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Christmas In America 2011: War on Earth and Men of Bad Will

The Christmas Spirit was nowhere evident this year, but rather bad will all around. Recall the joy of the angels “Peace on earth to men of GOOD WILL.”

Instead, this year the lead up to Christmas, on which most small businesses depend for their very lives, we had a pathetic increase of temporary holiday jobs of 120k, (which are gone now, along with hundreds of retail establishments), idiots mangling and fighting over the ugliest shoes known to man, the outright theft of billions from private accounts, a Christmas present of the NDAA, a declaration of war on the world INCLUDING AMERICANS & an end to our rights altogether, an increase in nazi homeland security & 9500 inland checkpoints, a call for implementation of 800 concentration camps all over the country, sales of homes over-accounted by half, and psychopathic maniacs in power provoking global nuclear war.

After the most miserable Christmas on record, with over half of Americans living below the poverty level and even Salvation Army kettles dried up, the ‘will’ of the people drummed up by the media is bad, only bad, all bad, against American citizens.

Killing the Spirit of Christmas is truly the last straw for this country. If there isn’t even enough good will remaining to feed our hungry brethren, then there is no possibility of peace on earth, a gift given ONLY to men of good will.

And this is EXACTLY what we have to look forward to in 2012, war on earth and men, ALL men, of bad will.

Iowa wants to throw itself out because the people want to vote for Ron Paul.

Imagine if that were ANY other candidate! Put some other name in there and see- If Gingrich wins Iowa, we’ll just throw it out!!!!!

The parties are making themselves CLEAR.


In fact, I would go so far as to say that the parties have substituted THEMSELVES for the people in our Bill of Rights and Constitution, and where it says ‘We the People’ THEY read ‘We the Parties.’

Not only is this evident in their horrendous treatment of a very popular statesman among Americans, but it is evident in their incredible drive to REMOVE our Bill of Rights and our Constitutional Rights from the people, while holding themselves and their corrupt politicians above the law themselves.

At this point, only the most obtuse haven’t noticed how dangerous this is. It is totally guaranteed, thanks to previous administrations and their selling out our technology and manufacturing to our current enemies, that war will no longer escape our own shores, and we will all suffer from the effects of an incredible wave of our own bad will.

There is no longer ANY excuse. Absolutely every American KNOWS something is WRONG. They KNOW our politicians are corrupt, even that is bragged about on lamestream media. They KNOW the truth. Even if we lose the internet to SOPA, where they wipe the truth away and leave the rest for their own purposes, the truth has gotten out and there is no longer any excuse but one: ‘the love of truth is not in them.’

America has said to God, from whom our unalienable rights come: “Who gave you the right to occupy America? Nobody.”

2012 will begin to tell the price of that bad will.

Burma Shaving, Habeas Corpus, Constitution & Legislators: What will they do?

Despite the fact that the Constitution is the law of the land, the President has promised to see what could be done legislatively in order to be free of that ball and chain.

While everyone knows of this event, who is it that is asking, “WHAT WILL OUR REPRESENTATIVES DO?”

The idea that ANY president thinks he can go to those who are in office to represent the Constitution and the people it protects, and believes he can overcome the law of the land, is a horrifying development and change in our country.

His actions, and what the legislators do now, need to be under intense scrutiny by the people.  We need to know who is representing America, and who is NOT.  Our future depends upon it.

Dems BLOCK Impeachment: Interferes with their Agenda!

Not a Race

Nancy Pelosi and the democratic leadership blocked the impeachment proceedings against George W. Bush. Why? “It interferes with OUR AGENDA” (emphasis mine), more proof if anyone needed any, that there is no difference between the agendas of either party.

Since taking control of Congress, Democratic leaders, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in particular, have declined to support impeachment saying it would only be divisive and interfere with their agenda, a position reiterated Wednesday by a Pelosi spokesman.

Collusion is just as serious of a crime against America and Americans as direct treason, and unfortunately we have all too much of that.

The excuses, of course, are all the ones we expect: ‘It would divide the public’ ‘he’ll be gone in a few months’ ‘it interferes with our agenda.’

It is no longer a disgrace to be a vice president or president with the cloud of impeachment hanging over his head, a thing for which we can perhaps thank the Clintons.

Lawbreaking, violating oaths of office, subterfuge, disappearing dissenters, all of these are NOW in the common tool-box of our government and they wonder, “what are you citizens so angry about? Its business as usual!”

NOW, they say, “It would mean that Dick Cheney would be president!!!” Except for the fact that the articles of impeachment against that minion of the devil are already gathering dust in the Judiciary committee…

The fact is, that BOTH could be impeached and the disgrace also known as Nancy Pelosi would then become our FIRST woman president- but she doesn’t want THAT… what agenda could be so important that she would set aside something so in tune with HER throbbing ambitions?

Well, politicians our SERVANTS, we don’t like your AGENDA. We haven’t for years.

Ron Paulers, Libertarians, Conservatives, Constitutionalists- HERE IS YOUR REALITY CHECK!

The Country will NOT be returned to the people by accepted and known legal methods such as impeachment. Of course, we cannot even rely on the ‘Department of Justice’ or the ‘House Judiciary Committee’ to be interested in or return to us anything like real justice, because Justice has been sucked dry in this country, like a spider sucking the life out of its wound-up victim.

Our alternatives are disappearing one by one by one. We ALL need to give that some serious THOUGHT.

Two parties and ONE agenda. Who’s agenda?

Life Or Death Without the Constitution and Rule of Law

What difference does it make to have governance without the Constitution? For some people it makes the difference between being permitted to die with dignity, or being killed in the most painful way possible.

The Constitution GUARANTEES the RIGHT to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This BELONGS to every person in America and no law is supposed to supercede that.

In the case of Terri Schaivo, and now Lauren Richardson, there is NO LONGER a Constitutional protection for their very lives.

If the Constitution were in force, there would need to be a HUGE amount of VERIFIABLE information that Terri Schaivo and Lauren Richardson were abdicating that most basic of rights.  There was absolutely NONE of that in the Schaivo case, and there is NONE of that in the Richardson case, either.

Because the Constitution is no longer in effect, these women are now dependent on lawyers making ‘better arguments’ with philosophy and ethics, in front of judges that have their own ‘opinions’ and are no longer bound by law or evidence.

Barak Obama proclaimed loud and long that the WORST MISTAKE HE EVER MADE IN HIS LIFE was advocating for Terri Schaivo’s RIGHT as an American Citizen, to her life.

John McCain has decided to take on ‘evil’, but ignores the great evil taking place in his own country, and the oath of office he will be taking (and has taken) to uphold and defend the Constitution. Ignores the GREAT EVIL that means not only our lives are no longer sacred to our own country, but that we NO LONGER HAVE A RULE OF LAW.

It is beside the point that Lauren’s own mother has no compassion on her daughter and her condition, that she has no interest in putting her convenience aside to hope that Lauren, a beautiful young woman, can recover some of her very precious life, and perhaps even participate in raising her baby.

Without the solid basis of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we are ALL at risk of being declared ‘undesirable’ and ‘worthy of death,’ all at risk of being denied food and water because it is too costly, time consuming, or inconvenient for someone else.

Justice Antonin Scalia declares that torture, by our own government, is NOT cruel and unusual PUNISHMENT, his reasoning being is that the victim isn’t being PUNISHED for anything.

That can be said of both Lauren Richardson AND Terri Schaivo. Terri died a torturous death; Lauren is at risk of going down that same road, but it isn’t ‘cruel and unusual PUNISHMENT, because neither of these women have done something WRONG.’

This is the foothold eugenics needs to begin to bear some really hideous fruit.

NO set of LAWS that our representatives or judges are obliged to uphold any longer, means that any one of us can be treated in the most horrible of ways as long as we’ve done nothing wrongful enough to be PUNISHED.

The representatives and our judges have VIOLATED their oaths of office and people are dying horrible, torturous deaths with no end on sight.

Is this REALLY satisfactory to you? Do YOU want to die that way?

Crumbling Parties: Is the ‘Come Uppance’ on the Way?

I’ve said this frequently, it is a bizarre political year and the parties are on their way DOWN.

Ron Paul people, have been gaining delegates, putting the GOP in an uproar, and showing that party for the hypocrite and anti-people enemy it has become.

But before anyone laughs at the GOP problems the democratic party is in just as bad of shape. They’ve decided to get a ‘pro-life in name only’ democrat, Tony Campolo to join in and ‘explore’ putting a life plank in- probably to try to make inroads to the pro-life movement which is very unhappy with McCain and now expects the GOP to betray that interest ONE MORE TIME.

Clinton, blindly ambitious at ANY COST, is threatening the ‘nuclear option’ against Obama delegates, supporters of a nincompoop who doesn’t have a plank to actually stand on, even when it is provided for him.

Despite all this, the ONE THING that is totally forgotten by both parties is:


They want the parties to listen to THEM- the Presidential election would look VERY DIFFERENT if the parties DID listen.

They want to get out of the war. They want the troops HOME.

They want their economy REPAIRED. They want America rebuilt.

They want their own work, their own income, their own commitments to benefit themselves, their family, their country.

They want small government; they want their Constitution BACK.

They want their RIGHTS.

They want trade policies that are fair and balanced, and keep jobs HERE. Fairness in pay for the rich versus pay for the workers.

They want the necessities of life, food, gas, utilities, to be affordable.

They want to have GENUINE, not CORPORATE, health care. They want their property saved, not the wealthy. They want the right to farm, to keep government off their backs; to freely travel, work and build a business without raids, laws and idiots coming in and running them out of business; they want the former freedom from illegal search and seizure, from illegal militias, from borrowing from our enemies to make the war machine people rich.

The parties are failing, can’t keep it together, and there is no reason they SHOULD. Both together have VIOLATED everything it means to be an American.

We watch with interest as power slips from the hands of the elites. The people are gathering for a true come-uppance, and the power brokers that ignore us will regret their decision this time.

Taking BACK Our Government

Thanks to Bill, a commenter below, I am now aware of this fabulous website Taking Back Washington.

This is ONE MORE TOOL in the citizen’s toolbox, helping us gather, organize, expose and identify all the critical issues, blockades, and anti-constitutional actions and people in the country.

We have had our birthright STOLEN from us by ‘behind the scenes’ puppetmasters.

THEY have been the ones who decide who is poor and who is rich.  They’ve decided who influences our country, our policies both foreign and domestic; they’ve decided which businesses will succeed and fail; who will keep their jobs or lose them; who will own a home and who will lose the one they have; who will farm and who will not; what kind of medical care you will receive and who will receive it; who will have social equality and who will remain oppressed.

If we want our country back, we have to get SERIOUS.

There is NO OTHER ISSUE SO IMPORTANT.  Everything else we can, as a people, deal with and do it well.

We’re making headway and it isn’t going to be easy- now that they HAVE taken power, gutted the Constitution, planted their puppets everywhere from the Supreme Court to the local dog catcher; we have the fight of our lives on our hands.

Will our forefathers be proud of us, or will they weep, from heaven, at our stupidity and laziness?

God bless America.

Ron Paul’rs Taking ACTION Against the Counterfeit Money Makers

down dollar

From Ron Paul people SICK of being abused by the Federal Reserve and our ‘Representatives’ who have permitted this travesty and are NOW seeking to turn over Governmental Powers and Policing to a PRIVATE CORPORATION.



Subject: Call Congress! Abolish the counterfeit moneymakers!

Monday, March 31, Call our Congressmen and tell them…
“Do not allow the Federal Reserve any expansion of power and authority, whatsoever!”
The “Federal Reserve Act of 1913”, giving private bankers the power to usurp the people’s Constitutional duty to “coin Money and regulate the Value thereof”, and “make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts”, is what has brought our country to the threshold of financial ruin.
Oversight of the financial market is what YOU were elected to do! It’s your job to decide whether the markets are operating under the Constitutional restraints which were put into place to protect the Rights of We The People!
If you are not knowledgeable enough to make this determination, please do not shirk your responsibility, but rather step down and let someone more capable than yourself represent We the American Citizens.
Michigan Citizens call:
Representative Joe Knowlenberg: 1-202-225-5802
Senator Carl Levin: 1-202-224-4822
Senator Debbie Stabenow: 1-202-224-6221
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