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Thought Policing by Fox News

Covering up the impending fascism by intimidating religious leaders. Nice work, Fox Traitor Network.

Fox News is so interested in what the priests and pastors of our great nation are saying in relation to Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton that they are even going into churches, listening to sermons, and looking for controversy.

This latest salvo in the THOUGHT POLICING of our ministers, priests and pastors, to toe the line and intimidate them into the neo-con game took place here. They are playing a serious anti-Christian game.

I did leave two comments questioning their integrity. What the hell are they doing in our churches? What the hell are they doing intimidating the religious leaders of our country into apologizing for statements they have made before God and Man, according to their God-Given calling? What the hell are they doing distracting the public from the REAL ISSUES that will determine the future of our country, by going into one of the great sanctuaries of the Constitution- our right to religious FREEDOM- and intimidating the leaders?

However, of course, neither comment made the ‘grade’ whereas their planted comments are all there.

Anyone that believes that Fox has America’s interests at heart has been thoroughly deceived. The Matrix in action. We need to find ways to take them down. They are traitors.

Lobotomies and Control: The Fight For YOUR Mind

We internets have seen the difference between what the PEOPLE want from our government, our political parties, our representatives and what they ACTUALLY give us.

There is no relation between the two.

Why? Because the ‘powers that be’ have CONTROL. The control the media, publishing, advertising, radio, television, movies.

The internet is under OUR control.

Net neutrality is under assault. They cannot control the minds of people who have learned the value of thinking for themselves. Therefore they cannot control the world if they do not control the internet. The internet will make them, or break them. Or, it will make or break democracy.

Right now, it is breaking them, breaking the control over the minds of the people that they have carefully cultivated for so long.

They intend to stop that by any means necessary.  All they will need is a toehold from which to work.  We must deny them that.

Treason in High Places

scorched earth liberty

Scott McClellan now has to come out and DEFEND HIMSELF even though the only thing he has done is to expose the horrendous treason foisted on the American people and the world.

What has this preposterous and evil nightmare of an administration cost America for its incomprehensible purposes?

It has cost us the CONSTITUTION- with the Patriot Act and so many other legislative events, the citizens are now enemies of their own government!

We are now subject to intense surveillance, are staring down the impending micro-chipping of our very persons, likely to be arrested and imprisoned for protesting, criticizing or opposing the decisions and the events that are unfolding before our eyes.

The fascism that is coming about is staring us in the face, has been completely legislated, has been supported by private militias and UN troops on OUR SOIL, and is ready to be implemented against us at the drop of a hat. ALL WITH THE BLESSING OF THE HOUSE, THE SENATE, AND THE SUPREME COURT!

We are now more dangerous than any other country in the world. By abandoning the Just War Doctrine, and pursuing a ‘pre-emptive’ unprovoked strike policy, every other nation in the world perceives itself to be at risk of a wild and unprovoked strike against them. There is no basis upon which we can operate responsibly in the world of diplomacy. America is now, like never before, at risk of other nations taking a ‘defensive’ first strike against us for no other reason than being criticized in the media!

It has cost us the economy. The terrible inflation that we are all experiencing in reality, but that mainstream media, Wall Street and the government denies and fudges over, is costing Americans their property, their livelihoods, their savings, their retirements. The effects of this have only just gotten started, and we have an enormous way to fall. Depression for us is inevitable, all the while the wealthy cronies get bailouts in the billions, laughing at Americans all the way to their ‘dual citizenship countries.’

Crony capitalism has cost us our industry, our jobs, and the American dream. It is bringing on our heads super-governmental organizations like NAFTA, NAU and expanding the relations with the UN, with troops brought to America that agree to fire on our own citizens.

The Vice President has declared that the US Constitution DOES NOT APPLY to the office of Vice President!

It has proven to the world that they are correct and America is little more than the stupid big brother of Israel. We went to war based on Al Qaeda being the worst and most dangerous terrorist organization in the world, but now that Israel has failed to take down Hezbollah, Hezbollah is replacing Al Qaeda as the greatest monster. Couldn’t be just coincidence, could it?

It has cost us thousands of lives, and many thousands of permanently disabled American vets, and has put us at very grave risk of nuclear war. Millions have already died, millions upon millions WILL die, all to do what… give a ‘legacy’ to the Bush Administration?

We haven’t even gotten around to discuss Chinagate and the treasonous sale of our nuclear secrets to China by the Clinton administration! This is ready to overcome America at any time now! China has said that all bets are off after the Olympics in August. They hold the Panama Canal against us, hold all the major ports to our south, have all the military secrets about America that they’ll ever need. Plus, a 100 million man standing army who will NEVER have a wife or family…

It is WAY PAST TIME for this administration, the previous administration and all the way back to Gerald Ford to be charged with HIGH TREASON, and investigated thoroughly for every single instance of it in every department, every office, every crony connection. Every Congress and Senate needs to be charged and investigated for the same.

The PEOPLE need to DEMAND of the current roster of so-called ‘representatives’ WHY THEY AREN’T ACTING IN THE INTERESTS OF AMERICANS???

Failure to do this is to lose our country altogether. If we let this go, with the VAST AMOUNTS of evidence available to us, then we have no reason to complain that we have lost our country, are starving, are imprisoned, and our children have no future. We deserve what we get.

But THIS is the roster of ‘statesmen’ the powers-that-be are railroading into the presidency!

What we NEED is COMPETENT and experienced STATESMEN, those who are COMMITTED to America, to the Constitution, to a proper and healthy world citizenship.

How much does this governance have to cost us before we say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!” ???

The time to act is NOW.

Spam: The School of Political Dirty Tricks

Did you know, internets, that you are a force to be reckoned with?

Well, if you didn’t notice it, our ever-so-honest political machines have!

If there was ever a school of dirty tricks, it has been the spam artists, and we’ve recently been told that we should expect, well, a spam onslaught of political gamesmanship, dirty tricks and misinformation campaigns!

Shocked, are you?

Haven’t you noticed some bizarre comments left on blogs and websites? Haven’t you noticed that you aren’t ‘reachable’ by the normal land-line callers? Haven’t you noticed that what the people want is NOT what the powers-that-be want to give?

Here’s a news flash for you:

“Taking a cue from phishing con artists, political scammers might seek to hijack or spoof the official sites of campaigns or local election boards, giving their misinformation an added veneer of credibility. Similarly, spoofed e-mails could be employed to persuade recipients that information is coming from a trusted source. In addition to conventional denial of service attacks, the Internet might also be used to facilitate distributed phone-jamming, of the sort often used to disrupt get-out-the-vote efforts. ”

So the plans are to use all your favorite technologies to do everything possible to disrupt your voting, your commitments, your support for a candidate, whether it is Ron Paul, Barack Obama, or any Third Party.


They’ll use voting requirement MISINFORMATION.

They’ll use global databases.

They’ll use phishing tactics.

They’ll use web 2.0 sites

They’ll use denial of service attacks and they’ll bury your in box.

They have some pretty big guns in their arsenal, too!  Fortunately for us, some of them were willing to discuss the matter and do their best to forewarn us all.

Just be ready.

$12 Gallon Gas- Who Cares?

money chimp

Now from the experts we hear that gas can easily be $12 per gallon. In a year, maybe two. Then, $15 per gallon.


An expert in economics, running for President, is just nuts.

So, far better to vote on plumbing, skin color, or war-mongering. THAT’S SANE.

Just imagine- think taxes are high now? Wait until the government decides it needs more money to pay for its additional gas expenses. Wait for government officials to increase your taxes to pay for the extra fuel fees for flying around the world for no benefit to us. Wait until the taxes go up to pay for the extra gas costs for the post office delivery system. For busing the kids to and from school. For the firetrucks, inspectors vehicles, police cars, military fuel expenditures.

Wait until your costs go up at the stores- plastics are made from oil, anything with plastic in it, on it or packaging it will skyrocket in price. Ordering online instead of driving to shop? Wait till you see the new shipping fees. Groceries shipped in from Mexico, Brazil, China or across the country? Try adding those fuel costs over distances and see what the price of food becomes. Clothing made with oil based synthetics will suddenly become as pricey as haute couture. Medical care is heavily dependent on oil-based plastics. Think your insurance and health care costs a lot now? Wait til then…

But, Ron Paul, the only candidate who even has a clue what economics is all about, is the one that’s nuts.

Unemployment is bad NOW? There won’t even be work at McDonalds. Nobody will be able to afford to eat there anymore. There won’t even BE a McDonalds. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get drafted, so at least you’ll get an e-paycheck. Into the military. Into the wars the ‘powers-that-be’ seem to determined to ‘win at all COSTS.’

Far better to give the government to people who want to double government expenditures at TODAYS prices, and who cares what those costs, and the taxes on YOU, will become as gasoline continues its hideous climb. When it takes everything you’ve got and MUCH MORE to heat your home in the winter.  That’s when the truth of what an inflationary depression REALLY is will hit HOME.

Maybe we’ll be immigrating to Russia! Now, THAT’S SANE!

That’s when you’ll say ‘we didn’t know!’

You didn’t want to know.

Ron Paul Obama Voters are Political Nukes Targets

The people are clearly seeing that the candidates of THEIR preference are in the political battles of their lives. In the bid for the most powerful position in the world, the stakes are HIGH, and the truth is that what the American voters want is NOT what they’re going to get.

A sign of how serious this is? The term ‘nuclear option’ in the political arena.

Since her husband is no longer in office, when Clinton speaks of the nuclear option against Barak Obama, it is an ‘allegorical’ allusion. Make no mistake about it, though, the woman INTENDS, no matter WHAT, to be the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT, and she will brook NO INTERFERENCE with that ambition. One wonders, indeed, how it would work if her ‘better half’ were still in office…

We can see THAT with Bush/McCain. He, too, is NOT HAPPY that the PEOPLE are ‘raining on his coronation’ and holding him accountable to laws he wrote. Bush is NOT HAPPY with the situation and committed a crime in order to keep things ‘on track.’

However, and this is where it gets REALLY scary- for Bush, the election term ‘nuclear option’ is NOT JUST PRETTY WORDS. Frantic meetings of the GOP powers-that-be have convinced them that the people just don’t see it their way. Party faithful are bailing in favor of almost ANYONE that talks sense about our world, highly respected former Republicans have announced Third Party candidacy- in the event Ron Paul ‘disappeared’ his people would STILL have excellent choices- and the GOP KNOWS THEY AREN’T COMING BACK.

In the Democratic arena, the battle to the death between Clinton and Obama is almost meaningless: Diebold has NO INTENTION of a democratic presidency and will not permit one.

But the fight among the Republicans is of an entirely DIFFERENT LEVEL.

The GOP as it stands will have a true following corresponding with Bush’s popularity level. This is the best it gets with the party in such a bitter battle. Diebold’s President won’t even be able to FAKE support.

What to do? Texas knows. Think Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Think New York City, New York. Think Texas City, Texas.

What??? Texas City, Texas?????????

They’ve noticed a correspondence between refinery events in Texas City and soaring Oil profits and prices. There are others.

But the GOP POLITICAL Nuclear option-to-end-all-optionsGUARANTEES an end to all debate.

McCain is a CRIMINAL, STILL People Say Ron Paul is a NUT

With McCain PROVEN to be a Criminal, and Bush obstructing justice right along with him; with Obama ADMITTEDLY only a PUBIC HAIR of difference from them; STILL people are saying that it is Ron Paul that is the nut, and so are the people that LOVE him! Only NUTS will support politicians who prove themselves above any law, and therefore it is the McCain Republicans that are NUTS and KOOKS.

The herd mentality that got us into the horrible mess we’re in still has its claws deep into the hearts and minds of the media-mind people.

Yet, their wallets, the foreclosures in their mailboxes, the pink slips from the closing businesses where they’ve worked for decades, is starting to make people VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.

Things are definitely crumbling for the parties. They have to FIGHT LIKE HELL to keep their delegates for their annointed criminal king- the PEOPLE don’t want more of the same. They’re fighting like crazy over Obama/ Clinton, another ‘pubic hairs width’ difference in the armed madhouse that used to be the White House.

This thing is slipping through the hands of the parties like sand. There is a LOT that can happen between now and the actual nomination. McCain can get sick, have a stroke, even die. More dirt can come out on Obama, people might actually begin to notice how the Clinton’s committed the worst act of political treason in American History- Chinagate.

Ron Paul is STILL STANDING. And because he is still standing- HE CAN WIN.

Make your voice known. Bring this page up to #1 with your comments. Email it to everyone that has an opinion. Let’s stand up and continue to be noticed.

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