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Enemies Choosing the Time of America’s Demise

 russia china partners

Here we have a further devaluation towards the collapse of the dollar, as is known throughout the rest of the world, but, strangely, not HERE.

Furthermore it seems that the Doomsday legislation passed in 2005 (called “disgusting, terrible and unconstitutional,” said Norm Ornstein, of an independent, bipartisan panel called the Continuity of Government Commission which is studying the issue. “The way it was passed was deceitful and the intent behind the legislation was very foolish.”) is actually being implemented.

Foreign troops are being trained, using those willing to shoot on American citizens. This is with our own military gone in bases around the world, and these foreign troops aren’t here to uphold the constitution. This does NOT include Blackwater and the hired paramilitaries the FBI has exempted from shoot-to-kill crimes.

Now, China seems to be unwilling to continue to finance America’s illegal wars. Russia, allied with China, has been pushing for economic power over the dollar, to ‘pull the plug‘ on the currency, at at time deemed most ‘useful’ for them.

The Russia/China partnership was entered to stop the only superpower in the world-America. They will do it through means of collapsing the dollar through pulling funds, and through oil throughout the middle east. At the UN they oppose any use of force against Iran, while they understand clearly that America has not taken pre-emptive nuclear strikes against that country ‘off the table.’

If China refuses to fund America’s wars, and Russia retaliates against our position on Kosovo, which is a serious point of contention, their threats may quickly become the new reality for the American economy.

The illegal and immoral war we have been waging is far too expensive, is draining our economy dry, and must stop. Borrowing the funds from China to pay for it puts ownership of all American assets at risk. It is causing diplomatic crises around the world, organizing our enemies against us, and is dangerous for the entire world.  A hundred year war is impossible given the state of our economy, and we haven’t even gone halfway through the mortgage crisis as yet.

As Lenin said, “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” The noose is already tied.


The 2 Parties Have Spoken: You’re Getting a Depression!

mortgage crisis

Both parties COULD pay attention to the economy. Both parties have IGNORED the economy and the Depression freight train headed our way.

They’re continuing to spend, spend, spend, borrow, borrow, borrow as if we are made of nothing but money.

They simply don’t care that Americans have already lost $600 BILLION on their homes, and we are only, at best, half-way through the crisis.

They don’t care that Abu Dhabi has been approached to bail out Citibank and therefore tighten Islam’s noose around our financial necks.

They don’t care that China, who has promised that war with us in inevitable, is the one that we must borrow from to continue an illegal war.

They’ve gotten the puppets they wanted.

We’re not playing THAT game ANYMORE.

Ron Paul- Third Party.

Americans are SICK of WAR! De-stress AND Protest Cheney Planet!

dick cheney death

We’re sick of the war. We’re sick of the lies. We’re sick of being ‘terrorized’ by cave- and mud- hut dwelling dictators and petty minions who we have convinced that we hate them.

We’re sick of wasting our hard-earned money making the military/industrial/oil complex RICH beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

We’re sick of being treated like criminals in our own country.

Time to destress AND protest this illegal war and the greedy, corrupt power-brokers that promote endless war for a century or more to come.

Join everyone else, take the day off March 19 in honor of the date we inflicted this war on innocent people!

We MUST start making ourselves VERY CLEAR, or we’ll be paying far more than a days pay!

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