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Life Or Death Without the Constitution and Rule of Law

What difference does it make to have governance without the Constitution? For some people it makes the difference between being permitted to die with dignity, or being killed in the most painful way possible.

The Constitution GUARANTEES the RIGHT to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This BELONGS to every person in America and no law is supposed to supercede that.

In the case of Terri Schaivo, and now Lauren Richardson, there is NO LONGER a Constitutional protection for their very lives.

If the Constitution were in force, there would need to be a HUGE amount of VERIFIABLE information that Terri Schaivo and Lauren Richardson were abdicating that most basic of rights.  There was absolutely NONE of that in the Schaivo case, and there is NONE of that in the Richardson case, either.

Because the Constitution is no longer in effect, these women are now dependent on lawyers making ‘better arguments’ with philosophy and ethics, in front of judges that have their own ‘opinions’ and are no longer bound by law or evidence.

Barak Obama proclaimed loud and long that the WORST MISTAKE HE EVER MADE IN HIS LIFE was advocating for Terri Schaivo’s RIGHT as an American Citizen, to her life.

John McCain has decided to take on ‘evil’, but ignores the great evil taking place in his own country, and the oath of office he will be taking (and has taken) to uphold and defend the Constitution. Ignores the GREAT EVIL that means not only our lives are no longer sacred to our own country, but that we NO LONGER HAVE A RULE OF LAW.

It is beside the point that Lauren’s own mother has no compassion on her daughter and her condition, that she has no interest in putting her convenience aside to hope that Lauren, a beautiful young woman, can recover some of her very precious life, and perhaps even participate in raising her baby.

Without the solid basis of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we are ALL at risk of being declared ‘undesirable’ and ‘worthy of death,’ all at risk of being denied food and water because it is too costly, time consuming, or inconvenient for someone else.

Justice Antonin Scalia declares that torture, by our own government, is NOT cruel and unusual PUNISHMENT, his reasoning being is that the victim isn’t being PUNISHED for anything.

That can be said of both Lauren Richardson AND Terri Schaivo. Terri died a torturous death; Lauren is at risk of going down that same road, but it isn’t ‘cruel and unusual PUNISHMENT, because neither of these women have done something WRONG.’

This is the foothold eugenics needs to begin to bear some really hideous fruit.

NO set of LAWS that our representatives or judges are obliged to uphold any longer, means that any one of us can be treated in the most horrible of ways as long as we’ve done nothing wrongful enough to be PUNISHED.

The representatives and our judges have VIOLATED their oaths of office and people are dying horrible, torturous deaths with no end on sight.

Is this REALLY satisfactory to you? Do YOU want to die that way?


Too Bad, Obama, You WERE Looking Like a Candidate!

barack obama

Worse than a flip-flop, Obama has declared he ‘regrets’ supporting Terri Schiavo’s RIGHT to live.

That woman had a CONSTITUTIONAL right to her life. There was NO EVIDENCE that she ever said she wanted to die if she was ‘in that condition.’

I’ve worked extensively with women who were battered and abused with some very dreadful results. The ONLY people who are willing to treat women that badly are men who don’t love, have NO compassion whatsoever. I’ve known women who were brilliant-and then destroyed; one an engineer, in the middle of complex and intricate naval projects who was fine one moment, and mentally severely disabled the next, because of a battering male. One ‘lucky’ hit and it was over for her and the quality of her life, forever. It has happened to many more, Terri Schiavo being only one of those.

Between this engineer and Terri there were a couple other differences. Terri had family who LOVED her. This engineer did not. Terri couldn’t get herself up out of bed and walk and speak, however badly. This engineer could, very badly.

The man who battered the engineer spent some time in jail. Not a lot, but it was something. Not Terri’s ‘husband.’ He got her money. He had a family on the side. He found her to be a ‘drag’ on his ‘new life.’

There is one other big difference- nobody cared if this engineer lived or died, so she lived. Nobody besides her batterer wanted her dead, and so she lived.

Terri, however, became the clarion call for all those who can’t love, who can’t sacrifice for love, who don’t want to be bothered, and call it ‘rights’.

When animals are penned up in a cage too small, or fed too little, we have animal rights activists all over people. When the Amish raise puppies for resale, to help themselves earn a living, they are faced with red-faced screaming crowds and signs proclaiming them to be a ‘puppy mill.’

Terri died one of the most horrible, torturous deaths a human being CAN die. People go to prison for withholding water or food from an animal, but she was made to go for 14 days without any.

YOU try going 3 days without water and you’ll see what kind of torture it quickly becomes.

Brute and vicious animals are put down more humanely than she was.

And now Obama REGRETS his compassion? His advocacy for Terri’s CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to life? Her parent’s CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT AND SCRIPTURAL OBLIGATION to care for the sick and dying?

Well, women’s advocacy groups and politicians- all I can say is- when will you begin to advocate for our RIGHTS under the Constitution?

You don’t advocate for me. You traded the ‘right to choose’ of a Laci Peterson for your agenda to NEVER have an unborn child be considered a person by law.  You advocated for her ‘batterer/murderer’ and her son’s ‘batterer/murderer’ just so the child couldn’t be considered a person, with rights, by law.

You traded the rights of Terri Schiavo, in favor of her ‘batterer/murderer’ for your agenda to never be bothered with caretaking in any form.  So also, Mr. Presidential Candidate, have you.

You ARE death dealers.  It seems to me, ‘women’s advocates’ who have exterminated your own children, that there will be a day when you are old, and alone, and someone will think you’re too much a burden on society.  You, too, perhaps, will be denied water and food, whether you ‘choose it’ or not.  You’ve made euthanasia all too normal now- won’t it be an extreme act of hypocrisy for you to object, one day, when someone else complains you’re too much hassle and should be ‘euthanized.’  Our candidates are all going along with this monstrous, Nazi, agenda.

You, Obama, are no longer a viable candidate for many, many of us.

First Black President a Return to Slavery?


Slavery is primarily an economic policy, and the evidently necessary reminder of what slavery was originally about in America.

Among the many hypocrisies of our Rock Star candidate Barak Obama, a return to economic slavery in America is one of the most evident results of his economic policies and his very own submitted budget.

Obama’s platform outlines new spending of $287 Billion at a time when our country is so bankrupt we MUST borrow EVERY DAY from our ENEMIES. At a time where the working Americans that remain employed give over 50% of their income to taxes. His platform cannot be supported in any conceivable way other than RAISING taxes and further enslaving ALL Americans to the government bureaucracy.

Recall history, if you know any, Mr. Obama, and remember the suffering that American’s ended based upon the Constitution and a willingness to shed the blood and spend the wealth of those who did NOT engage in slavery and opposed it. Remember that it was the Constitution of the United States that provided the VERY BASIS for such an end to a heinous crime against humanity, and ask yourself- what are my policies that will BRING THAT BACK???

A second feature of slavery that exposes Obama’s hypocrisy is the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act silences American dissent under the most flimsy of circumstances, allows Americans to be incarcerated and imprisoned without Habeus Corpus or even without contacting family. The government is allowed free reign to ‘pressure’ and ‘torture’ American citizens without ANY Constitutional protections as the Constitution itself has been overturned, during Obama’s watch, without even so much as a peep of complaint about it, let alone the outspoken voice one would expect.

Recall, Mr. Obama, the lynch mobs and those who would murder slaves, murder protesters all by avoiding the law of the Constitution and the corrupted officials that turned away from the inherent rights of those people. Recall how blacks were SILENCED by government, by the media, by the affluent. Re-examine your own corruption and willingness to sell out the Constitution two years running, and ask yourself, am I willing to take the heat and restore the Constitution to its rightful place? Am I willing to do whatever it takes, for the protection of ALL my American PEOPLE, to UPHOLD THE VOW that my soul will surely be held to before God?

While Obama is personable and very attractive, he simply isn’t a man of proper conviction. He has no interest in the Constitution and is perfectly willing to return America to a slave state for no other reason than to be a sugar-daddy for all those who prefer a nanny state to freedom; who prefer to spend other people’s money than earn and keep their own.

Recall that we are all created EQUAL, that ALL are entitled to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, and ask yourself why you don’t believe that? Why should some be enslaved in order that others can have a better, government provided living? Why should the unborn, who automatically have the right to LIVE be considered less than human as your black ancestors were?

That the Constitution and Bill of Rights PREVAILED with bloodshed and money that was NOT YOUR OWN is the ONLY REASON that your candidacy is possible in the first place. Need you be reminded that there have been NO black Prime Ministers or Presidents in other Western Nations as of yet?

We need Ron Paul who not only understand the critical economic issues of our time, but understands what canceling the Constitution actually means and will bring about for all of us- including the former slaves and oppressed people of our nation’s history. They must be spinning in their graves!

It really is way past time that Atlas shrugs…

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