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Fascism #9: Politicians ABOVE the Law- R3volution is in ORDER

We know fascism is descending when politicians are above the law, and anyone who dissents from that is ELIMINATED.

John McCain broke his own campaign finance laws, the ONE HE WROTE (McCain-Feingold), one that was written due to the widespread and evil corruption in the campaign finance system.

Now that he is awaiting the ‘coronation’ of taking an oath he has no intention of fulfilling; when the FEC decided that they would NOT permit him OUT of the law- shall I say this again- that HE HIMSELF WROTE- the person, David Mason, who made that decision was, of course, TERMINATED BY BUSH.

All by itself this is a crime: the obstruction of justice! By OUR PRESIDENT!

So not only have the powers-that-be decided that they are above the laws they write; they TARGET THE INDIVIDUALS that hold them accountable.

Let me ask you, American Citizen/Taxpayer- DO YOU get out of a parking ticket? Do YOU get out of ANY law that was written by ANYBODY???

We have over 1,000,000 citizens in prison for an enormous variety of crimes. What we don’t have is treasonous politicians in prison for THEIR crimes- crimes against the people, crimes against the Constitution, crimes against humanity.

R3volution is in ORDER. If our leaders won’t abide by THE LAW, then there IS NO LAW to abide by. Arrests are simply, in this case, ‘articles of harrassment and power-flexing’ and they can DO IT TO YOU, but don’t you or ANYONE dare to call THEM out on the carpet for their crimes!

Ron Paul and the people who support him are right. I can see it now. This is going to get UGLY.


There. We’ve Said it. Now SHUT UP, Ron Paulers!

fox faux news

Faux News has, evidently, said that maybe it is time to listen to Ron Paul. If they meant it, it would be ALL OVER the broadcast media, to INFORM THE PUBLIC WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME.


Instead, this is a cynical bone thrown to the Ron Paul people, and it is insulting.

You’re NOT getting your way, Ron Paul people- you r3volutionaries.

Fox News is saying to us: WE are CALLING THE SHOTS, and DON”T YOU FORGET IT, but we HAVE TO MAKE YOU GO AWAY.

So, here’s your stupid bone. We KNOW the mass of voters don’t look at the internet, otherwise Ron Paul would win by a landslide, so we’ve just put this on the internet, and we will ENSURE THE ECONOMY FAILS the way our bosses want anyway.

I say this: if they were SERIOUS about it at all, it would BE ALL OVER the broadcast media that they control. They would be investigating this, helping America REALLY understand what we are up against. They aren’t doing it.

Since it isn’t, it is purely ‘media masturbation for those in opposition.’

Feel better now? I don’t. It just make me MORE angry.

It is an admission on their part, an admission that they actually DO know. Yet, they do NOTHING.

It is still up to us.

Playing Games: Ron Paul Revolution Not Over Yet

bush peso

No, despite news reports to the contrary, the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign isn’t over yet, and here’s why.

Despite the fact that ALL the Presidential Campaigns are winding down, Ron Paul’s has been SINGLED OUT to make it look like he’s throwing in the towel, something the MSM has tried over and over to do, and every time, r3volutionaries just keep on coming.

They have done this to discourage everyone AGAIN.

This is the strangest political year I’ve ever seen. Hidden things are suddenly coming to light, like crocuses peeking out first thing in the spring. All of those things that are hidden now will be FRONT AND CENTER before November. Some of these things will change the way the world has worked for 50 years, and we aren’t going to like what we see.

Ron Paul could still win in a write-in vote drive. In a rebellion of republicans who despise McCain- there are many of those.

Ron Paul may be DRAFTED by the people to serve in the event of an economic collapse, of which we are in great danger and which no other Candidate knows anything about.

He may be DRAFTED by the people to intercede and intervene in the event martial law is declared.

Right now there are so many people earning their living from what the government does, bureaucrats, contractors, etc., that they won’t want ANY CHANGE. They’ll do everything in the power of the MSM to convince regular working folks to keep things the same.

But, this is the year. It won’t work much longer.

So, Ron Paul is right- we all have to roll up our sleeves and keep on working on this r3volution.

We have no idea what inner rottenness will be exposed this year in the parties, but we know that there will be something.

Work now, work for the future.

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