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Garden Path: Banksters & Micro-Lending

Having worked for a period of time in the micro-lending ‘business’, I can tell you from experience that it is all too easy to get banksters in on the action and thereby ruin a good thing.

I highly recommend micro-lending for average folks to begin small businesses, especially those who must begin ‘under the radar’ until such time as we see the direction that our economic collapse is going to take, and if there will be any viable business opportunities remaining to the people.

Yet the recent horrors perpetrated on the Grameen Bank, as reported in The Economist, have convinced me that there is no community with wealth or assets, no matter how small, that global banksters don’t want their hands in, and if they get them there, will ruin things for everyone involved. The very thinking processes of ‘investors’, politicians and banksters must change or they have NO PLACE in the field. Especially since it is usually their policies, their regulations, their profit motives that have guaranteed poverty and despair in the first place, their participation is absolutely questionable.

For micro-lending to work, it operates on VERY DIFFERENT PRINCIPLES than banking in general, and if it does not, it is doomed to failure. In the way that quantum physics is very different than physics, successful micro-lending is very different than macro-lending, and in my estimation, failures of micro-lending are far less damaging to the community than the larger type.

I could tell you some horror stories, and I might yet in the future. But suffice it to say that in any dealings I had with banks, for the benefit of the small businesses that we were developing, the BANKS NEVER GROKKED THE PRINCIPLES. No matter how many ways it was presented, no matter how varied, creative and clear the principles, it appeared to me that the bankers simply had blinders on and could never bridge the gap. They could never get their minds around ‘benefitting the citizenry.’

So alas for Muhammed Yunus, whose global acclaim got him the wrong attention, it looks as though the financial ‘interests’ will be taking him down rather than seeking understanding, are looking to seize such assets and wealth that Grameen Bank had generated, and poverty will return to small communities that were actually making some headway against it.

Southern Poverty Law Center: Spin Central

Spinning it to get an agenda going and to attempt to discredit a very important movement.

Potock doesn’t even ACTUALLY KNOW what people are really saying. He’s making up his crap as he goes along. If he wasn’t so committed to the agenda of SPLC, and paid real attention to the growing poverty in this country and its true causes, would he change his tune?

SPLC is a fantastic example of a group that receives all its funding for the purposes of alleviating poverty, but does nothing to actually fulfill its mission. There’s just too much money to be made by either keeping the poor poor, or by doing its part to increase the poverty in the country.

Arizona Says “DC a Fountain of Harm”

It was their congress person and their federal judge assassinated.

However, they are being honest. DC IS a fountain of harm.

JP Morgan’s Turn at the Trough

Now that JP Morgan Chase is finding itself in legal fraudclosure problems that are larger than they can handle, Goldman Sachs has stepped down from the throne and instead Daley has substituted, and JP Morgan now has the ears, the agendas and the pocketbooks to get the justice system in tow at the expense of Americans one more time.

About Daley: 

He also played a pivotal role in creating the housing crisis, was on the board of Fannie Mae, opposed financial reform, supported health insurance companies, fought for Pharma interests, lobbied for telecommunications companies and adamantly opposed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

But, despite the obvious facts as follows:

There’s a section of my forthcoming book about the rule of law which examines the direct causal line between the vast number of Wall Street officials in key administration positions and the full-scale exemption from accountability which financial elites enjoy even for the most egregious lawbreaking. When you compile all of those appointments in one place, the absolute stranglehold large-scale corporate interests exert over virtually all realms of government policy is quite striking. But it’s nothing more than what the economist Nouriel Roubini meant when he told the makers of the 2010 documentary “Inside Job” that Wall Street has “captured the political system” on “the Democratic and the Republican side” alike, or what Simon Johnson describes as “The Quiet Coup”: “The government seems helpless, or unwilling, to act against” elite business interests.

It has NOTHING TO DO with the current economic crisis!

How poor do Americans need to be before our politicians say ‘enough’! Third world status is too good for us, apparently.

Thought Police, Detroit & Arizona Shootings

Glam Detroit

PC Detroit

The thought police are at it again with their dog and pony show about the horror of the shooting that has just taken down a Congresswoman and many others.

We hear ‘that’s not the America I grew up in’ and all kinds of blather. We forget that for decades Detroit was the liberal darling AND the murder capitol of the world, alternating with (of all places) for the MC title with Washington DC. Forgetting about the Kennedy murders, MLK murder, and the almost daily murders around the country and the world.

I do not know what drives some people to murder, but Detroit indicates very clearly to me that those who want to ‘thought police’ have gotten it very seriously wrong.

TRUTH will always out.

Muni Bond Dominoes: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul to Pay…

The downward spiral of our ‘recovery.’

Poisoned World: Big Pharma & FDA

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and the name of him that sat on him was DEATH, and HELL followed with him. And power was given unto him over the fourth part of the earth,* to kill with the sword [War], and with hunger [planned starvation], and with death [deliberate introduction of pathogens and poisonous chemicals] and with the beasts of the earth [soul less humans].” Revelation 6:8

Drugs are everywhere. So many toxic chemicals in our food, air, and water. Cancer and a whole host of degenerative diseases are on the rise. This is FAR bigger than most people would ever imagine… this conspiracy stuff is not theory as you will see with actual verifiable documentation in this series.

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