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Ron Paul Obama Voters are Political Nukes Targets

The people are clearly seeing that the candidates of THEIR preference are in the political battles of their lives. In the bid for the most powerful position in the world, the stakes are HIGH, and the truth is that what the American voters want is NOT what they’re going to get.

A sign of how serious this is? The term ‘nuclear option’ in the political arena.

Since her husband is no longer in office, when Clinton speaks of the nuclear option against Barak Obama, it is an ‘allegorical’ allusion. Make no mistake about it, though, the woman INTENDS, no matter WHAT, to be the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT, and she will brook NO INTERFERENCE with that ambition. One wonders, indeed, how it would work if her ‘better half’ were still in office…

We can see THAT with Bush/McCain. He, too, is NOT HAPPY that the PEOPLE are ‘raining on his coronation’ and holding him accountable to laws he wrote. Bush is NOT HAPPY with the situation and committed a crime in order to keep things ‘on track.’

However, and this is where it gets REALLY scary- for Bush, the election term ‘nuclear option’ is NOT JUST PRETTY WORDS. Frantic meetings of the GOP powers-that-be have convinced them that the people just don’t see it their way. Party faithful are bailing in favor of almost ANYONE that talks sense about our world, highly respected former Republicans have announced Third Party candidacy- in the event Ron Paul ‘disappeared’ his people would STILL have excellent choices- and the GOP KNOWS THEY AREN’T COMING BACK.

In the Democratic arena, the battle to the death between Clinton and Obama is almost meaningless: Diebold has NO INTENTION of a democratic presidency and will not permit one.

But the fight among the Republicans is of an entirely DIFFERENT LEVEL.

The GOP as it stands will have a true following corresponding with Bush’s popularity level. This is the best it gets with the party in such a bitter battle. Diebold’s President won’t even be able to FAKE support.

What to do? Texas knows. Think Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Think New York City, New York. Think Texas City, Texas.

What??? Texas City, Texas?????????

They’ve noticed a correspondence between refinery events in Texas City and soaring Oil profits and prices. There are others.

But the GOP POLITICAL Nuclear option-to-end-all-optionsGUARANTEES an end to all debate.

McCain is a CRIMINAL, STILL People Say Ron Paul is a NUT

With McCain PROVEN to be a Criminal, and Bush obstructing justice right along with him; with Obama ADMITTEDLY only a PUBIC HAIR of difference from them; STILL people are saying that it is Ron Paul that is the nut, and so are the people that LOVE him! Only NUTS will support politicians who prove themselves above any law, and therefore it is the McCain Republicans that are NUTS and KOOKS.

The herd mentality that got us into the horrible mess we’re in still has its claws deep into the hearts and minds of the media-mind people.

Yet, their wallets, the foreclosures in their mailboxes, the pink slips from the closing businesses where they’ve worked for decades, is starting to make people VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.

Things are definitely crumbling for the parties. They have to FIGHT LIKE HELL to keep their delegates for their annointed criminal king- the PEOPLE don’t want more of the same. They’re fighting like crazy over Obama/ Clinton, another ‘pubic hairs width’ difference in the armed madhouse that used to be the White House.

This thing is slipping through the hands of the parties like sand. There is a LOT that can happen between now and the actual nomination. McCain can get sick, have a stroke, even die. More dirt can come out on Obama, people might actually begin to notice how the Clinton’s committed the worst act of political treason in American History- Chinagate.

Ron Paul is STILL STANDING. And because he is still standing- HE CAN WIN.

Make your voice known. Bring this page up to #1 with your comments. Email it to everyone that has an opinion. Let’s stand up and continue to be noticed.

Crumbling Parties: Is the ‘Come Uppance’ on the Way?

I’ve said this frequently, it is a bizarre political year and the parties are on their way DOWN.

Ron Paul people, have been gaining delegates, putting the GOP in an uproar, and showing that party for the hypocrite and anti-people enemy it has become.

But before anyone laughs at the GOP problems the democratic party is in just as bad of shape. They’ve decided to get a ‘pro-life in name only’ democrat, Tony Campolo to join in and ‘explore’ putting a life plank in- probably to try to make inroads to the pro-life movement which is very unhappy with McCain and now expects the GOP to betray that interest ONE MORE TIME.

Clinton, blindly ambitious at ANY COST, is threatening the ‘nuclear option’ against Obama delegates, supporters of a nincompoop who doesn’t have a plank to actually stand on, even when it is provided for him.

Despite all this, the ONE THING that is totally forgotten by both parties is:


They want the parties to listen to THEM- the Presidential election would look VERY DIFFERENT if the parties DID listen.

They want to get out of the war. They want the troops HOME.

They want their economy REPAIRED. They want America rebuilt.

They want their own work, their own income, their own commitments to benefit themselves, their family, their country.

They want small government; they want their Constitution BACK.

They want their RIGHTS.

They want trade policies that are fair and balanced, and keep jobs HERE. Fairness in pay for the rich versus pay for the workers.

They want the necessities of life, food, gas, utilities, to be affordable.

They want to have GENUINE, not CORPORATE, health care. They want their property saved, not the wealthy. They want the right to farm, to keep government off their backs; to freely travel, work and build a business without raids, laws and idiots coming in and running them out of business; they want the former freedom from illegal search and seizure, from illegal militias, from borrowing from our enemies to make the war machine people rich.

The parties are failing, can’t keep it together, and there is no reason they SHOULD. Both together have VIOLATED everything it means to be an American.

We watch with interest as power slips from the hands of the elites. The people are gathering for a true come-uppance, and the power brokers that ignore us will regret their decision this time.

Dem Party Slapping Down Obama, MoveOn.Org AND the ACLU

The two parties are accomplishing a LOT this year by letting EVERYONE know WHO IS REALLY IN CHARGE.

Despite the votes and support of delegates and super-delegates for Obama, the Democratic Party is moving anyway to nominate Hillary Clinton– just as much a part of the current dynasty as the Bush administration is.

This is a MAJOR slapdown of Obama, yes, but EVEN MORE it is a slapdown of MoveOn.Org, George Soros, the ACLU and the peace movement.

If the people were to have an election in November, the people’s choices would be for CHANGE: Ron Paul versus Barak Obama.

Barak Obama and Ron Paul, like it or not, are being political ‘martyrs’ to the parties FIRST interests.

The Republican party has slapped down the people’s choice, conservatism AND their religious core. Looks like the Democratic party feels it can do the same without fear of any kind.

Since it is REALLY the parties who are calling the shots, what we WILL get is more of the same: McCain versus Clinton.

IF we make it to elections in November, what we get to vote for is MORE OF THE SAME, OR EVEN MORE OF THE SAME.

This hardly seems like representative government, does it?

Slapdowns: not just for the PEOPLE anymore.

If that doesn’t ALARM you, what will?

Season of Political Fear: They Don’t Care that They Don’t Care

It is nothing new that politicians go to the rust belt states telling the people that things will turn around. Telling them that the economic benefits of shipping off manufacturing facilities are MUCH greater than leaving them here. Telling the people that tax cuts to the rich, the ones that exported their jobs, was the way to increase the productivity and economic benefits to their local economies.

Don’t like it? Then, that makes you bitter, from a ‘back water,’ you are ‘un-cosmopolitan,’ a ‘gun-toting possum-eating’ hillbilly with a ‘mindless attachment‘ to the Bible.

When you don’t like that EITHER, you’ll have a FRIEND in the competitor who learned ‘gun-toting possum eating from their toothless corncob smoking bible thumping grampa RIGHT IN YOUR BACKYARD.’ See? They UNDERSTAND! They’re JUST LIKE YOU!

The third candidate comes along, snickers scornfully, gives out some blather about turning the economy totally over to the ones who have destroyed things already, says ‘vote for me so you don’t have to vote for the other two morons,’ and leaves for better fund-raising opportunities than YOU can give him. After all, he’s broken the campaign finance laws that HE WROTE, and his campaign is in an financial pickle. He needs money and YOU don’t have any.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with the staffers of these people and others from D.C. Soon after arrival, they have told me, in SHOCK, “These people KNOW WHO THE PRESIDENT IS!!!”

Until Americans understand that D.C. and its people that are running the show DO NOT CARE about you, do not care about what you have been through, do not care about what you are going through, do not care what is coming at you, do NOT care about the LAW (read Constitution); and they DON’T CARE THAT THEY DON’T CARE, then Americans will REMAIN DISEMPOWERED in a governing system that was ORIGINALLY DESIGNED TO REPRESENT YOU- no matter WHO you are.

In DC, they think you don’t know who the president even is, let alone the veep, or any other politician. They think that foreign policy is a fog to you, even when it is your son or daughter that came home in a body bag or maimed by horrendous wounds, for the policies of their parties. They think you don’t know what the word ‘economy’ means and therefore there is NO SENSE in discussing this with you. They think that you’ll buy ANY BLATHER that comes out of their mouths and, if they NEED your vote (doubtful now that Diebold is in charge of the election tallies), their handlers will think of SOME hot button words to swing your vote their way. It doesn’t matter to them.

The ONLY candidate that DOES know about economics and the dreadful policies that have IMPOVERISHED you, the ONLY candidate that DOES understand that the government, BY LAW, represents YOU and NOT global interests, is not even acknowledged by the parties or by the television they own and you watch.

You don’t even know there’s a solution this election season. They don’t WANT you to know.

The two parties DO NOT CARE about you. They also don’t care that they don’t care. They never will as long as this corrupted and artificial system remains in place. They’re sucking, bleeding YOU dry and all you earn for that is their scorn.

They are ready to take POWERREAL POWER– over you, your property, your children and the country. Both parties have put in place ALL THE LEGISLATION THEY NEED FOR A DICTATORSHIP, all that is needed now is to choose WHICH DICTATOR and which party will support them.

The ONLY guy who isn’t ‘running for dictator’ is the one they’ve discredited, inflamed, called his supporters crazy lunatic fringe people; the ONLY one who understands economics sufficiently to get America through the mess the two parties have created they want to make sure you either never hear about or FEAR TO ELECT.

THIS IS THE SEASON OF POLITICAL FEAR so you will give away everything you don’t need to give.

Try your hand with $3 Trillion bucks

Ron Paul for President.

Evil Hypocrisy of Clinton’s Pro-Choice


Steven Mosher, following up with Chinese One-Child policy 25 years later wrote “As one of the leaders of the National Organization of Women put it to me, “I am personally opposed to forced abortion and sterilization but, after all, China does have a population problem.” Others, sounding for all the world like the Chinese Communist Party officials I had interviewed, openly argued that, because China was a poor country, its people could not be allowed (from CHOICE people?) to have as many children as they wanted. A number even applauded the Chinese model, and wanted to use it as a blueprint for other countries. “Limiting everyone to one child, even in the U.S., is a good idea,” one said to me.”

Sounds like an anti-choice anti-life communist position doesn’t it?

What’s worse, if there is such a thing as worse than that, is that Billary Clinton was responsible for selling America’s military and nuclear secrets to China, putting them in a position to not only take our jobs (manufacturing facilities being the single largest LEGAL export to China during their administration) , but also to take and rule our country! The Idiot’s Guide to Chinagate explains, “Federal investigators later concluded that China made off with the “crown jewels” of our nuclear weapons research under Clinton’s open-door policy – probably including design specifications for suitcase nukes. Meanwhile, Clinton and his corporate cronies raked in millions.” Furthermore, “ Clinton’s top campaign contributors for 1992 were Chinese agents; his top donors in 1996 were U.S. defense contractors selling missile technology to China.”

Clintons sold America out to China, the ONE country who FORCES abortions on women whether they want them or not. In fact, the primary target of these abortions is females, leaving a current STANDING ARMY of approximately 200 MILLION single men, who have NO HOPE of ever having a family of their own. This army is amassing on our southern continent, with ports and a critically important canal, turned over in exchange for millions to fund the prime ‘pro-choice’ advocates in our times!

I was one of those individuals that felt that the Beijing Conference in 1995 would be the ONE place where pro-life and pro-choice people would agree: that either way you looked at it, China was FORCING abortion on women. NOT SO! The National Organization of Women actually APPROVED of China’s forced abortion policy, and fought like crazy ANY HINT of objection against China’s policy!

That’s when they lost me forever. Pro-choicers aren’t for choice. They are for abortion- their demonic sacrament of blood for the commission of license and selfishness of any type at all.

But, just for the record, not completely cold OR wasteful: fetuses are at least being used as medicine, organ donors and food. Baby eating in China? Not fiction…..

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