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The Fed has Dictated Everything We Hate!

I don’t think we’ve REALLY thought through how much damage the Fed has really done, and how much damage the government has LET them do, through the system that has been operating outside of the citizen’s ‘field of vision.’

It occurs to me tonight to take a look at it from a completely different angle.

We know the Fed loans fiat money to the banks- fiat money being printed ‘out of thin air.’ They don’t need to do anything but press a button to earn that money. They give to WHOMEVER THEY WANT TO.

When they give that money to other bankers, those bankers engage in ‘fractional reserve banking,’ meaning that they take the money they have received from the Fed for nothing, and multiply it out 40 times, and the new figure is what they get to play with, playing with WHOMEVER THEY WANT TO.

Neither the Fed nor the banks have done ANYTHING to earn this money.

Next level:

They ‘offer’ the money to you. They make it very hard to get that money. You have to prove you work hard, have enough income. You have to account for your bills. You have to have a ‘good enough’ credit rating. You have to pay all your other bills on time. If you are self-employed, the hurdles are even harder to get over.

If you are black, poor, divorced, a single mother, YOU AREN’T ‘GOOD ENOUGH’ to get any of that money. You may not even qualify to get a savings or checking account, and you’ll certainly NEVER be ‘good enough’ to buy your own home.

So the Fed, and their buddy bankers, have decided in advance who is going to be poor in this country. They’ve decided which families will send their kids to college, which ones will buy new cars, which ones will get credit cards, which ones will be able to travel- all you need to do is play the game ‘their way.’

They make the American citizens jump through the hoops that they’ve never even been close to.

They don’t care if grandma is eating dog food every month because her social security check doesn’t cover the cost of living. They don’t care if you don’t have health insurance and can’t afford your medicines.

The FREE MONEY that they got FOR NOTHING, and that they MULTIPLY AT WILL, gets them YOUR PROPERTY, your labor, your return of that money in the form of taxes, insurance, and other payments that are all tied in with the same ones that own everything else. They’ve laid out the game that makes it impossible for many to even get ahead; that makes EVERYONE turn over private information that was never required by the constitution.

Let’s turn this around a little, shall we?

Since the money is fiat money in the first place, meaning there is NOTHING behind it, and then it gets multiplied out by 40, is there any reason that, instead of giving it to the banks, that it couldn’t just be given to American adults instead?

Certainly we’ve already given away so much to the bankers that every single adult in the country could have at LEAST $500,000 annually given to them to live on, and without ALSO giving that to the banks and the contractors and the private business buddies of the powers that be, we’d be much better off financially by doing that.

Just withhold or withdraw or demand a return of those funds, and we’d have mountains of worthless cash to give to Americans to live on, to keep them from struggling, becoming homeless, losing their homes and their jobs, and grandma would never have to eat dog food again.

That economic equality would certainly go a long way to addressing inequalities in our society. It would allow families to have a decent living, live in decent housing, drive safe vehicles.

Since it is fiat money anyway, and there is no plans for the current owners to repay any of it; it only benefits a very few at an extremely high price for the rest.

Now, if this were REAL money, backed by gold, of course it would never work.

But when the money was free to them in the first place, and does grow on trees at a rate of 40 fold, for no reason at all, then it seems to me that caring for our own people is far more important than caring for the bankers and the indecent, unjust society they create.

Keeping our private information private, away from the bankers who will only misuse the information, seems to be one of the benefits of turning this system around on them.

Free money, multiplied at will, is no skin off of anyone’s teeth- unless you believe that the bankers are doing a FINE job of managing our economy, our social constructs, the gap between rich and poor.  If you happen to think that everyone except the Fed and the bankers SHOULD be told what to do, held to arbitrary credit reporting standards, jumping through the hoops that we know the rich NEVER have to…

Your thoughts?

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  Rudy wrote @

You know the sad thing about this is that most people (except the kind of people who frequent your site and others like it) are absolutely clueless as to how they’re being taken for a ride by the Fed. Try telling someone that the Fed is nothing but a bunch of international bankers with a printing press., that they’re not even a part of our government. They don’t believe it and think you’ve become a member of a conspiracy theorist group (especially if they know you support Ron Paul.) They have no idea what happens when they hear on the news “Fed cuts interest rate.” As far as taking $500,000 and giving it to each person anually-what a nice allowance. But they couldn’t do that, now could they…after all, what would that do to inflation?
:- )

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