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Intention of One Global Bank Announced

Ron Paul’s predictions are all coming true. Here is a particularly unfortunate one.

It took long enough, but perhaps sooner there wasn’t enough economic misery among the American people to accept this plan as a good idea. It may not be enough misery yet, but to float this idea now, before the economic collapse and/or inflationary depression actually hits, makes it look like the Fed is ‘ready’ and prepared to ‘help’ us.

The NY Federal Reserve President, Timothy Geithner, has obliquely announced the benefit of, and the intention for, a global reserve bank. Of course, he has his own interests, as being the key architect of the HUGELY EXPENSIVE Bear Stearns bailout implies. For the Fed, financial structure over any other interest, any other consideration, is critical, particularly if your goal is to have ONLY ONE GLOBAL BANK.

In what can ONLY be construed as a complaint, given the unbelievable authority over all things economic that our so-called ‘representatives’ just gave the Fed,

“At present the Fed has broad responsibility for financial stability not matched by direct authority and the consequences of the actions we have taken in this crisis make it more important that we close that gap,” Mr Geithner says, in an excerpt of a speech to be delivered today at the Economic Club of New York.

A global bank will need to have assets to back up their system- destroying all the savings, acquiring through foreclosure millions of homes and business properties, buying up assets for pennies on the dollar, ALL ON AMERICAN TAXPAYER FUNDS, explains the flaccid impotence of Bernanke to act in such a way as to protect the American dollar, American assets or the taxpayer financed banking structure.

The ONE WORLD GLOBAL BANK is coming, at YOUR expense. You won’t have any assets left to provide for yourself, your children, your retirement. There will be NOTHING except a depression so great that unless we accept the electronic Amero (or other global currency) funds made available only through implantable electronic RFID chips, you will most likely die of starvation, homelessness or imprisonment.

Welcome to the fruits of the Federal Reserve Banking system.


Jumping to Conclusions Again and Again

Andrew Sullivan from the Atlantic   quotes a reader, so disappointed, that Ron Paul seems to have denied evolution.  This leads them to so many unwarranted conclusions,  that  it is laughable.

Ron Paul BELIEVES in a Creator who has granted us unalienable rights in the Constitution of the United States.  This is a consistent position and EVERY politician that takes the oath of office VOWS to UPHOLD IT.

If there is no creator, which an evolutionist believes, then no unalienable rights have been given to you, and the Constitution doesn’t APPLY TO YOU!  No wonder our elected officials have gotten so far off course.  They don’t believe it either.  Therefore, they can’t be held to account for making an oath they never believed in anyway.

When the Hopi Elders were presented with evolution as the prevailing scientific theory, and shown chimps and apes as our ancestors, they said, ‘Those may be YOUR ancestors, they’re NOT MINE.’

So, if you have no creator, you have no endowment of rights to draw on.

American’s rights don’t come from the government.  The government comes from the American people.

No creator= no rights, why are you even discussing American politics?  Why do you demand rights that were never given to you unalienably?

The question shouldn’t have even been asked.  Our national debt has exceeded our ability to repay it, our politicians are chomping at the bit to get us deeper into more wars, Europe is predicting a DEPRESSION for America, and all our ‘bright lights’ can ask about are inane questions of our candidates, like ‘do you believe in evolution?’

No matter what Ron Paul or any other candidate answered about that question, it was purely diversionary from the real issues.   And the real issues have gotten so out of hand in large measure because our ‘bright lights’ live off of people’s misery and fear and chaos.  An America in the depths of a depression, her people bankrupt, in poverty and anarchy, being controlled by a police state and national surveillance, is much more interesting to write about than are Americans prosperous, happy and free.

The question of evolution does nothing to bring out corruption in our politicians, which seems to me to be a far more relevant issue.

We’re sorry you and your readers are ‘disappointed.’  Unfortunately you and the Atlantic didn’t disappoint the rest of us.

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