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Prepare for the Shocks of a Real Economy

Buying Crap

International High Profit Crap

For about a century, now, we Americans have been living in a ‘manipulated’ economy. The manipulation comes from government, who decides what subsidies, tax breaks, and outright funding that any given company, corporation or crony will get. And that money that is glad-handed around means that those with influence (read politicians and corporations) end up to be the ONLY winners. Seeing yourself on the losing end of that manipulation is a terrifying thing.

Manipulated economy means that the trajectory is ever larger- ever larger government, ever larger corporations, ever larger pools of power including the global ONE, all at the expense of the small, the citizen, the taxpayer, the small farmer, the small property owner.

In order to achieve greater power, greater wealth and greater influence, we see that the deceptions get ever greater. We were TOLD, for decades, the effects of ‘free trade’. We were TOLD, for decades, the effects of a fiat money system, of dependence on Wall Street, of selective tax breaks, and we knew very well the dangers of allowing corruption and criminality to go unpunished and unaccountable at the top.

Now we suffer from the effects of all these, and we’ve only just begun. Watching people you love starve or be killed for what little food they have is not beyond the realm of possibility, and that will be exactly the mechanism that the globalists will use to seize global power. To keep our country, our dignity and our lives, we MUST avoid that level of desperation.

By necessity, then, the choices will be to either develop REAL economy and learn to live within those parameters, or submit to a global fascist government.

What would be the shocks of a genuine, Constitutional economy? One example that I can think of instantly is that of importation from China.

Subsidies and tax breaks of our oil industry and ‘free trade’ mean that it is still cheaper for us to ship products from the other side of the planet, pay to transport them from coast to coast. To do so still means huge international corporation profits.

For you and I, however, it costs a great deal of money to ship goods of any kind from state to state, or even from one address to another inside a state.

One of the shocks will be the true costs of goods. What is cheap now, imported goods, would be hideously expensive, and home-made goods would be simply expensive.

In a REAL economy, there would be no huge subsidies and the genuine cost of raw materials, production, fuel and labor would balance out the costs, actually making it cheaper for people to purchase locally than buying goods created on the other side of the world.

What is prominent now, like insurance and advertising, would fade into the background and what would replace it would be the kind of outreach that would actually make a difference in local economies and national goods and services.

It has long been touted that buying goods cheaper would be great for our economy. Remember the goal that America would be an ‘information’ economy and the drudgery of physical labor would be ‘outsourced’, providing everything cheaper? Aside from the fact that this has been proven to be total propaganda, Americans haven’t received ANY benefit. Even the ‘information economy’ has been able to be outsourced to cheaper labor and the only service that remains here, like waiting tables or home-health aides, is very poorly paid.

I can’t be the only one who’s noticed the horrible QUALITY of the goods produced in China and in other remote parts of the globe. For example, I received a brand new Proctor Silex mixer, the kind that used to be made in America and is now made in China. The very first time I used it to mix some batter, the entire wiring apparatus shorted out and caught fire. When this was made in America it would last for years and was so strong it could mix bread dough.

That mixer may or may not be cheaper, but not even getting one use out of it means that it is simply throwing money down a rat-hole to purchase one, let alone replacing it over and over.

Not to mention the energy costs and pollution costs associated with building junk that are never made up by lifetime use. Wow, we used to ridicule Japan when it made garbage. At least at that time we had the choice to buy American replacements. Now there is no choice because our own manufacturing has been stolen from us.

Has anyone else tossed out their Quickbooks application because the only customer service you could get was useless, expensive and from India, with Indian representatives who couldn’t even understand what your problem was, and when you finally got it across they still couldn’t solve the problem?

Another industry that is almost entirely built on government tax-breaks and subsidies is the advertising industry. This prime propaganda machine that does NO FAVORS for consumers would transform instantly if all the tax benefits, if all the taxpayer funding were to disappear.

Through distortion, lies and propaganda, even the meanings of words have been changed. “We the People’ has been transformed in practicality to ‘We the Parties.’ Capitalism has been transformed from ‘savings and their use’ to ‘Wall Street leveraged investments’. ‘Markets’ have been transformed from ‘goods wanted by customers’ to ‘Wall Street financial instruments’.

The only way out of this pseudo, manipulated economy is TAKING IT ALL BACK. Reclamation and restoration is the only answer, and we cannot settle for anything less.

We don’t NEED international banks. We don’t NEED international corporations. We don’t NEED government redistribution from the people to the rich. What we DO NEED are genuine economies that provide stability and the opportunity to let talent, hard work and true property rights for citizens. Only in this way can we KEEP the right to live, the right to live freely, the right to pursue happiness for ourselves and our loved ones.

The true prices in a genuine economy will perhaps shock our systems and seriously change our way of life. Yet at the same time we will be, once again, AMERICANS collectively and individually and the divisions will not be damaging and death dealing, but a source of excitement and variability in our beautiful land.

American Traitors: Rack Up a Few More!

Liberty Betrayed

It has gone beyond toleration any longer. America is waking up to the fact that there are traitors INSIDE, with great influence, who aren’t even bothering to hide their lies anymore, not trying to ‘coordinate’ the propaganda. They’re just lying BECAUSE AMERICANS LET THEM.

The media has created such a disconnect in the mind of their viewers that we don’t even care when the media is blatantly on many sides of an issue, when they speak off of each side of their forked tongue at the same time, when clear and proper evidence is still defamed.

Newsweek is the latest one to add to your growing list of American traitors. Despite the fact that Texas farmers are protesting the seizure of their property for the NAFTA highway, despite the protests of the damage done to both the American and Mexican property holders, ranchers and farmers, Newsweek still proclaims that the NAFTA superhighway is a fantasy!

Here is the text from the NY Times: “ROBSTOWN, Tex. — Leon Little’s farm here near Corpus Christi would not be seized for Texas’s proposed $184-billion-plus superhighway project for 5 or 10 years, if ever.”

Here is the text from the NY Times opinion page: “Fourteen years after Nafta came into effect, the last remaining barriers to agricultural trade in North America were dismantled last month. Mexican corn farmers and American Big Sugar hate this unreservedly.”

But in spite of VOLUMES of evidence and a huge expenditure on the part of our government tax dollars, this is only part of what Newsweek has to say: ” Paul claims that a secret conspiracy composed of the Security and Prosperity Partnership and a cabal of foreign companies is behind plans to build a NAFTA Superhighway as the first step toward creating a North American Union. But the NAFTA Superhighway that Paul describes is a myth, and the groups supposedly behind the plans are neither secret nor nefarious.”

The article, by traitor Joe Miller from the preposterously named ‘’ goes on and on, attempting to flame and disempower the people by buzz-word lies and disinformation.

They believe the American people are STUPID. They ignore the fact that the internet r3volution is filled with INFORMED, INTELLIGENT AND EDUCATED people- just the ones to notice this continuous flood of traitorous lies.

It is time for MORE action: boycotting the clearly slanted and traitorous news organizations; exposing and deposing their traitorous sock puppet ‘reporters’ and ‘fact checkers’, withdrawing all investment in their parent corporations.

Time to demand accountability from such organizations, including ones with ‘non-profit status’ that are nothing but tools of the wealthy and powerful global ‘influencers’ that are determined to bankrupt America and Americans.

Time to keep an ‘official list’ of traitors- when this revolution finally achieves it end, and it WILL, it may be time to ACTUALLY bring people up on charges on TREASON before judges that still believe in the Constitution, if we can find any.

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