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Christmas In America 2011: War on Earth and Men of Bad Will

The Christmas Spirit was nowhere evident this year, but rather bad will all around. Recall the joy of the angels “Peace on earth to men of GOOD WILL.”

Instead, this year the lead up to Christmas, on which most small businesses depend for their very lives, we had a pathetic increase of temporary holiday jobs of 120k, (which are gone now, along with hundreds of retail establishments), idiots mangling and fighting over the ugliest shoes known to man, the outright theft of billions from private accounts, a Christmas present of the NDAA, a declaration of war on the world INCLUDING AMERICANS & an end to our rights altogether, an increase in nazi homeland security & 9500 inland checkpoints, a call for implementation of 800 concentration camps all over the country, sales of homes over-accounted by half, and psychopathic maniacs in power provoking global nuclear war.

After the most miserable Christmas on record, with over half of Americans living below the poverty level and even Salvation Army kettles dried up, the ‘will’ of the people drummed up by the media is bad, only bad, all bad, against American citizens.

Killing the Spirit of Christmas is truly the last straw for this country. If there isn’t even enough good will remaining to feed our hungry brethren, then there is no possibility of peace on earth, a gift given ONLY to men of good will.

And this is EXACTLY what we have to look forward to in 2012, war on earth and men, ALL men, of bad will.

Iowa wants to throw itself out because the people want to vote for Ron Paul.

Imagine if that were ANY other candidate! Put some other name in there and see- If Gingrich wins Iowa, we’ll just throw it out!!!!!

The parties are making themselves CLEAR.


In fact, I would go so far as to say that the parties have substituted THEMSELVES for the people in our Bill of Rights and Constitution, and where it says ‘We the People’ THEY read ‘We the Parties.’

Not only is this evident in their horrendous treatment of a very popular statesman among Americans, but it is evident in their incredible drive to REMOVE our Bill of Rights and our Constitutional Rights from the people, while holding themselves and their corrupt politicians above the law themselves.

At this point, only the most obtuse haven’t noticed how dangerous this is. It is totally guaranteed, thanks to previous administrations and their selling out our technology and manufacturing to our current enemies, that war will no longer escape our own shores, and we will all suffer from the effects of an incredible wave of our own bad will.

There is no longer ANY excuse. Absolutely every American KNOWS something is WRONG. They KNOW our politicians are corrupt, even that is bragged about on lamestream media. They KNOW the truth. Even if we lose the internet to SOPA, where they wipe the truth away and leave the rest for their own purposes, the truth has gotten out and there is no longer any excuse but one: ‘the love of truth is not in them.’

America has said to God, from whom our unalienable rights come: “Who gave you the right to occupy America? Nobody.”

2012 will begin to tell the price of that bad will.


  Spook Moor wrote @

I have an inclination to agree with you. The thing is, you the people must make it happen. I always find that most Americans spend their time fighting over ‘party’ loyalties, instead of fighting for what is right? That is the ‘change’ which you should all be looking for amongst booting out all the corrupt officials once and for all, be it politicians or so called business men.

  MiMi wrote @

MSM (which still holds sway with most of the nation) should be preparing the American people for what an economic collapse would do to us. But no, that would knock out the piece on Kim Kardashian changing the color of her lipstick.

  Diane wrote @

NDAA for Christmas, and SOPA for the new year. What more could we ask for?
A Ron Paul presidency! Which would make it all go away….

  Sean H wrote @

I liked Bachmann, they she showed her true colors, then Cain but he dropped out (and was a Fed Reserve guy), Newt a globalist, Romney a Progressive, Santorum a zealot and Huntsman and Moderate….GO RON PAUL! He is our answer to all of the above….truly the ONLY answer.

  Donna Morse wrote @

I totally agree with you! If anyone else other than Ron Paul wins in 2012 I will offiically give up! The American People need to wake up! Ron Paul is the answer….the problem is that most people don’t even know what the questions are!

  Daryle wrote @

Spoken like a true American with so much frustration in your voice. Is Congress doing the will of the people or are they doing what’s best for them? According to in 2010, $3.51 Billion was spent lobbing Congress and Federal agency’s doing what was best for them. This increases the financial burden thru Federal regulation and higher prices and taxes, taking from the poor to give to the rich. Is it a wonder that our country is in complete chaos? This continued practice is wiping the middle class out.
Ron Paul said “why do we spend hundreds of billion of dollars policing the world, while we let our own country fall to ruins.” Lets restore the US Constitution. The man referred to as the “Champion of the Constitution” can change all that, his name?
Ron Paul for president in 2012.

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