nation.

Vote Ron Paul even if you hear he can’t win. The fact is, he can’t lose or we ALL do. God bless.

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