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Nuking America? War Mongering & False Flag Destruction

Now our illustrious and traitorous FBI is disclosing that Bin Laden has 20 suitcase nukes, smuggled from the former Soviet Union and into America through the open border between America and Mexico.   They assert that THIS is the reason Ahmedinajad of Iran mocks us, saying that America will be bombed back into the stone age.

All this DESPITE THE FACT that BIN LADEN IS DEAD.  Benazir Bhutto paid the ultimate price for revealing that information to David Frost of the BBC, in an interview that was- astonishingly- never shown on American television.

Closing the border at Mexico has LONG been demanded of our government, by Americans, and has been an inexcusably ignored issue by our President, our Congress, and the Senate.  PURPOSELY ignored, it has become plain, especially when our Department of Homeland Security has been given BILLIONS of dollars to harrass, investigate, and monitor American citizens despite the Constitution.

Like 911 and the World Trade Centers; like Oklahoma City; like the very concerned people of Texas City Texas believe, like the Anthrax attacks; the truth of nukes in America will be that of another false flag operation, designed to crumble America’s and American’s power and grant global domination to… who?  Israel?  No, not Israel, but the Zionists within it.

With all the ‘intelligence’ our government has collected, with all the ‘intelligence’ that has been given priority of everything, including the rule of law, it is our government that is responsible for any nukes set off in America, directly responsible or indirectly.

Between McCain’s September Surprise of his coming exit from the Presidential race, the likely assassination of BO, and the return of a Hillary Clinton/ Mitt Romney presidential race, the truth is that we are UNLIKELY TO SEE A CHANGE IN GOVERNMENT.

Bush’s dearest wish, “As long as I’m the dictator,” is just about to be realized.  There is NO WAY Bush/Cheney will permit themselves to be charged with murder or treason.  There is NO WAY the global bankers are going to give up their power over the governments of the world.  There is NO WAY the Neo-Cons and their puppet media want to put global nuclear war on the back burner where it belongs.

The only way is to have a catastrophe so great, so devastating, that even the hypnotized American people are willing to give up all their rights, submit to a monstrous dictatorship, and give in to anything the dictators order.

I hope your souls are in order, readers, to meet your maker.  We are on the verge of a global destruction for the final realization of the ambitions of a few, and they’re willing to take down the planet and every person necessary, to accomplish their goals.


Wealth Migration Means New World Energy Order

Solve the energy crisis Ron Paul’s way, or go with the ‘flow.’

Massive mis- and dis- information about energy, oil supplies, demand and a serious distortion in the market in favor of the few who profit mightily off the industry, now we discover that there are some very diabolical intentions behind this ‘crisis.’

Wealth migration from the developed West into the developing East is one of five reasons given to create a New World Energy Order.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the global energy sector is evolving into a “new world energy order” whereby demand and supply equations are changing and new active players are emerging in the international arena.

Of course, no global dictatorship could ever truly take power unless and until it had total control of all energy supplies, including but not limited to oil.

Here is one major reason, perhaps the thing we have corporate America to thank most for…

A steady migration of power and wealth from energy-deficit to energy-surplus nations: The transfer of wealth alone is already mind-boggling. The oil-exporting countries collected an estimated US$970bil from the importing countries in 2006, and the take for 2007, when finally calculated, is expected to be far higher.

It is also probably the basis for the drumbeats of nuclear war against Iran and other Middle Eastern Nations- all of whom, holding vast quantities of oil, have standing between a global dictatorship and all the means of controlling the people of the world.

No amount of ass-kissing by a Saudi Prince or King can do a thing if the global bankers decide to nuke you if you don’t cooperate.

A growing risk of conflict: Throughout history, major shifts in power have normally been accompanied by violence – in some cases, protracted violent upheavals.

Yes, American taxpaying citizens, you are giving up your children, your liberties and your protections of Constitutional law, giving up your moral basis for diplomacy, giving up your jobs, your productivity, your homes, your financial security, all in order to let the bankers RUN THE SHOW.

Let’s just keep voting the bastards in, shall we?

Ron Paul Obama Voters are Political Nukes Targets

The people are clearly seeing that the candidates of THEIR preference are in the political battles of their lives. In the bid for the most powerful position in the world, the stakes are HIGH, and the truth is that what the American voters want is NOT what they’re going to get.

A sign of how serious this is? The term ‘nuclear option’ in the political arena.

Since her husband is no longer in office, when Clinton speaks of the nuclear option against Barak Obama, it is an ‘allegorical’ allusion. Make no mistake about it, though, the woman INTENDS, no matter WHAT, to be the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT, and she will brook NO INTERFERENCE with that ambition. One wonders, indeed, how it would work if her ‘better half’ were still in office…

We can see THAT with Bush/McCain. He, too, is NOT HAPPY that the PEOPLE are ‘raining on his coronation’ and holding him accountable to laws he wrote. Bush is NOT HAPPY with the situation and committed a crime in order to keep things ‘on track.’

However, and this is where it gets REALLY scary- for Bush, the election term ‘nuclear option’ is NOT JUST PRETTY WORDS. Frantic meetings of the GOP powers-that-be have convinced them that the people just don’t see it their way. Party faithful are bailing in favor of almost ANYONE that talks sense about our world, highly respected former Republicans have announced Third Party candidacy- in the event Ron Paul ‘disappeared’ his people would STILL have excellent choices- and the GOP KNOWS THEY AREN’T COMING BACK.

In the Democratic arena, the battle to the death between Clinton and Obama is almost meaningless: Diebold has NO INTENTION of a democratic presidency and will not permit one.

But the fight among the Republicans is of an entirely DIFFERENT LEVEL.

The GOP as it stands will have a true following corresponding with Bush’s popularity level. This is the best it gets with the party in such a bitter battle. Diebold’s President won’t even be able to FAKE support.

What to do? Texas knows. Think Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Think New York City, New York. Think Texas City, Texas.

What??? Texas City, Texas?????????

They’ve noticed a correspondence between refinery events in Texas City and soaring Oil profits and prices. There are others.

But the GOP POLITICAL Nuclear option-to-end-all-optionsGUARANTEES an end to all debate.

Fasten Your Seatbelts: Nuclear War???

nuclear exposion

After 9/11 Americans were wondering ‘why do they hate us?’ What we know about ourselves is that we are generous, kind and helpful people to those less fortunate in the world. The mainstream puppet media has continued to feed us that line, relentlessly, keep us distracted from what our ‘representatives’ are doing or not doing, and in general disconnecting our minds from reality.

What we don’t know is that we are, thanks to the last 20+ years of governance and dangling at the strings of our puppet masters, also some of the most ruthless people the world has ever seen.

Our diplomacy has taken the classic ‘mafia’ form: we make ‘offers others can’t refuse‘ and behind that ‘diplomacy‘ we have generated the most hideous weapons technology that the worst nightmares of sci-fi’s mad scientists couldn’t have even dreamed. Weapons to use against others, yes, but also against OUR OWN PEOPLE.

Thanks to our ‘representatives,’ they now have all the laws in place they need to use them against ANYONE THEY WANT, INCLUDING US.

Will they use them? We are now ON THE EDGE of finding out. They have created a ‘climate of war.’

The GLOBAL BANKERS, who are destroying our own economy, are RESPONSIBLE for this mess: “Signaling further pressure on Tehran, the administration also issued a warning on Thursday to U.S. financial institutions about the dangers of doing business with Iranian banks because of inadequate checks on money laundering and the growing risks to the international financial system posed by Iran’s financial sector. “The government of Iran disguises its involvement in proliferation and terrorism activities through an array of deceptive practices,” the Treasury Department said.”

The idea that our ‘honest’ banking system is threatened by the ‘deceptive practices’ of a third world country is completely preposterous. The deceptive practices of the Federal Reserve and its crony global bankers has just received bailouts in multiples of America’s entire GDP, from which they ‘multiply by 40’ and spend, because of the ‘fractional banking system.’ This means that for every dollar of bailout the taxpayers give them, they are, BY LAW, able to turn it into $40 of interest bearing LOANS back to Americans, American businesses, a criminal practice that future taxpayers are obligated to pay for, despite the fact that it GUTS the value of our money and destroys our own economy.


“Over the past eight days, the U.S. government has undertaken a number of steps to put Tehran on notice that the international community will not allow the Iranian government to misuse the international financial system or global transportation network to further its aspirations to obtain nuclear weapons capability, improve its missile systems, or support international terrorism,” State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said in a statement.”

This is smoke and mirrors designed to implement the Global Strike Plan. “Global strike has become one of the core missions for the Omaha-based Strategic Command, or Stratcom. Once, Stratcom oversaw only the nation’s nuclear forces; now it has responsibility for overseeing a global strike plan with both conventional and nuclear options. President Bush spelled out the definition of “full-spectrum” global strike in a January 2003 classified directive, describing it as “a capability to deliver rapid, extended range, precision kinetic (nuclear and conventional) and non-kinetic (elements of space and information operations) effects in support of theater and national objectives.”

“Among the reasons that the Bush administration has proclaimed are that Iran is supporting terrorism by supplying arms, training and encouragement both to anti-American insurgents in Iraq and to anti-Israeli Hizbullah militants in Lebanon and that it is moving toward the acquisition of nuclear weapons. Doubts have been expressed on both of these contentions. Iran played a positive role in against the Taliban (and against the drug trade) in Afghanistan and evidence on Iraq is, at best, sketchy. On the nuclear issue, a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) reported in November 2007 the consensus of all the American intelligence agencies “with high confidence” that Iran is not actively seeking to develop nuclear weapons.

Even if it means going to war with Russia, Iran’s ally? The ‘mafia diplomacy‘ is interpreted as a threat to Russia. “He (Putin) insisted that Russia would make no concessions to the West at the expense of its own security, saying, “Why should we be flexible if it’s a question of a threat to our security?”

The Administration’s reasons for war are lies and distortions: “The Iranian move clearly had great propaganda value.”

Furthermore, there is no doubt that China has developed strong ties with Middle East Nations: Syria, Iran and others- all ties that put China’s interests at threat if the US and the global bankers decide to PRE-EMPTIVELY strike Iran.

The death toll on innocent people by the Global Strike Plan? “the number of deaths could exceed a million, and the number of people with increased cancer risks could exceed 10 million. For example, the new nuclear earth penetrator that the United States plans to research would use a 1.2-megaton weapon. According to a simulation using software developed for the Pentagon, if one of these weapons were used against the underground nuclear facility in Esfahan, Iran, 3 million people would be killed by radiation within 2 weeks of the explosion, and 35 million people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India would be exposed to increased levels of cancer-causing radiation.

Most Americans believe that something is dreadfully wrong, and 81% think we’re on the WRONG TRACK.

If we were surprised at how HATED we are at 9/11- there will be NO COMPARISON to the hatred we will have EARNED if we are the ones to start a GLOBAL NUCLEAR CONFLAGRATION.

We have LOST our country to the international bankers. They have threatened to destroy countries and economies before to get their own way, and America is NO DIFFERENT. More on this in another post…

However, if we don’t STOP these people, if we don’t TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK, if we don’t RETURN TO OUR CONSITUTION and IMMEDIATELY, we, as a people, will be responsible for GLOBAL NUCLEAR WAR.

God won’t ‘bail us out’ of this one. He didn’t bail the Russian people from the genocide against them that Stalin committed. He didn’t bail out the Jews from Hitler’s genocide. He didn’t bail out Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

But, He DOES hold nations responsible for their actions. We HAVE the Just War Doctrine to guide military intervention. We have abandoned it ourselves.

We will drink this cup TO THE DREGS before it is over.

Escalating the War to WWIII? Ron Paul is RIGHT!

bush fascist salute

Admiral Fallon’s abrupt resignation sent shock wave signals through the world, signalling that even the military was concerned about Cheney/Bush’s intention to escalate the war into Iran.

“Across the officer corps, a large number of senior military leaders share Admiral Fallon’s broad assessment that a war with Iran would bring unexpected and, perhaps, unmanageable, risks elsewhere in the Muslim world and around the globe.” In other words, to quote Ron Paul: ‘blowback.’

Even the surge, using our military as a police force (illegally, and unconstitutionally) in Iraq is dangerous and certainly not in the best interests of America:

“Adm. Fallon had favored a significant withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, arguing that the open-ended deployment of 140,000 military personnel there was causing growing manpower strains throughout the armed forces.”

There are more dreadful effects of this mess. The ‘religious war’ has taken hold of the Middle East, and innocent people are suffering and dying because of it. Yes, we SAY it isn’t a ‘religious war’ but there is no other way for the victims of this war to understand it. It was illegal in the first place. In the second place, we HAVE their oil, yet we still continue aggression, and it is obvious that our administration intends to expand it to Iran and elsewhere. What other explanation can they find?

Thanks to the Clinton Administration, who have enriched our enemies with our best technology and weapons, one simple action tied two very dangerous countries together in opposition to us, BEFORE 9/11 and Bush’s war decision. Ensuing policies have only strengthened this relationship between China and Russia, who have allied themselves with Iran.

War with Iran IS war with China and Russia. Global war. WWIII.

McCain is Bush and Bush policies with a bad, VERY BAD, face-lift.

Ron Paul is the ONLY CHOICE for global peace.

Blood Lust Has Overtaken the Parties, Except Ron Paul!

The Blood Lust Will Overtake You ALL

In Alabama…

“In 1993 Don claims he saw clouds that formed seven trumpets (three “clear and ready to blow”); in 1994 a veil of darkness that covered half the sky; in 1994 the inspiration to say, “The heat shall be in the blood. It shall come to a boil. People shall become enthralled with its power and thrill. The dullness of their souls shall be shattered and overpowered. It will drive the emotions and provide a life force of its own. It shall wash over all of mankind. Prayer is the only defense to keep from being drawn into the boiling cauldron.” Prophecies

In 1994 experiments began on aborted embryos for cloning and genetic research purposes.Also in 1994, almost ONE MILLION people were chopped apart with machetes in Rwanda, though they also for years had had prophetic warnings which were dismissed as ridiculous and ignored.

Mother Theresa had said, “the fruit of abortion is nuclear war.”

It can’t be any surprise that those of us opposed to the wholesale slaughter of tens of millions of innocent Americans felt that 9/11 was, perhaps, in part, chastisement for so much bloodshed.

What we didn’t understand at the time, but is CLEAR NOW, is that this bloodlust would make America abandon our Christian principles ALTOGETHER and be willing to DROP THE FIRST NUCLEAR WEAPONS, unprovoked, against ‘enemies’ that can’t possibly be a danger to us!

Luke 23: 27-30 is a promise or prophecy of Jesus’ own:

“there followed him a great multitude of the people, and of women who bewailed and lamented him. But Jesus turning to them said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me but for yourselves and for your children. For behold, the days are coming when they will say, ‘Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bore, and the breasts that never gave suck! Then they will begin to say to the mountains, ‘Fall on us’; and to the hills, ‘cover us.'”

We have the opportunity to vote OUT those who have succumbed to this blood lust, and elect Dr. Ron Paul, who has introduced the Sanctity of Life Act. He has delivered 4,000 babies and cared for as many new mothers!

Yet, our Republican front runner, John McCain has declared that the ILLEGAL and IMMORAL war with Iraq can and should last 100 years- this from a man Pat Buchanan described: “John McCain will make Dick Cheney look like Gandhi.”

But you say, “there won’t be nuclear war” by the democrats…

Take a look here:

Even the media is keeping the blood lust going, and you’re listening! Observe the BLOODLUST yourself! Not enough torture? Not enough war escalation? Too ‘soft’ on the ‘war on terror?’

Will YOU choose the bloodlust for yourself and your country? It is HERE, NOW.

Will you ignore the reality of what we are genuinely facing, because the blood lusting media ridicules the ONLY candidate that wants America to survive? Wants America to THRIVE? Wants to SAVE AMERICA from the monsters that have been running it for at least two decades?

Will you ignore this opportunity to elect Ron Paul, because you would rather believe proven LIARS than what you KNOW to be true?

Reconsider your soul, reconsider life, reconsider whether we want to empower and dive headlong into what the neo-cons, neo-coms, and blood-thirsty military industrial one-worlders want. There are consequences for every decision. There will be irreversible ones for this one we are facing as a nation.

Vote Ron Paul even if you hear he can’t win. The fact is, he can’t lose or we ALL do. God bless.

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