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#1 Lensrank at Squidoo: Michelangelo’s David!


Michelangelo’s David has bee flirting with the #1 spot on Squidoo’s top 100 Lensrank list for quite a long time, and has been on that top 100 list almost since the day it was created.

So, imagine my DELIGHT that today, when I woke up, I discovered that Michelangelo’s David had FINALLY actually arrived at #1! (Out of almost 1/2 million pages!)

I got screenshots!

My profound thanks to ChefKeem who was alert and was the first to congratulate me on achieving #1! He’s a REAL fan of that page!



Often the best commentary is the one we write ourselves, for ourselves.  Surprisingly there may be others who this strikes a nerve with, to open debate, get people understanding one another, and do our own small part to bring peace and harmony to a world full of strife, stress and demands.

I’d like to begin with a famous vision of the greatness of humanity, an idea of how we were created to be.  No social darwinism in this vision, like the social darwinism of the school murderer in Finland- but rather the picture of what human males were created to actually be- strong, responsible, intelligent, protective of those who belong to them and those they belong to.  Take a look here at Michelangelo’s David and tell me if you aren’t inspired by the nobility and greatness sculpted in marble.

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