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Time to Talk Alternate Economics

Economic Crash

Wreck of an Economy

If our mainstream economy totally crashes, and all the best experts say it will, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be ANY economy. Economy is necessity. In order for people to survive, there must be means of getting what is needed, and THAT is economy.

The very basis of our current ‘cash’ economy is that the dollar has its value in only one thing: human labor. It is your own labor, or the labor of someone who works for you, but since gold no longer backs the dollar, then labor is the only thing left in quantity to ‘guarantee’ the money supply.

By merely inflating, perfect strangers (the Fed, the IRS, the State, the banks) lays claim to a certain amount of your labor, and in so doing, steals your time and effort. By further taxing, the value of your labor is assessed against YOU, your property. The worse the inflation, the more damage that is done to the value of your labor, the less it buys for you, and the more of your property is stolen outright.

When the dollar goes, and it will, it will be replaced by two things.

One replacement is a new fiat currency which will ‘reset’ the ‘value’ of your labor and begin the process all over again. The reset will transform your labor to a tiny percentage of the value it held in all the decades past and you will be, in actual fact if not in labels, a slave. It could be in the form of an Amero or other hyper-governmental currency, or it could be in an electronic currency through RFID chips. It could be a combination of the two, but in either case the effect will be the same.

The second replacement is using gold and silver coins to exchange for goods and services. This has been frowned upon by our elites and the government because ‘you can’t earn interest on gold.’ What they are saying, and what they don’t like, is that gold does not give them the ability to steal your labor. They cannot inflate it. They cannot genuinely track it. If you have it in your possession it belongs to you and it ‘guarantees’ the value of your labor and your property.

Therefore, the current elites will most likely do a major seizure of all the gold they can get their hands on from the citizens. As I have written here before, there have been hints in the global media that there will come a point that anyone who owns gold, silver or alternate currencies will be tried as a traitor to the government that is set up after the total collapse.

This is to force us back into the fiat currencies that have robbed us of all we own, robbed us of the value of our labor, and to further rope us into slavery.

Americans being who we are, there have been many experiments in economics that are NOT based on cash and are not based in gold. The government has come down extremely hard on many of them, such as bartering, in order to keep the iron fist of the elites inside any potential for wealth generation.

Since economics of some sort is a necessity for your very survival, I will begin a series of alternate economics and the foundation of them, and I will leave it to your ingenuity to consider and make the most of them.

I invite you here to ask questions, offer information on your alternative economics, or to discuss the ins and outs of all of them.

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