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The Most Courageous Political Question Ever Asked

The divide between the government and the wishes of the people has NEVER been greater. Across the country, 48% of voters are ready to vote third party and in some places, like here in Michigan, over 70% of voters intend to do so. That same amount are worried about the ILLEGAL war, the escalating war, the war that is getting America nowhere but bankrupt; that same number are worried about the economy and WELL THEY SHOULD BE.

That same number are feeling lied to, abused, and misused by all the powers that be.

Yet our media, our political machines, everyone we depend on to handle things properly, are all betraying us at every turn.

During this ‘calm before the storm’ we know the turmoil is COMING, and its right around the corner. We know that what happens in this election will determine the fate of America and the only thing we can ALL agree on is that we don’t like how it looks to us.

In the midst of this, by a politician, I was asked the most courageous, most poignant, most important political question I’d ever heard in my life.

“Where is your HEART?” Linda Goldthorpe asked me.

And THATS the rub, isn’t it? In a world where our hearts can’t even be understood anymore, where our attention and ability to think is so disrupted, where our values have been so chewed up- no matter what they are- by the lies and manipulation of those we trusted, the only thing remaining for us to vote on or with is our HEARTS.

It is truly a dangerous question. Obama for president? He’s on the top ten most corrupted politicians in America list, has bailed out so far on every ‘foundational’ position like FISA as soon as AIPAC or the telecoms dangle the promise of money and backing; promises to make infanticide LAW (despite his ‘expertise’ as a constitutional lawyer), yet the black community’s heart is ‘One of OURS in that White House no matter what the costs.’ The feminist movement’s heart is ‘Infanticide and abortion ENSHRINED into Federal law, even if it costs us the Constitution.’ McCain stands NOWHERE we can believe in or trust, he is the pot calling the kettle black.

They have a right to vote with their hearts- who doesn’t? In fact, that’s all we each have left is what resides there, in our hearts.

Is your heart with the PARTY? With RACE? With GENDER? With your WALLET? With ABORTION? With WAR? Where IS your heart? With FEAR and TORTURE??? Your heart of hearts?

If the economy COLLAPSES, with that change your heart? If our government starts a global NUCLEAR WAR, will that change your heart? If our country turns into a dictatorship from hell, will that change your heart? You had best really look NOW, BEFORE YOU VOTE.

To ask this question in such an awful political year is to position oneself in the most dangerous of places, in the most authentic truth of who Americans ARE. To bring out into our faces what we are willing to sacrifice for the true motivations each of us have.

Bart Stupak , Linda Goldthorpe’s competitor and an incumbent, is totally wrapped up in the issues facing Michigan’s agriculture. As I’ve discussed here before, small farmers are being destroyed across the state, by Federal standards that violate EVERY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT of property owners. The Amish community is being completely destroyed by these things.

And for the Fed, the destruction isn’t happening fast enough. They’ve just sent 13,000 Federal Agents to Michigan, at Michigan’s expense, to speed up this process. The monster is too big, Bart Stupak too small, to save ANYTHING. He’s too involved in the party, in the party politics, too caught up in the monster to make any difference.

The Republican’s complaint of big government is much too little, much too late. Not only has government increased in its size to a Godzilla under their watch, the ones Godzilla tramples under are expected to turn over all their rights, all their wealth, TO Godzilla. The two parties have done this.

We MUST crumble that machine. We won’t do it by more of the same.


The ONLY thing that can save America, no matter where our hearts are, is to RETURN THE GOVERNMENT TO THE PEOPLE.

Where Michigan goes, so goes the country, and Michigan is in a DEPRESSION. ALL of her assets are being SEIZED by government, or purchased by foreigners.  It is harder to buy or sell ANYTHING. It is coming to YOUR state too.

Do we have the HEART to do that? Linda Goldthorpe thinks so. Ron Paul thinks so. Chuck Baldwin thinks so. Bob Barr thinks so.

Its time for us to decide where our hearts truly are because, like it or not, THAT is what will determine the future of our country. If we don’t have the heart for the fight, our enemies surely do.

Bizarre MSM Math: Ron Paul In Front of Delegates!

While the mainstream media still plays its bizarre math games, can’t seem to add 1 to 3 to get 4 candidates, the people are achieving what the puppet-masters have been using every dirty trick in the book to avoid:

Ron Paul is NOW a legitimate choice for delegates in Indiana!

Ron Paul can’t be hidden from those ‘voters’ any longer, thanks to the incredible hard work and tenacity of the Ron Paul people campaigning FOR him.

“For an ideological conservative, Ron Paul is much closer to the old-time Republican conservative” than McCain or the party’s current president, Wright said. Paul favors abolition of the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Reserve and some other federal departments, for example. By contrast, George W. Bush “is a big-government conservative,” Wright said.”

The media still play with the math – as if the ‘people’ EVER had a chance to choose the delegates;  and per normal deny their responsibility in suppressing his message to the voters, another continuous deception and political trick they accuse RP supporters of.

Congratulations on a job EXTREMELY WELL DONE!  It isn’t over until its OVER, and God willing, we’ll be in for a Ron Paul presidency DESPITE the global puppet masters that are cannibalizing America.

Press Right Along, Ron Paul People!

From my fabulous Ron Paul Coordinator!

Friends you have a chance to be part of a real Revolution!  Ron Paul supporters have been so inflamed by the bankster owned “Mainstream Media” MM, blackout of Dr. Ron Paul that they are by-passing them. Taking it to the streets, the Internet, and taking over the Republican party from the grassroots level up!  Ron Paul events are drawing huge enthusiastic crowds all over the country.  So big the media is scared to show them! Below are descriptions of recent Ron Paul happenings.

ARLINGTON , VIRGINIA:  Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul once again demonstrated his tremendous popularity with young people yesterday when he addressed an overflow crowd of 1,200 people at Goucher College in Baltimore , Maryland . On Friday, April 11th, the Texas Republican was met with similar passionate crowds of 800 at Gettysburg College and 2,000 at Penn State University .

“Dr. Paul excites tremendous passion with young people who are hungry for personal freedom and constitutional government,” said campaign spokesman Jesse Benton. “The grassroots movement that the Ron Paul campaign has generated continues to build across America .

Dr. Paul is continuing his bid for the Republican nomination to spread the message of constitutional government and personal freedom, to bring the GOP back to its traditional roots, and to continue the grassroots activism that his candidacy inspired. His new book, “The Revolution, A Manifesto”, launched April 30th.”

Dr. Ron Paul‘s book is the number one best seller on Amazon today!  What does that tell you?


From the Reno Gazette-Journal:

“After a super-majority of Ron Paul supporters captured control of the Republican state convention Saturday, state party officials abruptly canceled the event without electing delegates to the national convention.

“Early in the day, state delegates supporting Paul’s continued pursuit of the Republican nomination voted through a rules change that forced the state party to abandon its preset ballot of potential national convention delegates and open up the race to the rest of the state delegates.

“The vote followed a rousing speech by Paul of Texas, who said his presidential campaign will continue as long as he has support.


Ron Paul’s new book “The Revolution: A Manifesto”  Borders book signing in N.Y. is the biggest ever!

Good news to report out of New York at yesterday’s book signing, where the books were sold out before Dr. Paul even showed up! The Borders staff informed our campaign that the biggest signing they ever had at that location, which is one of their flagships, was New York Giants star running back Tiki Barber, and then they mentioned that Dr. Paul’s signing was even bigger!

Wow, there were thousands, plural there today. By the time we got there it was 1:00 pm, all the books were sold out. However that didn’t stop us from waiting an hour and a half just to shake Dr. Ron Paul‘s hand. We weren’t alone either, there must have countless others behind us. I can’t imagine how fatiguing it is to sign thousands of books, but he looked tired.  Starting off this morning with an early interview on CNN, which was typical great Ron Paul style, then the book signing, and more to come today, you Dr. Paul deserve some rest. Don’t worry, we will not let the R3volution fade, what you have started cannot fail. Feel comforted that all your efforts are not in vain, You Sir are well loved. Thank You again. On with the Revolution !!!

Please go to every few days and catch up with events, videos, and “The Daily Dose” blog comments.  and see

“YES” Endorsements and Accaim for Ron Paul.” there on the home page for famous citizens, intellectuals, economists etc. You can also go to for the latest on the Ron Paul Revolution.

People are fed up with a choice of 3 candidates hand picked by the banksters. From the begining, all candidates of both parties are members of The Council on Foreign Relations, CFR, the true ruling elite of the world.  All MM owners, reporters, TV “news”(propaganda) hacks, radio talk show hosts, etc. are CFR members.

Dr.  Ron Paul does not want to belong to that club.  So who have they given us to choose from?

1. A socialist ignoramus and war monger (McCain)

2. A marxist power freak and compulsive liar (Clinton) and

3. A “I’ll give you everything for free, just vote for me” racist & communist (Obama).

If we continue to educate the American people about Dr. Ron Paul we can win at the Republican Convention or by write in vote in the election.

We have 6 months to do it and if we don’t… higher taxes, more regulations, more war, a crashing economy, massive unemployment, (and let me add: FASCIST DICTATORSHIP) and it may even get to rioting in the streets.  People these days will not stand in bread lines, they’ll be coming to take what they need and whatever they want…from you!

It will be a lot more pleasant to do it according to the Constitution and the electoral process.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
John F. Kennedy, In a speech at the White House,

It’s up to us and that means you too.  If any of the other three “One World Government” candidates get elected it’s curtains for this country, and freedom in this world. Just forward these E-mails I’ve put together to everyone you know who cares about this country and FREEDOM!



People wake up! The media, and the government are totally controlled by the international banksters.  You will never hear anything they don’t want you to unless you look for it on the Internet or private publications like

Here’s upcoming events from

May 16

Ron Paul Freedom Rally in Bowling Green

Bowling Green High School Basketball Arena, 1801 Rockingham Lane , Bowling Green , KY 42104

2:00 PM CT

Jun 20

Speech at Montana State Convention

Hilton Garden Inn, Missoula , Montana

7:00 PM MT

And check out Ron Paul supporter produced videos, with no campaign help or $, on YouTube shows you how many grass roots activist volunteers there are around the world!

I’m doing all I can and hope you will spread the word too.  Once you invest a little time at and find out who this true statesman and scholar is, and what he has stood for in 20 years in Congress, and the position papers & books he has written and more… I know you will join us, and feel the relief, and hope that we all feel because nw we have  REAL choice, A REAL PATRIOT.

Viva Ron Paul Viva la R3volution.

GOP Slipping: McCain Will LOSE to Ron Paul

christ lightning

When EVERYONE needs to hold their nose to vote for a candidate, from the delegates to the citizens, things aren’t good! Though McCain’s ‘expertise’ is in the military, even the military doesn’t want him. He’s too volatile to have his hand on the nuclear button.

Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Pro-Lifers, and people of all types who LOVE THEIR LIBERTY have NO HOPE that they will find REPRESENTATION in McCain.

And critical to that issue is the delegates that the GOP CLAIMS are all ‘tied up’ in his favor.

We see the strong-arm battles the Democrats are engaged in to ‘tie up’ the delegates and super-delegates, and there is a REASON.

With the delegates Ron Paul has in the GOP camp, during the strangest political year in 40 years, our dark horse can easily come from behind!

How strange has it been? Ghouliani was ‘struck by lightning’ during his debate and went from ‘annointed front-runner’ to last years diapers. The fall in the stock market hit so hard that Romney had to bail out on his personally financed campaign. Hillary is so hated that even a ‘nowhere man‘ can challenge her!

And they ALL want to escalate the war and drive our country into the kind of bankruptcy that will take centuries to dig out from, without concern of any kind. I am reminded of my political science related to the democrats: all they want is to control the budget/power. AFTER that, they’ll think about the rest.

I predict an enormous shock all through MSM and through the country, that a TRUE CONSERVATIVE that KNOWS ECONOMICS will take the day.

All Ron Paul supporters, even the ones who have been convinced he can’t win- JUST BE READY to vote for your guy.

The strangeness of this political year is ON OUR SIDE. That doesn’t happen often!

Politics of Denial Struck Again!

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Blood Lust Has Overtaken the Parties, Except Ron Paul!

The Blood Lust Will Overtake You ALL

In Alabama…

“In 1993 Don claims he saw clouds that formed seven trumpets (three “clear and ready to blow”); in 1994 a veil of darkness that covered half the sky; in 1994 the inspiration to say, “The heat shall be in the blood. It shall come to a boil. People shall become enthralled with its power and thrill. The dullness of their souls shall be shattered and overpowered. It will drive the emotions and provide a life force of its own. It shall wash over all of mankind. Prayer is the only defense to keep from being drawn into the boiling cauldron.” Prophecies

In 1994 experiments began on aborted embryos for cloning and genetic research purposes.Also in 1994, almost ONE MILLION people were chopped apart with machetes in Rwanda, though they also for years had had prophetic warnings which were dismissed as ridiculous and ignored.

Mother Theresa had said, “the fruit of abortion is nuclear war.”

It can’t be any surprise that those of us opposed to the wholesale slaughter of tens of millions of innocent Americans felt that 9/11 was, perhaps, in part, chastisement for so much bloodshed.

What we didn’t understand at the time, but is CLEAR NOW, is that this bloodlust would make America abandon our Christian principles ALTOGETHER and be willing to DROP THE FIRST NUCLEAR WEAPONS, unprovoked, against ‘enemies’ that can’t possibly be a danger to us!

Luke 23: 27-30 is a promise or prophecy of Jesus’ own:

“there followed him a great multitude of the people, and of women who bewailed and lamented him. But Jesus turning to them said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me but for yourselves and for your children. For behold, the days are coming when they will say, ‘Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bore, and the breasts that never gave suck! Then they will begin to say to the mountains, ‘Fall on us’; and to the hills, ‘cover us.'”

We have the opportunity to vote OUT those who have succumbed to this blood lust, and elect Dr. Ron Paul, who has introduced the Sanctity of Life Act. He has delivered 4,000 babies and cared for as many new mothers!

Yet, our Republican front runner, John McCain has declared that the ILLEGAL and IMMORAL war with Iraq can and should last 100 years- this from a man Pat Buchanan described: “John McCain will make Dick Cheney look like Gandhi.”

But you say, “there won’t be nuclear war” by the democrats…

Take a look here:

Even the media is keeping the blood lust going, and you’re listening! Observe the BLOODLUST yourself! Not enough torture? Not enough war escalation? Too ‘soft’ on the ‘war on terror?’

Will YOU choose the bloodlust for yourself and your country? It is HERE, NOW.

Will you ignore the reality of what we are genuinely facing, because the blood lusting media ridicules the ONLY candidate that wants America to survive? Wants America to THRIVE? Wants to SAVE AMERICA from the monsters that have been running it for at least two decades?

Will you ignore this opportunity to elect Ron Paul, because you would rather believe proven LIARS than what you KNOW to be true?

Reconsider your soul, reconsider life, reconsider whether we want to empower and dive headlong into what the neo-cons, neo-coms, and blood-thirsty military industrial one-worlders want. There are consequences for every decision. There will be irreversible ones for this one we are facing as a nation.

Vote Ron Paul even if you hear he can’t win. The fact is, he can’t lose or we ALL do. God bless.

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