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Press Right Along, Ron Paul People!

From my fabulous Ron Paul Coordinator!

Friends you have a chance to be part of a real Revolution!  Ron Paul supporters have been so inflamed by the bankster owned “Mainstream Media” MM, blackout of Dr. Ron Paul that they are by-passing them. Taking it to the streets, the Internet, and taking over the Republican party from the grassroots level up!  Ron Paul events are drawing huge enthusiastic crowds all over the country.  So big the media is scared to show them! Below are descriptions of recent Ron Paul happenings.

ARLINGTON , VIRGINIA:  Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul once again demonstrated his tremendous popularity with young people yesterday when he addressed an overflow crowd of 1,200 people at Goucher College in Baltimore , Maryland . On Friday, April 11th, the Texas Republican was met with similar passionate crowds of 800 at Gettysburg College and 2,000 at Penn State University .

“Dr. Paul excites tremendous passion with young people who are hungry for personal freedom and constitutional government,” said campaign spokesman Jesse Benton. “The grassroots movement that the Ron Paul campaign has generated continues to build across America .

Dr. Paul is continuing his bid for the Republican nomination to spread the message of constitutional government and personal freedom, to bring the GOP back to its traditional roots, and to continue the grassroots activism that his candidacy inspired. His new book, “The Revolution, A Manifesto”, launched April 30th.”

Dr. Ron Paul‘s book is the number one best seller on Amazon today!  What does that tell you?


From the Reno Gazette-Journal:

“After a super-majority of Ron Paul supporters captured control of the Republican state convention Saturday, state party officials abruptly canceled the event without electing delegates to the national convention.

“Early in the day, state delegates supporting Paul’s continued pursuit of the Republican nomination voted through a rules change that forced the state party to abandon its preset ballot of potential national convention delegates and open up the race to the rest of the state delegates.

“The vote followed a rousing speech by Paul of Texas, who said his presidential campaign will continue as long as he has support.


Ron Paul’s new book “The Revolution: A Manifesto”  Borders book signing in N.Y. is the biggest ever!

Good news to report out of New York at yesterday’s book signing, where the books were sold out before Dr. Paul even showed up! The Borders staff informed our campaign that the biggest signing they ever had at that location, which is one of their flagships, was New York Giants star running back Tiki Barber, and then they mentioned that Dr. Paul’s signing was even bigger!

Wow, there were thousands, plural there today. By the time we got there it was 1:00 pm, all the books were sold out. However that didn’t stop us from waiting an hour and a half just to shake Dr. Ron Paul‘s hand. We weren’t alone either, there must have countless others behind us. I can’t imagine how fatiguing it is to sign thousands of books, but he looked tired.  Starting off this morning with an early interview on CNN, which was typical great Ron Paul style, then the book signing, and more to come today, you Dr. Paul deserve some rest. Don’t worry, we will not let the R3volution fade, what you have started cannot fail. Feel comforted that all your efforts are not in vain, You Sir are well loved. Thank You again. On with the Revolution !!!

Please go to every few days and catch up with events, videos, and “The Daily Dose” blog comments.  and see

“YES” Endorsements and Accaim for Ron Paul.” there on the home page for famous citizens, intellectuals, economists etc. You can also go to for the latest on the Ron Paul Revolution.

People are fed up with a choice of 3 candidates hand picked by the banksters. From the begining, all candidates of both parties are members of The Council on Foreign Relations, CFR, the true ruling elite of the world.  All MM owners, reporters, TV “news”(propaganda) hacks, radio talk show hosts, etc. are CFR members.

Dr.  Ron Paul does not want to belong to that club.  So who have they given us to choose from?

1. A socialist ignoramus and war monger (McCain)

2. A marxist power freak and compulsive liar (Clinton) and

3. A “I’ll give you everything for free, just vote for me” racist & communist (Obama).

If we continue to educate the American people about Dr. Ron Paul we can win at the Republican Convention or by write in vote in the election.

We have 6 months to do it and if we don’t… higher taxes, more regulations, more war, a crashing economy, massive unemployment, (and let me add: FASCIST DICTATORSHIP) and it may even get to rioting in the streets.  People these days will not stand in bread lines, they’ll be coming to take what they need and whatever they want…from you!

It will be a lot more pleasant to do it according to the Constitution and the electoral process.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
John F. Kennedy, In a speech at the White House,

It’s up to us and that means you too.  If any of the other three “One World Government” candidates get elected it’s curtains for this country, and freedom in this world. Just forward these E-mails I’ve put together to everyone you know who cares about this country and FREEDOM!



People wake up! The media, and the government are totally controlled by the international banksters.  You will never hear anything they don’t want you to unless you look for it on the Internet or private publications like

Here’s upcoming events from

May 16

Ron Paul Freedom Rally in Bowling Green

Bowling Green High School Basketball Arena, 1801 Rockingham Lane , Bowling Green , KY 42104

2:00 PM CT

Jun 20

Speech at Montana State Convention

Hilton Garden Inn, Missoula , Montana

7:00 PM MT

And check out Ron Paul supporter produced videos, with no campaign help or $, on YouTube shows you how many grass roots activist volunteers there are around the world!

I’m doing all I can and hope you will spread the word too.  Once you invest a little time at and find out who this true statesman and scholar is, and what he has stood for in 20 years in Congress, and the position papers & books he has written and more… I know you will join us, and feel the relief, and hope that we all feel because nw we have  REAL choice, A REAL PATRIOT.

Viva Ron Paul Viva la R3volution.

As Daring as the Ron Paul R3volution- Beautiful!!

If this doesnt’ stop your patriotic, constitutional heart, what will?

Courage, Ron Paul people!  It isn’t over yet….

Million R3volutionaries March on Washington!


And they thought we’d just ‘give up.’


The Young WANT THEIR FUTURE! They are the ones who have EVERYTHING to lose. We must support them.

This reminds me of our peace protest over Desert Storm under the first Bush administration:

“Send George Bush! Send Dan Quayle! Send Neil Bush when he gets out of JAIL!”

Here’s a very powerful statement of their commitment to ending THIS war!

Texas BattleAxe Politics: Ron Paul Losing His Seat?

battle axe

The ‘republican’ neo-cons are laughing all the way to their coffin, having utilized their ‘Texas Battle Axes’ to defame Ron Paul, gathering back-stabbers to try to force him out… in other words, DO NOTHING, petty power-grabbing elitist politics as usual.

Yes, Ron Paul can and does do so MUCH from within the party, and the opportunity for the party to get a resurgence in REAL republicans is incredible.

But, that really isn’t what they want, is it? The ROCKMAN has set in and he ain’t movin.’ He will see what he wants to see, and hear only what he wants to hear. That’s it.

Since prophets are never welcome in their own home, it is time to face the fact that Ron Paul has a GREATER CALLING than being ignored in Washington.

Since agendas are already set, totally apart from logic and law, no amount of reason, intellect, evidence, facts, numbers, or any useful contribution by FINE AMERICANS makes a difference, I believe Ron Paul is wasting his time.

Congress is a ‘waste of good air.’ From one end to the other they are too self-aborbed in their money and influence games that they don’t even look outside anymore. They don’t care who and what is ‘out there.’

You don’t want him? WE DO.

If Pontius Pilate had washed his hands of the Devil, things might have been different. But, he didn’t and true to politics everywhere, neither will Congress.

It stands to reason that if there are vast numbers of people willing to be lead by Ron Paul, and who WANT to be led by Ron Paul, then RON PAUL SHOULD LEAD THEM, while there is time, before things get tragic.

So, since there are huge numbers of r3volutionaries willing and ready to take things in hand, run for office, get all the seats they can from dog catcher to Congress, well, let Ron Paul lead the r3volution that believes in him. We want to get him to the Office of President and snatch it from the hands of Diebold et al.

Congress won’t listen to reason, OR the people anyway.  WE NEED RON PAUL to lead the r3volution and take the government back.  He can’t do it wasting his time where he is ignored.  His calling has changed- he must go where he can make a REAL DIFFERENCE.

The country will need all of us on the same page in the days to come. Ron Paul can work with us, and make sure there is nothing missing from that playbook.

Freedom Become Terror: HR1955 & R3volutionaries


Before you start thinking that Christians are terrorists, recall that Christianity is the ONLY religion in the world that enshrines the Divine origin of man, and requires truth from all who believe that. It is also the ONLY one that proclaims that God loved us so much he actually BECAME one of us, to retrieve us from this dark, evil and violent world.

Without Christianity, ALL HUMAN BEINGS would be, like Islam, SLAVES to a distant god.

It is a tenet of Christian Doctrine that ‘all men are created equal’ and that has given YOU, r3volutionaries, the foundational basis to think as you will, do as you will, to speak and remake society as you will, all within the limits of the Golden Rule.

Therefore, as go the Christians, so goes Western Civilization and the thought police have been seriously targeting Christianity all over the developed world and in a heinous way, here on our own shores.

The thought police have exerted their influence over our ‘elected representatives’ who, in October of last year, passed HR1955. This makes virtually any act of freedom or discussion an act of terrorism subject to justifiable repression of the state.  There is NO NEED to be a Christian to suffer this new law.

Hold up a sign, hand over a piece of literature or a slim-jim, make your political demands known (especially to those who don’t want to hear them or for YOU to even exist) and now you are a terrorist.

Promoting Peace? You’re a terrorist. Promoting Private Property Rights? You’re a terrorist. Handing a bible over to someone that wants one? You’re a terrorist too. Promoting Fiscal Responsibility? You’re a terrorist.  Protesting illegal search and seizure?  Terrorist!  Don’t like eminent domain?  Terrorist!  Smoking a cigarette? Terrorist!

Do or THINK anything that the thought police don’t like, and you can find yourself in the midst of a little ‘discomfort’, enhanced pressure techniques, sanctioned and promoted by YOUR REPRESENTATIVES and the politically correct thought police who LOVE this game…

Sounds all too much like the morality police of Iran, doesn’t it? Well, like Iran…

It might help to recall, as Pope Benedict XVI said at his election as Pope:  “We are saved by the crucified, NOT the CRUCIFIERS.”

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