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Anonymous, Occupy Wall Street & Dignity

Anonymous- an uprising of young people with formidable talents, skills and resources at their disposal. BUT I want to know… WHERE IS YOUR DIGNITY?

What movement EVER had to defend itself by saying ‘we’re not teenagers living in their mother’s basements’???

It is IMPORTANT and relevant to your future, the future which has been stolen by banksters, Wall Street and hidden agendas who care so little about YOUR future that they toast you with champagne and mockery.

Your empty threat of taking Wall Street off the internet, that never materialized, guaranteed that the powers that be will not take you seriously, and it doesn’t show that the media is gullible, it shows that you don’t as yet understand who you are up against.

Your entire future, its content and its quality, is ON THE BRINK. The ones you are up against have MORTGAGED YOUR ENTIRE LIFE FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT.

They have it all now, you think fooling around with whether a park is clean or not is going to reserve a future for you?

Your actions and protests MUST proceed as if your life depends upon it, BECAUSE IT DOES.

Back when there WAS a Constitution in force, Nixon’s ‘tin soldiers’ STILL shot 4 students dead. Those students knew their future was at stake then.

Now, however, we not only have tin soldiers who are totally willing to kill Americans, in violation of the Constitution they have sworn to uphold, protect and defend, WE NO LONGER EVEN HAVE CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTIONS AND RIGHTS.

Without breaking open the shadow government, the hidden crimes, and demanding and receiving GENUINE justice, your future will be stolen with impunity.

Without demanding the Constitution and all your rights being restored, your future will be stolen with impunity.

Without demanding that all the necessities and trappings of civilization, like infrastructure, energy, medicine, housing, and important institution be RETURNED TO THE PEOPLE, your future will be stolen with impunity.

The thieves are SO CLOSE to having it all that they won’t stop now, and they have ALL THE CARDS.

They have the media that will tell the story THEIR WAY.
They have the tin soldiers that will enforce arbitrary laws THEIR WAY.

They have banks and financial institutions that will deal with all the wealth of the country THEIR WAY, and their way is NOT to care whether you live or die.

Yes, you can have ‘victories’ but these are victories in battle salvos.

The war is for the rest of your lives, and your enemies don’t care if you and all you love are totally devastated. IN FACT, THAT IS THEIR INTENT.

I suggest you cooperate with others who are fighting in their own ways for the same goals and reasons.

Intrepid, focused and REALISTIC. Claim your dignity and KEEP it. Remember the Vietnam Protests, because this can, and probably will, get ugly.


  MiMi wrote @

We’re all losing dignity by the day, thanks to privacy laws and such, but despite dignity or most anything else, this does have the makings of getting very ugly. …The powers that be are getting ready — saw a sad video from an employee with NYPD torn up about his workplace accepting almost $5 million from Wall Street. Paraphrasing him, “If it’s true about America itself being the cause of 9/11, then my brothers are consorting with the enemy and have committed treason.”

  Margaret wrote @

Yes and treason it is. No doubt about it. There is all too much of it going around these days, and we have lost our country because of it. The worst of criminals and the worst of crimes go unpunished and murder/treason/torture is now the standard operating procedure of our government. When will our military and law enforcement ‘get it’ and come around? If they don’t, then they have sold us out to the most monstrous of global dictators. We will have to thank them.

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