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Curioser & Curioser: Obama’s White House Blog!

Barak Obama

Barak Obama

You can tell a LOT about a blogger by the information, categories and links on their blog. Obama’s White House Blog is very telling in that regard as well.

It is the Agenda itself that is supremely of interest, in these days of economic collapse, impending depression, widespread and growing unemployment, layoffs, business closings both small and large, incredible numbers of home foreclosures and homelessness…

Yes, the President has his hands full and it wasn’t his fault.

To be SURE we know what his priorities are, we must look at his agenda as he has it categorized on his blog. Here is the list:


* Civil Rights
* Defense
* Disabilities
* Economy
* Education
* Energy & Environment
* Ethics
* Family
* Fiscal
* Foreign Policy
* Health Care
* Homeland Security
* Immigration
* Iraq
* Poverty
* Rural
* Seniors & Social Security
* Service
* Taxes
* Technology
* Urban Policy
* Veterans
* Women
* Additional Issues

Notice anything missing? Anything at all? Is there ANYTHING on this list that strikes you as, well, critically MISSING given the current free-fall of our economy?

What I noticed missing right away is BUSINESS. No Commerce, no Small Business, no Large Business, no Business Development…

Unless it comes under ‘additional issues.’

On the other hand, social issues are broken out very widely. There is ‘family,’ ‘seniors,’ ‘women,’ ‘civil rights,’ ‘immigration,’ and ‘disability.’

Nothing under ‘housing,’ ‘banking,’ or ‘Federal Reserve.’ No ‘agriculture.’

Aside from that, want to add some political pics to Flickr? Here’s quite the group!

Almost instantaneously after the swearing in ceremony, the section on women, with its new and radical pro-abortion stance, was posted on this new blog. Change indeed.

While the administration seems to intend to include everyone under its mantle, the prominent absence of business related issues, agriculture, banking, and the profound commitment to abortion is guaranteed to bring on a firestorm of controversy almost overnight.

This will certainly be an interesting blog to watch, and to watch for actions and deeds related to this new administration. A platform like that can only be one thing- divisive.


Stupid Pontifical by Melinda Beck

Obama's New Ashtray

Obama's New Ashtray

Melinda Beck, an opinionist for WSJ, has decided that her BEST advice for the new President is that he quit smoking.

Assuming that Melinda Beck is a female, and not a drag queen, she must be aware of the monthly mood-swings associated with menses. The extremes of mood swings with something so normal and regular are legendary.

Its surprising that she doesn’t take reality AS reality.

Our new President has just taken on an impending depression, illegal wars, a collapsing financial structure, and a hideous host of other problems, a warning by global leaders of a massive catastrophe tomorrow or the next day, and she wants him to


She wants the world leader, who’s got his hand on the button, who has been warned of a catastrope to meet or exceed 9/11 to happen in the next few days, who is in charge of a military in the midst of illegal and very violent wars, a military who performs torture, in charge of a government who has unconstitutional militias and international troops poised to quell all civil disturbance as food riots and unemployment riots break out…

and she wants him to go through the most difficult and mood-destroying process known to man, quitting smoking?


Someone ought to send him a case of his brand. He’s going to need them.

Keep Your Laws off MY Body too, Hypocrites!

who owns you and your mind?

who owns you and your mind?

Pro-abortionists are so often recognized by their bumper sticker ‘Keep Your Laws Off My Body’ that it is synonymous with the abortion industry.

But the hypocrites have no problem putting THEIR laws on YOUR body- namely your BRAIN.

When people from doctors to pharmacists to small business people refuse to participate in activities that promote, support, or engage in abortion or abortifacients, they are accused of violating a ‘woman’s’ right to choose.

The right to free thought, the right to privacy, the right to property are all trampled on anyone who doesn’t think the same way as the pro-abortionists, and they aren’t ashamed of demanding the removal of professional’s jobs, their right to practice their expertise, the right to a clear conscience, their rights to freedom of religion.

WHO invested the money for the education that made these professions possible? The promiscuous who would rather kill the results of their profligacy or the student who paid for their education and did the work? Who invested their brain power, their time, their efforts, who sacrificed years of their lives, who dedicated themselves to careers and OATHS?

It wasn’t the ones who are demanding that all that value be set aside, was it.

No, it is the ‘thought police’ who want their own wanton willfulness to take the day, to trump every other value.

And they have the states, too, who are bringing suit against the only law that has been passed to protect those professionals.

You can’t have it both ways hypocrites, or our society will REALLY lose. Lose its brain power. Lose the value of such a huge investment.Lose its professionalism. Lose the true intellects that can still think sanely and still value YOUR life and the lives of YOUR children and loved ones.

RFID Chips? That’s SO 2008!



They’ve just finished denying that RFID chips are real, and now we discover that that little bit of technology is, well, obsolete.

Well, my fellow Americans, you SUBSPECIES you, let’s begin to grapple with REALITY, shall we?

Moo moo, you Terran herds. The ‘artillects’ are here, with implantable nanoteched brain chips, cyborgs ready for global slaughter, encouraging mothers to kill their babies’ humanity for snob appeal. Its the fashionable thing to do, or you won’t have a ‘baby Einstein.’ Like the aborted unborn, you can expect all the compassion that was shown for the animal that provided your steak last night.

HERE is the reason they want mass approval for embryonic stem cell research. They admit they don’t need the stem cells from the embryos- there are way more than they can use just in umbilical cord blood. They need and WANT the EMBRYOS themselves, to generate cyborgs even before birth. They need them as ‘spare parts farms’ to sustain their new found ‘immortality’.

Neo was SUCH a party pooper, wasn’t he?

Just in Time for WWIII, A Re-Release?

I just received these pics of rare WWII posters:

WWII Men of Valor

WWII Men of Valor

WWII Do It Right

WWII Do It Right

WWII- More PTs

WWII- More PTs

WWII Americans Fight for Liberty

WWII Americans Fight for Liberty

Time for the People to Foreclose!

Greed & Economic Bubbles

Greed & Economic Bubbles

States are still spending with great profligacy, ignoring the pain every citizen is feeling from wanton greed, corruption, foreclosures, unemployment. As if we’re in the greatest of all boom times, they’re looking to YOU, the citizen, to increase your financial burdens so they don’t have to get spending under control.

The FEMA camps are all ready and waiting for YOU, you who may protest that the government is by the people and for the people, that you have the right to demand integrity and honesty from your government officials and bureaucrats.

Time for the American people to foreclose on their government bodies and their spending. Close the FEMA camps, governor’s mansions, cushy state-paid offices. Time to foreclose on corrupt city governments, blank-check government contracts, evil science grants, greedy bankers.

Time for everyone who receives government money to get a paycheck equal to the median income of every man, woman and child in the country. PERHAPS they will then be inspired to improve the living standards of the people instead of their cronies.

If we don’t foreclose, we’ll pay the price, and it won’t just be money


What? A Deficit? We’re SHOCKED!!!

World Trade Center Bldg 7

World Trade Center Bldg 7

They gleeful purveyors of the blank & signed checkbook that was handed to President Bush are now STUNNED at the deficit projection this year.

NOW they’re talking about ROI (return on investment) of the GOVERNMENT sector…

“To justify any investment from the public sector, you need to demonstrate that the return on that investment will exceed the return if you left the money in the private sector,” said Sen. Jon Kyl (R) of Arizona, the Senate Republican whip, after the meeting.

I don’t need to go on with the most idiotic words coming out of political mouths in… well… days?!?

They were TOLD ages ago, told REPEATEDLY.

They couldn’t listen then and they won’t listen now.

Therefore, on to a corporate fascist government, one who OWNS YOU and finds it UNFEASIBLE for us to remain the United States of America- the ROI just won’t be good enough.

The collapse of America will be just like WTC 7.  For no external reason whatsoever.

Who knew that it would be THE prophetic element of the fall of the Constitution?

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