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Losing an ENTIRE State? Even Michigan Can’t Borrow

Cerberus Demon Dog

As goes Michigan, so goes America. Mark my words.

There was a time, not long ago, when Oakland County, Michigan was one of the three richest counties in the United States. However, since the global bankers have ratcheted up their globalization efforts, there are few places that have been more devastated, had more wealth sucked off of the populace, than Michigan.

Consider: banks have actually been the ones deciding who gets money, who keeps money, and how money gets shared around, based on its lending criteria. While activists and politicians have concurred with global corporate media that these standards were good and right- you can’t let the PEOPLE and the MARKET decide who should have credit access, can you?- the trumpet that has been tooted for years about the woes of poverty was EDUCATION.

The citizens dumped mountains of money into the black hole of liberal education.

And the bankers decided who got the loans to pay for over-priced education and who didn’t.

Poverty remained. Despite one of the most vibrant economies in the world. Despite the presence and influence of the automobile companies. You remember the “Big Three”, right?

Once the global bankers were able to get hold of the ‘Big Three’ it wasn’t long before that entire industry was completely trashed. Where these companies had built up the economy of the world, where automobiles, the ability to buy and use them was the PREMIER signal that a developing nation was TRULY developing, the entire world changed because of Michigan’s Auto industry.

Now its gone. Parceled out. ALL profits taken from it, and the secondary industries like car repair, parts manufacture, and even full-service gas stations, independently owned, all of them, destroyed.

The bankers BLAME YOU. The media BLAME YOU.

According to the LIES, YOU were the one buying homes and cars that you simply couldn’t afford. YOU were the one buying things with the equity in your home that you shouldn’t have.

The hard working and RESPONSIBLE citizens of Michigan helped make the world a DIFFERENT PLACE than it had been, a level of income generation and prosperity the world had never seen before.

Now its over. Cerberus, an evil demon dog guarding the entrance to hell, owns Chrysler. Cars and parts are made in China, Mexico, almost anywhere people can live on $1 per day.

But, thanks to the REFUSAL to permit credit, the normal, world-changing, production economy of Michigan is in a free-fall collapse.

The ‘Big Three’ is vampirized, gutted, and the remains of the carcasses shuttled off, and nothing but a graveyard is left behind with living dead citizens waiting for the next hammer blow to fall.

The border between Canada and Detroit is backed up for hours as the global lackey Homeland Security personnel make trade, tourism and interaction between our formerly friendly countries a torturous, time consuming and expensive endeavor.

Michigan taxpayers have dumped VAST amounts of money into our schools. Home of one of the TOP TEN Universities in the world, that school and hospital conglomerate wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the commitment and investment Michigan citizens made over the years.

Now, the bankers have decided that the State can’t even borrow the money for the well-established student loan programs.

This won’t be the end of the banker’s refusal to allow the State to borrow. The state politicians have raised every tax and fee they could dream up, but it still hasn’t been enough money. Rather than cut government, eliminate the excessive influence the bankers and their buddies in insurance, finance, and all the thousand tentacles of power that are choking the state; the dumb-blonde politics are still believing the bankers will help save Michigan.

Not so. The assets that remain in Michigan CANNOT be seized by the few elites if the citizens retain power, and therefore the citizens must be DRIVEN OUT.

An END to credit, EVEN FOR GOVERNANCE, is the easiest and a very effective way, TO TAKE AN ENTIRE STATE.

To quote the official: “We just can’t go out and borrow money right now, and that is the bottom line.” Detroit News, April 24, 2008.

The credit is CUT OFF for Michigan, and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR IRRESPONSIBILITY.

It has everything to do with the assets that YOU have and the globalists WANT.

Like the Great Lakes and their fresh water?

Keep believing the lies and soon the Great Lakes will be the Great Bogs and the rest of the State will be the Great Backwater.

Art: Allison Smith

By the way, is Michigan ‘past peak’ and the problem is NOT free fiat money, printed by the Federal Reserve, given to whom THEY choose, multiplied by 40 by ‘fractional banking reserve’ and then spread around to who THEY want to? Our obligations to pay back that ‘free money’ by 40x? We pay back with interest what others take for free, multiply out for free? And THIS is OUR fault….

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