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Experts: Economic Collapse within 3 Months- Ron Paul was Right

bernanke in panic

Despite what our politicians are telling us, experts in other lands have issued the warning: Economic collapse within three months.

The Royal Bank of Scotland has advised clients to brace for a full-fledged crash in global stock and credit markets over the next three months as inflation paralyses the major central banks.

“A very nasty period is soon to be upon us – be prepared,” said Bob Janjuah, the bank’s credit strategist.

A very nasty period indeed.

Ron Paul was right. Globalization, according to Janjuah, the Royal Bank’s credit strategist.:

Globalisation was always going to risk putting G7 bankers into a dangerous corner at some point. We have got to that point,” he said.

Federal Reserve:

US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank both face a Hobson’s choice as workers start to lose their jobs in earnest and lenders cut off credit.

The authorities cannot respond with easy money because oil and food costs continue to push headline inflation to levels that are unsettling the markets. “The ugly spoiler is that we may need to see much lower global growth in order to get lower inflation,” he said.

The Fed is in panic mode. The massive credibility chasms down which the Fed and maybe even the ECB will plummet when they fail to hike rates in the face of higher inflation will combine to give us a big sell-off in risky assets,” he said.

The collapse of the dollar:

Just as then, the dollar has plummeted far enough to cause worldwide alarm. In August 1992 it fell to 1.35 against the Deutsche Mark: this time it has fallen even further to the equivalent of 1.25. It is potentially worse for Europe this time because the yen and yuan have also fallen to near record lows. So has sterling.

Inflationary Depression is nearly upon us. Ron Paul was right, and he is being proven out in the most dire of ways. The Fed will save the banks like Morgan Stanley and Lehman, EVEN AT THE EXPENSE OF THE AMERICAN ECONOMY.

Our government is NOT our friend, even with ‘representatives’ of the people, since they have been bought and sold like cattle.

Brace yourselves, people. About 7 million died because of the last Great Depression. That was without a war, without martial law, without China being a well-armed enemy threatening war.

Shelob’s Lair: Depression Looming, Bankers & GOP Regrets, Biometric Surveillance

Shelob's Lair

All in a few days, Articles of Impeachment are filed against our president and buried; Ron Paul removes himself from the Presidential Race; the GOP is regretting it pre-selected McCain; the global bankers are tenderly advising us that a global depression is forthcoming that ‘they just couldn’t foresee’ and our unimpeached President issues YET ANOTHER unconstitutional executive order– this time to force us all to give over total biometric, financial, health, and virtually EVERY OTHER FORM OF INFORMATION ABOUT US into a biometric, implantable chip.

Couldn’t just be coincidence, could it?

The biometric data will include:

Biometric technologies use electronic means to capture individual-specific data on physical characteristics, including fingerprints, eye retina scanning, face recognition mapping and body imaging…
The contextual data that accompanies biometric data includes information on date and place of birth, citizenship, current address and address history, current employment and employment history, current phone numbers and phone number history, use of government services and tax filings.

Other contextual data may include bank account and credit card histories, plus criminal database records on a local, state and federal level. The database also could include legal judgments or other public records documenting involvement in legal disputes, child custody records and marriage or divorce records.

This is certainly the path to a global or regional currency outside of the American dollar, and a means by which control of all Americans will be gained.

Truckloads of information, much of which was never broadly available before without your knowledge, or you providing it yourself, such as histories, legal disputes, CUSTODY records.

If it looks like McCain will lose, and there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to think he can win without Diebold’s help, we may very well be looking at the first time that American governance did NOT change hands during the proper election cycle.

Therefore, all the biometric data (hailed as a great medical good) which includes your personal history, who your family members are, what you own, what areas your life may not be ‘legally perfect’ – all put into the hands of multiple, global government agencies and financial institutions, provides all kinds of means by which you can be controlled- through threats against the safety of your family, through late child-support payments, through failing to license your dog!

Impeaching Bush? Well either the Washington Post AND Dana Milbank are utterly incompetent and should be driven out of business on a rail, or their complaint that Cheney would then become the President is another media whitewash. Those particular impeachment articles have been sitting in the so-called ‘judiciary committee’ for ages- all that’s needed is to blow off the dust and rid America of BOTH traitors.

All they give US is crap- crappy candidates, idiots who know NOTHING and won’t learn; candidates who care nothing about our country or the people in it, our heritage or our rights.

No, the puppet-masters don’t want us to win this battle, and they’re using every nasty trick in the book to keep us from it.

It will be the battle from the maws of hell but, as Galadriel told Frodo, “Even the smallest person can make a difference.”

We shall see, won’t we?

Light for the Battle

Fasten Your Seatbelts: Nuclear War???

nuclear exposion

After 9/11 Americans were wondering ‘why do they hate us?’ What we know about ourselves is that we are generous, kind and helpful people to those less fortunate in the world. The mainstream puppet media has continued to feed us that line, relentlessly, keep us distracted from what our ‘representatives’ are doing or not doing, and in general disconnecting our minds from reality.

What we don’t know is that we are, thanks to the last 20+ years of governance and dangling at the strings of our puppet masters, also some of the most ruthless people the world has ever seen.

Our diplomacy has taken the classic ‘mafia’ form: we make ‘offers others can’t refuse‘ and behind that ‘diplomacy‘ we have generated the most hideous weapons technology that the worst nightmares of sci-fi’s mad scientists couldn’t have even dreamed. Weapons to use against others, yes, but also against OUR OWN PEOPLE.

Thanks to our ‘representatives,’ they now have all the laws in place they need to use them against ANYONE THEY WANT, INCLUDING US.

Will they use them? We are now ON THE EDGE of finding out. They have created a ‘climate of war.’

The GLOBAL BANKERS, who are destroying our own economy, are RESPONSIBLE for this mess: “Signaling further pressure on Tehran, the administration also issued a warning on Thursday to U.S. financial institutions about the dangers of doing business with Iranian banks because of inadequate checks on money laundering and the growing risks to the international financial system posed by Iran’s financial sector. “The government of Iran disguises its involvement in proliferation and terrorism activities through an array of deceptive practices,” the Treasury Department said.”

The idea that our ‘honest’ banking system is threatened by the ‘deceptive practices’ of a third world country is completely preposterous. The deceptive practices of the Federal Reserve and its crony global bankers has just received bailouts in multiples of America’s entire GDP, from which they ‘multiply by 40’ and spend, because of the ‘fractional banking system.’ This means that for every dollar of bailout the taxpayers give them, they are, BY LAW, able to turn it into $40 of interest bearing LOANS back to Americans, American businesses, a criminal practice that future taxpayers are obligated to pay for, despite the fact that it GUTS the value of our money and destroys our own economy.


“Over the past eight days, the U.S. government has undertaken a number of steps to put Tehran on notice that the international community will not allow the Iranian government to misuse the international financial system or global transportation network to further its aspirations to obtain nuclear weapons capability, improve its missile systems, or support international terrorism,” State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said in a statement.”

This is smoke and mirrors designed to implement the Global Strike Plan. “Global strike has become one of the core missions for the Omaha-based Strategic Command, or Stratcom. Once, Stratcom oversaw only the nation’s nuclear forces; now it has responsibility for overseeing a global strike plan with both conventional and nuclear options. President Bush spelled out the definition of “full-spectrum” global strike in a January 2003 classified directive, describing it as “a capability to deliver rapid, extended range, precision kinetic (nuclear and conventional) and non-kinetic (elements of space and information operations) effects in support of theater and national objectives.”

“Among the reasons that the Bush administration has proclaimed are that Iran is supporting terrorism by supplying arms, training and encouragement both to anti-American insurgents in Iraq and to anti-Israeli Hizbullah militants in Lebanon and that it is moving toward the acquisition of nuclear weapons. Doubts have been expressed on both of these contentions. Iran played a positive role in against the Taliban (and against the drug trade) in Afghanistan and evidence on Iraq is, at best, sketchy. On the nuclear issue, a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) reported in November 2007 the consensus of all the American intelligence agencies “with high confidence” that Iran is not actively seeking to develop nuclear weapons.

Even if it means going to war with Russia, Iran’s ally? The ‘mafia diplomacy‘ is interpreted as a threat to Russia. “He (Putin) insisted that Russia would make no concessions to the West at the expense of its own security, saying, “Why should we be flexible if it’s a question of a threat to our security?”

The Administration’s reasons for war are lies and distortions: “The Iranian move clearly had great propaganda value.”

Furthermore, there is no doubt that China has developed strong ties with Middle East Nations: Syria, Iran and others- all ties that put China’s interests at threat if the US and the global bankers decide to PRE-EMPTIVELY strike Iran.

The death toll on innocent people by the Global Strike Plan? “the number of deaths could exceed a million, and the number of people with increased cancer risks could exceed 10 million. For example, the new nuclear earth penetrator that the United States plans to research would use a 1.2-megaton weapon. According to a simulation using software developed for the Pentagon, if one of these weapons were used against the underground nuclear facility in Esfahan, Iran, 3 million people would be killed by radiation within 2 weeks of the explosion, and 35 million people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India would be exposed to increased levels of cancer-causing radiation.

Most Americans believe that something is dreadfully wrong, and 81% think we’re on the WRONG TRACK.

If we were surprised at how HATED we are at 9/11- there will be NO COMPARISON to the hatred we will have EARNED if we are the ones to start a GLOBAL NUCLEAR CONFLAGRATION.

We have LOST our country to the international bankers. They have threatened to destroy countries and economies before to get their own way, and America is NO DIFFERENT. More on this in another post…

However, if we don’t STOP these people, if we don’t TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK, if we don’t RETURN TO OUR CONSITUTION and IMMEDIATELY, we, as a people, will be responsible for GLOBAL NUCLEAR WAR.

God won’t ‘bail us out’ of this one. He didn’t bail the Russian people from the genocide against them that Stalin committed. He didn’t bail out the Jews from Hitler’s genocide. He didn’t bail out Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

But, He DOES hold nations responsible for their actions. We HAVE the Just War Doctrine to guide military intervention. We have abandoned it ourselves.

We will drink this cup TO THE DREGS before it is over.

Only America Impedes the One World Government!

Kennard stop war

It is ONLY an America, happy, prosperous and free, that keeps the One World Government from having free and unfettered access to all the assets of the world.

As we can see from history, we have been set up, with failures, to drain our resources and lose our respect in the world. From Vietnam to Iraq, we have been dragged into undeclared quagmires that slaughter our young men, spread our assets around the world for no long term good, and commit (in our name) the most heinous overthrows of democratically elected governments in the world.

While WE speak of spreading a healthy democracy around the world, our so-called ‘leaders’ sell our assets behind our backs, destroy every democracy, and shed the kind and amount of blood that would make our worst mass-murderers shudder!

Why on earth would we DESTROY democracies when we are, supposedly, spreading democracy? It has long been a bizarre mystery- what are the School of Americas about? Why do we support Musharraf, Hussein, the Saudi Monarchy and others?

Finally the truth is out there for all to see who will look and REALLY SEE.

Democracies cannot be bought and sold through corruption of outsiders. They can only be bought and sold through the most ruthless of dictators that the CIA can find.

It is the extreme profit of the military industrial complex, and the private militaries it can hire to contain US dissenters, that will sell THIS democracy down the road, all of these resources paving the way for the most monstrous of tyrannical governments- a global, one world despotic tyranny, using any force, any politician, any media available to forward that motion.

Until now, America has been far too rich to be taken down easily. It took Chinagate and the Democrats, and this remote-controlled Bush/Cheney administration, to find enough ways to collapse the economy, destroy the citizen’s ability to think, and to operate ‘under the radar’ of the American people, in the sight of their ‘representatives’ to usurp and remove national sovereignty.

Our global bankers have done everything possible to destroy our economy so that we can be controlled.

The LAST thing any of the hidden illuminati powers that be want is a Ron Paul President.

He is the only politician in most people’s living memory that genuinely understands what has happened and what we are up against.

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