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Alternative Economies & Cannibalization

Shark Bait

Nanny State threatens us with being eaten alive. We're nothing but shark food.

Our current governments have gotten to the point where they are finally cannibalizing the people. While a leech sucks the blood of its host until it dies, our government leeches have killed that goose and now are eating it. Even if it is still kicking…

Michigan is a fine case in point. In the last twelve months, the population fleeing this fine state has dropped by at least 400,000 people. While the unemployment rate is reportedly low, +/- 14%, that doesn’t account for the drop in population.

The figures are further distorted here because the Upper Peninsula has an unemployment rate of between 26% and 30%, and Detroit is reporting an unemployment rate of 50%.

But, rather than adjust the size of the government to the new reality of a declining population and the mass exodus of businesses and jobs; the state has instead increased taxes, fees and fines on the few who remain, and rather than cutting excessive government or the legislation that damages the ability of the citizens to support themselves, they only make cuts where it hurts only the citizenry and only in the way it causes them the most pain.

Rather than revisiting the failed strategies, the government has opted for pain to its citizens in an attempt to make us cry ‘UNCLE!!! Tax us more, just don’t hurt us any longer!’

And there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to indicate that this will change anytime in the foreseeable future.

Therefore, if the citizens are going to develop an alternative economy, it is all but totally certain that it will have to be ‘under the radar.’

Currently all government, from the most national to the most local, has oodles and oodles of laws that are all designed to take a bite out of every single thing you might do to support yourself.

Locally there are laws prohibiting or proscribing how you can use your land, how many vehicles (customers) can visit your home, demands for licensure or declarations of doing business that guarantees you’ll have to account for every penny and pay taxes, sometimes very high alternative taxes, on any income you take in; when bartering you’ll have to declare any trade IN DOLLARS so you can be taxed on sales AND on income.

There are even laws that prohibit activities that will feed your family, like subsistence farming or ‘poaching’, even if your family will go hungry otherwise.

Smart citizens will begin taking back their government at the local level, and line by line eliminating every single ‘law’ that makes earning a living harder or impossible.

As we go, we must force our state level government officials to eliminate laws on the books that put the government into a position of being enemy of their own citizens.

Doing so opens the possibility of local currencies, genuine local capitalism, and the proper confluence of laws and liberties.

As long as the cannibalization of the people by the government exists, your ability to take care of yourself and your loved ones is in serious danger. The force of the State will do you in every time, at any opportunity.

Now is the time to ensure that your right hand KNOWS what your left hand is doing. Work them both. Work to eliminate destructive and dangerous laws and work to build your local alternative economies.

Tea Party Beware! Same GOP Tricks, Different Election

certain death

What will it actually kill?

Just like the Rock Man, who sees what he wants to see and hears what he wants to hear, the GOP has decided to attempt to assimilate the Tea Party crowd all the while keeping itself open for the same old tricks to please the ONE PUPPETMASTER.

There is NO COMMITMENT for the criminality and theft to end.

The GOP’s potential platform is designed for the express purpose of drawing the Tea Party crowd, and thereby winning upcoming elections, but without the true commitment that Tea Party people require.

According to WND, the grass-roots rebellion is significant enough to warrant platform changes. Without those changes the Tea Party will never support the GOP.

Some of the proposed platform items are as follows:

I will vote for only that legislation which contains a citation to the specific authority granted in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.

I will vote against any legislation that infringes the individual right to keep and bear arms.

I will vote for legislation that allows the use of domestic resources to achieve energy and food independence.

I will vote against any legislation that results in a federal takeover of any private corporation, institution or entity.

I will vote against any legislation that authorizes the United Nations to impose a tax, levy, fee, or royalty on the United States or any of its citizens.


One or two sections only means that there will always be loopholes whereby corruption will enter and the infection that is killing our country will just destroy more organs of the body America.

The REAL trick of this platform is the fourth point listed. “I will vote against any legislation that results in a federal takeover of any private corporation, institution or entity.”

How easily this one statement can be manipulated, as if these criminal corporations must be given a free pass because they are ‘privately’ owned. As if ACORN can never be legislated against or closed down because it too is an ‘entity’ protected under this plank.

Commitment by any politician to this particular point is catastrophic to the Tea Party. It means that we cannot audit the Federal Reserve because, as Ron Paul points out, to audit the Fed is to END the Fed.

It means that we cannot take any actions against ‘private’ banks, investment houses or international corporations because to do so is to garner results that will become a takeover or destruction of those entities.

In short, while private property is certainly a Constitutional right, this element of the platform guarantees the status quo as regards criminal corporations, corruption in our government and the continued seizure of citizen’s properties for the enrichment of a few.

Far far better to return to the original practices of our Founders and permit corporations ONLY long enough to provide for the public good. Far better to guarantee that no entity of any kind will have more rights, more privileges, more support than the individual human being citizen.

Far better to force our government to take responsibility to ‘coin money’ and to outlaw with severe penalties anyone or anyTHING (corporations) that operates a currency that is fraudulent and nothing more than counterfeit monopoly money.

The Tea Party is GETTING SOMEWHERE. The politicians are ignoring the citizens in every way, and the rage is growing. If we settle for easily manipulated tricks, we hamstring our own advance and drive a stake through the heart of the country, instead of the vampires we intend to take down.

Prepare for the Shocks of a Real Economy

Buying Crap

International High Profit Crap

For about a century, now, we Americans have been living in a ‘manipulated’ economy. The manipulation comes from government, who decides what subsidies, tax breaks, and outright funding that any given company, corporation or crony will get. And that money that is glad-handed around means that those with influence (read politicians and corporations) end up to be the ONLY winners. Seeing yourself on the losing end of that manipulation is a terrifying thing.

Manipulated economy means that the trajectory is ever larger- ever larger government, ever larger corporations, ever larger pools of power including the global ONE, all at the expense of the small, the citizen, the taxpayer, the small farmer, the small property owner.

In order to achieve greater power, greater wealth and greater influence, we see that the deceptions get ever greater. We were TOLD, for decades, the effects of ‘free trade’. We were TOLD, for decades, the effects of a fiat money system, of dependence on Wall Street, of selective tax breaks, and we knew very well the dangers of allowing corruption and criminality to go unpunished and unaccountable at the top.

Now we suffer from the effects of all these, and we’ve only just begun. Watching people you love starve or be killed for what little food they have is not beyond the realm of possibility, and that will be exactly the mechanism that the globalists will use to seize global power. To keep our country, our dignity and our lives, we MUST avoid that level of desperation.

By necessity, then, the choices will be to either develop REAL economy and learn to live within those parameters, or submit to a global fascist government.

What would be the shocks of a genuine, Constitutional economy? One example that I can think of instantly is that of importation from China.

Subsidies and tax breaks of our oil industry and ‘free trade’ mean that it is still cheaper for us to ship products from the other side of the planet, pay to transport them from coast to coast. To do so still means huge international corporation profits.

For you and I, however, it costs a great deal of money to ship goods of any kind from state to state, or even from one address to another inside a state.

One of the shocks will be the true costs of goods. What is cheap now, imported goods, would be hideously expensive, and home-made goods would be simply expensive.

In a REAL economy, there would be no huge subsidies and the genuine cost of raw materials, production, fuel and labor would balance out the costs, actually making it cheaper for people to purchase locally than buying goods created on the other side of the world.

What is prominent now, like insurance and advertising, would fade into the background and what would replace it would be the kind of outreach that would actually make a difference in local economies and national goods and services.

It has long been touted that buying goods cheaper would be great for our economy. Remember the goal that America would be an ‘information’ economy and the drudgery of physical labor would be ‘outsourced’, providing everything cheaper? Aside from the fact that this has been proven to be total propaganda, Americans haven’t received ANY benefit. Even the ‘information economy’ has been able to be outsourced to cheaper labor and the only service that remains here, like waiting tables or home-health aides, is very poorly paid.

I can’t be the only one who’s noticed the horrible QUALITY of the goods produced in China and in other remote parts of the globe. For example, I received a brand new Proctor Silex mixer, the kind that used to be made in America and is now made in China. The very first time I used it to mix some batter, the entire wiring apparatus shorted out and caught fire. When this was made in America it would last for years and was so strong it could mix bread dough.

That mixer may or may not be cheaper, but not even getting one use out of it means that it is simply throwing money down a rat-hole to purchase one, let alone replacing it over and over.

Not to mention the energy costs and pollution costs associated with building junk that are never made up by lifetime use. Wow, we used to ridicule Japan when it made garbage. At least at that time we had the choice to buy American replacements. Now there is no choice because our own manufacturing has been stolen from us.

Has anyone else tossed out their Quickbooks application because the only customer service you could get was useless, expensive and from India, with Indian representatives who couldn’t even understand what your problem was, and when you finally got it across they still couldn’t solve the problem?

Another industry that is almost entirely built on government tax-breaks and subsidies is the advertising industry. This prime propaganda machine that does NO FAVORS for consumers would transform instantly if all the tax benefits, if all the taxpayer funding were to disappear.

Through distortion, lies and propaganda, even the meanings of words have been changed. “We the People’ has been transformed in practicality to ‘We the Parties.’ Capitalism has been transformed from ‘savings and their use’ to ‘Wall Street leveraged investments’. ‘Markets’ have been transformed from ‘goods wanted by customers’ to ‘Wall Street financial instruments’.

The only way out of this pseudo, manipulated economy is TAKING IT ALL BACK. Reclamation and restoration is the only answer, and we cannot settle for anything less.

We don’t NEED international banks. We don’t NEED international corporations. We don’t NEED government redistribution from the people to the rich. What we DO NEED are genuine economies that provide stability and the opportunity to let talent, hard work and true property rights for citizens. Only in this way can we KEEP the right to live, the right to live freely, the right to pursue happiness for ourselves and our loved ones.

The true prices in a genuine economy will perhaps shock our systems and seriously change our way of life. Yet at the same time we will be, once again, AMERICANS collectively and individually and the divisions will not be damaging and death dealing, but a source of excitement and variability in our beautiful land.

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