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Seeking Hope: Spring Season Crocus

spring season crocus

spring season crocus

The best signs of hope aren’t even news! A natural sign, one from our own mother and greatest supporter- nature!

This winter has been plagued by -40 weather, blizzards and relentless bad news. What human being can live without hope?

But, there is a magnificent reminder, an exquisite and tender light at the end of this tunnel of misery we’re being dragged down. Hope shows itself precious and beautiful; and that is the spring season crocus.

I’ve built you a garden of crocus so that, even if in your neck of the woods they haven’t poked their bright and beautiful faces at you, you can still see them.

Woo- and a recipe! A great and happy breakfast recipe that I love and save just for spring.

So, my fellow americans, in whom ‘hope springs eternal’, take a quick look. I hope it encourages you to face what’s coming with new energy, strength and freshness of purpose.

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