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In the Land of Cowboys, Ron Paul. Its a Do-or-Die Situation


When will we all have ENOUGH of these diabolical games?

Its almost time for the ‘enemies’ to get angry- ignoring him HASN’T WORKED.

Ridiculing us and him HASN’T WORKED.

Time is running out, for US, and for them.

So, anger is the only thing left and they’ll be VERY ANGRY.

Prepare yourselves, buckaroos. It could get uglier than a bull in barbed wire!

Clearly it is a do-or-die situation. Either we win, and we get our country back, or they win and ALL THE WORLD loses.

Ron Paul at University of Michigan

Gandhi said: “First they Ignore you.  Second, they Laugh at you.  Third, they Fight you.  Fourth, YOU WIN.”

BTW, crashing $ IS security risk, but Ron Paul is still nuts…

munch the scream

FINALLY the msm has admitted what Ron Paul, and his ‘loony’ Paulites have been talking about all along.

“But this year, there was a surprising potential foe: the falling dollar. In his report to Congress last week, Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell went beyond the conventional world of spycraft. Mr. McConnell specifically acknowledged “concerns about the financial capabilities of Russia, China, and OPEC countries and the potential use of their market access to exert financial leverage to achieve political ends.”

This has, of course, been written about all over the place, here and elsewhere. Ron Paul has written about it. Ron Paul has taken this issue, OVER AND OVER AGAIN, to Congress, to the Federal Reserve, and ANYWHERE that somebody might listen.

This ANY-MINUTE-NOW catastrophe wasn’t even NECESSARY! All we needed to do, all our ‘representatives’ needed to do was FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION and listen to the founders, but, well, all that is lunatic fringe talk, isn’t it?

This isn’t all. Not by a long shot.

The War Drums keep beating over Iran, one of those OPEC countries who has allied itself with China and Russia AND Venezuela in this plan to collapse the dollar at the moment BEST for their own plans. War with Iran IS war with China, IS war with Russia. That’s the nature and purpose of ‘entangling foreign alliances.’

” Russia makes no secret of its ambitions to elevate the ruble to world reserve currency status.”

And more: A perfect storm for dollar desertion may already be brewing. In the months ahead, China is expected to export fewer consumer goods to the U.S. with a forcibly-appreciated yuan. Meanwhile, Chinese spending for Russian oil and gas will likely start to ramp up. Mr. Medvedev, whose duties include serving as chairman of Gazprom, observed this past summer that the U.S. dollar was not immune to crisis of a “comprehensive, global character.” He was thinking ahead about potential opportunities. “A situation may arise where we, China, and some other Asian countries will speak of the emergence of a regional reserve currency.” The yuan was a possibility, Mr. Medvedev conceded. “But it is in our interest that it be the ruble.”

With China on our very doorstep in Panama and ports around the southern perimeter of America, and Russia even demanding that our long time ally, Japan, meet with them regarding investments and territorial matters; our crashing dollar puts us not only in serious economic jeopardy, but opens us up for military invasions on our own soil!

“The dollar won’t be strengthened by further interest-rate cuts or more fiscal stimulation leading to inflationary consumer spending. If the U.S. is to reclaim its position as provider of the world’s most trusted currency, we must think more boldly.It’s time to confront currency disorder. “

But, and BEWARE- notice what ELSE they say: A global system based on a universally-accepted monetary asset — the U.S. has the world’s highest level of official gold reserves, followed by Germany and France — would not only counter Russia’s offensive. It would convert a national security threat into a golden opportunity. “

Now, if THAT doesn’t qualify for the success of GHWB’s New World Order, what does?

Economic collapse = goodbye American Sovereignty. No Constitution, no Bill of Rights, no Social Security… no nothing.

But, we Ron Paul-ites are the ones that are nuts and lunatics. At least, that’s what the boob tube tells you.

Well, see what the boob tube told you so long ago…

REAL ID Gets Creative in the Cyborg Lab!

borg seven of nine

Electronic tattoos are in the mind of creative science types, meaning an entire device, implanted under the skin, powered by your very own blood!

Forget about the rice sized radio chips implanted under your skin! How about a cell phone, computer, gps monitor, television? Bluetooth can connect you, then, with all kinds of other devices as yet to be dreamed up, mind-reading devices, house control devices, driving devices- who knows?

There can’t be a doubt that this is within the realm of the possible, if not soon, then certainly down the road. The advancements in tech are so fast, and so useful to business and government, that I can’t imagine that these potentialities will be ignored.

Can you imagine what the advertising industry will do once you have a communications pad tattooed in your arm? A 24 hour a day barrage of advertising holograms….

Well, we had Frankenstein which didn’t stop animal/human hybrid experiments that are going strong.

We had the Borg, the greatest enemy humanity faced in Star Trek Next Generation, which isn’t stopping the cyborg industry.

Science fiction was right, about some things at least. I hope the dark side of the story was just that- a fiction.

Fascism #4: REAL ID by 2009: Michael Chertoff vs Ron Paul

real id, rfid chip

In a press release speech given this month by Michael Chertoff, Dept of Homeland Security, he said:

“Another important 9/11 Commission recommendation was the need to make sure that driver’s licenses do not become weapons in the hands of terrorists as they were on September 11th. As you know, this past fiscal year 2008, there has been $360 million available in funding, potentially, for states that want to have support for their REAL ID efforts. This fiscal year 2009 we’re requesting $50 million to facilitate State compliance, and there will be another $150 million in grants that will potentially be available to states for this purpose in fiscal year 2009.

I want to emphasize, though, the most important contribution we have made to allow REAL ID to be implemented in a way that is efficient and not overly burdensome for the states, is our cutting of the cost of the program by three quarters through rules, changes, that we recently announced in the last few weeks. This now means that the basic cost for a REAL ID-compliant license is about $8 per license over the life of that license, and that is an amount of money that certainly is well within what we should be prepared to pay protect not only against the possibility of terrorism being facilitated with illegal licenses, but to make it harder for illegal immigrants to get licenses, and also to manage to reduce identity theft, which, of course, is a very real problem across the country.”

Making enemies of Americans, by forcing them to have REAL ID, is the fourth step in turning a weakened democracy into a fascist state. Among the many, very expensive, things that are outlined in this horrendous press release, is the plan and the strawman arguments for forcing this unwanted and expensive tracking device on we, the citizens.

As Ron Paul has plainly told us, the government has too much, and is far too easy with releasing, our personal information. The ‘secret’ social security numbers, that were NEVER to be used for any other purpose, are now in the hands, and easily accessible to anyone that can claim an employer ID number, through another program called e-verify.

He explains, “We’re requesting for fiscal year 2009 $100 million for E-Verify, an increase in $40 million. As you know, this program allows employers to use an automated system to run employment authorization checks against DHS and Social Security Administration databases. Currently, more than 50,000 companies are enrolled, and we expect that number to more than double this year. This is a proven tool that attacks one of the most common ways in which illegal aliens fraudulently obtain work in the workplace, by using phony Social Security numbers or mismatched Social Security numbers.”

Soon, no one will be able to be employed without this RFID technology.

Furthermore, the money being provided to states to cover this UNFUNDED MANDATE is only 10% of the total. In this time of decreasing tax revenues for states, because of the increasing financial difficulties of the citizens, taxpayers, and homeowners, the costs of this corporate welfare program will be foisted off on an already struggling populace.

There are so many false assumptions in this very long winded statement from Mr. Chertoff.

He also said, “Let me talk about some of our progress to date. First, we’re requesting $140 million this fiscal year to support the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.

One terrorist incident is NOT sufficient reason to require RFID identification corresponding among THREE OR MORE COUNTRIES of Mexico, Canada and the United States, and perhaps ALL OF SOUTH AMERICA. This is a springboard for the North American Union and will be the database that will be shared among all three countries, and readily expanded to include the entire American hemisphere- both north and south.

Since when are we, as American Citizens, required to give such personal and private information to OTHER nations, especially when it is the ‘illegal use’ of such information that seems to be the ‘get around’ for illegal immigrants?

The rapid and unquestion progression of this very dangerous program is accepted by all of our representatives as a matter of course. Only Ron Paul is speaking out against this horrendous violation of our rights, and the danger of lost sovereignty that this promotes. Fascism is on the way, and is NOT being curtailed, let alone stopped, by our elected so-called ‘representatives.’

It is time for this to END. NOW.

The Amish NEED Ron Paul to Survive

amish, draft horse, amish child
The Amish are overlooked in this very critical election, and it is clear to everyone that knows them that their very lifestyle is being destroyed. The fact that all of the candidates can stand by and watch, without concern, as a totally American subculture is being crushed out of existence by over-regulation and unconstitutional measures is unconscionable.

The Department of Homeland Security, the FDA, the USDA, all in their overzealous bureaucratic nightmares, and in their laziness going after the lowest hanging fruit first, have descended on the Amish communities in their thousands with their petty regulations and ‘official government speak’ and are decimating that whole race of Americans.

While the Amish have never been a danger to anyone in any way, now these departments are declaring the Amish a danger requiring extreme measures of RFID Chipping programs, agricultural dictatorship, threats of property seizures and high fines for non-cooperation with unconstitutional laws, and demanding violations of their religious freedoms in order for them to comply.

Only Ron Paul seems to grasp the deadliness of these departments and violations of our constitutions. Only restoring our Constitution will save the Amish community in our midst.

Already the Amish communities have been seeking options to emigrate from America to countries more conducive to the Amish lifestyles and beliefs. They don’t, as yet, understand that THERE IS NOWHERE ELSE TO GO. The North American Union will require the same RFID chips, not only in their animals, but in the people too.

It seems that the Amish will be the first ‘green martyrs’ for their faith, the first who will no longer be able to ‘buy or sell’ because they refuse to take the ‘mark of the beast.’

Who knew it would be America that would be the beast, forcing this chip on everyone?

We must restore the Constitution before it is too late for them, and for us.

Morality Plays: Only Ron Paul Makes Sense

Eros & Psyche

Since the culture wars have clearly been lost, or at best, a draw, it is time to seriously consider what can be and should be accomplished were we to actually follow the LAW of our Constitution. Only Ron Paul comes anywhere close to being consistent and reliable in a sensible manner.

In the case of Abortion, being a doctor, he is very clear that it is, indeed, an innocent human life that is being taken, and not as a statement of ANYTHING but scientific fact. No pro-choice person can deny the scientific fact that it is a human being.

But we all lose when the Constitution has been thrown out with the bathwater, and we end up with what we have now- power struggles back and forth and high-stakes demands for supreme court justices on both sides.

Our Constitution guarantees a RIGHT TO LIFE. The right to live. Even the government cannot, like China, come in and force abortions on anyone. Why? Because it is a public health issue? NO. It is because it is the taking of a human life, a citizen of the United States, and therefore, the government CANNOT LEGALLY FORCE AN ABORTION ON ANYONE.

The Federal government needs to return to, and uphold, its foundational laws, and then things can at least begin to make sense once again.

If the federal government gets OUT of that business of bickering about abortion, and stays true to the Constitution, then if there is any additional bickering to do about it, it will be done at the State level. The Supreme Court would not be able to uphold the right to an abortion that is illegal under the Constitution, and so the laws pertaining to it would need to be resolved before it ever came to the Supreme Court.

Other matters related to this issue, nuances of the law, can be worked out very effectively on a state by state basis, and therefore would be actually more representative of the community of people that create State governance.

It is the only sensible approach to the problem. The Federal Government is bound to the rights and obligations laid out in the Constitution and is properly guided when it sticks to those issues.

Our representatives would be spared the continual political stress of activists on either side, battling over something that has already been dictated by the Constitution and more properly settled elsewhere. Perhaps then, they could ACTUALLY get the work of governance done and quit using people’s emotions to manipulate elections.

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