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Surviving a Nuclear Bomb

Is it even POSSIBLE to survive a nuclear bomb when you are at, or nearly at, ground zero? Everything we know of science, medicine and technology tells us NO.

This is a critical question for our times, as we are on the very verge of a global nuclear conflagration- a grave concern throughout the world.

There are those who have actually survived the only two bombs ever dropped on living, active human cities.

I have long heard the stories of the priests/missionaries who were extremely close to ground zero, at the edge of the plasma burst, when both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom bombs went off, and they survived with only minor injuries. There are those who, despite hundreds of medical tests and interrogations by the military and its intelligence confirming this miracle, still refuse to accept that such a thing was possible.

Having myself personally experienced the intervention of the Blessed Mother, and Jesus Himself, and the depth of prayer available in the Holy Rosary- a depth of participation in the life and work of Jesus that other Christians miss- I am convinced of the power of Christ to save, even in the most horrendous and impossible of circumstances.

When I was in Medjugorje, I met a person who had been dying of AIDS that was totally cured there. I watched a baby be cured of Spina Bifida. I saw a man, an unbeliever, with only days to live that was dragged there by his wife and beyond all hope and despite his athiesm, was totally cured anyway.

If Christ is truly Divine, if He is truly God, then He is God of all ages, including our own modern, nuclear age, and with these priests, He has proven Himself to be just that.

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