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RFID Chips? That’s SO 2008!



They’ve just finished denying that RFID chips are real, and now we discover that that little bit of technology is, well, obsolete.

Well, my fellow Americans, you SUBSPECIES you, let’s begin to grapple with REALITY, shall we?

Moo moo, you Terran herds. The ‘artillects’ are here, with implantable nanoteched brain chips, cyborgs ready for global slaughter, encouraging mothers to kill their babies’ humanity for snob appeal. Its the fashionable thing to do, or you won’t have a ‘baby Einstein.’ Like the aborted unborn, you can expect all the compassion that was shown for the animal that provided your steak last night.

HERE is the reason they want mass approval for embryonic stem cell research. They admit they don’t need the stem cells from the embryos- there are way more than they can use just in umbilical cord blood. They need and WANT the EMBRYOS themselves, to generate cyborgs even before birth. They need them as ‘spare parts farms’ to sustain their new found ‘immortality’.

Neo was SUCH a party pooper, wasn’t he?

Fascism #4: Extraordinary Surveillance of Citizens as Enemies

Heil Bush

Heil Bush

Fascism in America is nearly here, getting closer everyday. Extraordinary or extreme surveillance of citizens, because they are ‘enemies of the state’ are seriously on the rise. Corporate ‘niche’ product creation has certainly contributed, especially because in a large way, the fascism coming upon us is corporatized.

Weapons are the next great contribution to humanity, privatized and corporatized, privatized unconstitutionally, outside of the rule of law.

Their newest ‘invention’ by the ‘creative product development’ types is a taser bracelet, with an RFID chip that holds personal information, which, if implemented, must be worn during travel at airports, and is remotely operated outside of the control of the individual. It goes without saying that it would not be able to be removed once it is in place, because otherwise, what would the point be in having one?

The shock from the tazer is SO STRONG that it ‘immobilizes’ the target for SEVERAL MINUTES- understand that even taser shocks that have killed people had not totally immobilized them for that long!

Now we see the true heinousness of this fascism coming out. In June our ‘president’ issued a Homeland Security Directive that orders biometric data collection on all citizens. The list of information to be stored on those RFID chips makes France’s truckload of documentation look simple.

Aside from the actual security problems in having all that information available to anybody that has a reader, now with the addition of a DEADLY WEAPON to a biometric data chip, we can see the direction that the implantable chips are going.

Therefore, fellow American citizen, YOU will be forced into an implantable data chip with personal information that can be read by nearly any ‘official’, and if you are doing something someone, like a rent-a-cop or crowd control police don’t like, YOU WILL BE TAZERED AND IMMOBILIZED FOR SEVERAL MINUTES.

This could be a pro-life demonstration; an anti-NWO demonstration, an Earth Day celebration, an anti-war demonstration; you could be tazered from outside your church, tazered in school; tazered in the airport, on a plane, on the subway. You could be tazered because somebody doesn’t like you!

YOUR tazer could go off if someone else is ‘targeted’. YOU will NOT be the one in control.

Benign biometric implantable RFID chips were bad enough. Nobody wants their personal and private information available to all comers. Nobody wants to change from a cash society to a cashless fiat electronic currency. However, up until now the biggest reason NOT to have them was for personal privacy. NOW WE SEE THAT THEY WILL ALSO BE ARMED WITH WEAPONS TO CONTROL US.

They are using 9/11 to force compliance, and yet, we have NEVER seen the truth of 9/11 come out, the investigation was stymied, critical knowledge kept away from the people. We have NEVER YET found out anything about the Anthrax Biological Attacks EXCEPT THAT THE DNA STRAIN OF THE DISEASE WAS A MILITARY ONE.

WEAPONIZED RFID chips- a new level of fascist control of the populace, courtesy of ‘our own’ American corporations.

Corporate fascism: not just for dogs anymore.

Intention of One Global Bank Announced

Ron Paul’s predictions are all coming true. Here is a particularly unfortunate one.

It took long enough, but perhaps sooner there wasn’t enough economic misery among the American people to accept this plan as a good idea. It may not be enough misery yet, but to float this idea now, before the economic collapse and/or inflationary depression actually hits, makes it look like the Fed is ‘ready’ and prepared to ‘help’ us.

The NY Federal Reserve President, Timothy Geithner, has obliquely announced the benefit of, and the intention for, a global reserve bank. Of course, he has his own interests, as being the key architect of the HUGELY EXPENSIVE Bear Stearns bailout implies. For the Fed, financial structure over any other interest, any other consideration, is critical, particularly if your goal is to have ONLY ONE GLOBAL BANK.

In what can ONLY be construed as a complaint, given the unbelievable authority over all things economic that our so-called ‘representatives’ just gave the Fed,

“At present the Fed has broad responsibility for financial stability not matched by direct authority and the consequences of the actions we have taken in this crisis make it more important that we close that gap,” Mr Geithner says, in an excerpt of a speech to be delivered today at the Economic Club of New York.

A global bank will need to have assets to back up their system- destroying all the savings, acquiring through foreclosure millions of homes and business properties, buying up assets for pennies on the dollar, ALL ON AMERICAN TAXPAYER FUNDS, explains the flaccid impotence of Bernanke to act in such a way as to protect the American dollar, American assets or the taxpayer financed banking structure.

The ONE WORLD GLOBAL BANK is coming, at YOUR expense. You won’t have any assets left to provide for yourself, your children, your retirement. There will be NOTHING except a depression so great that unless we accept the electronic Amero (or other global currency) funds made available only through implantable electronic RFID chips, you will most likely die of starvation, homelessness or imprisonment.

Welcome to the fruits of the Federal Reserve Banking system.

Summer, Security and Changing Travel

Like you, I’ve received some invitations to pick up and go travel to visit some family and friends this summer, and like you, the stresses of life and a difficult economy have made me NEED a vacation more than ever.

Traveling, and the security issues have changed so much since the Patriot Act and ensuing directives that security issues are a hurdle to consider all by themselves.

America is getting more like Europe every day, where the people have compromised with their governments to have a ‘friendly fascism’ and agree to any and every security measure that the government can dream up. While I was there, it always astonished me how many details I had to remember, how many security gauntlets I had to go through, how uncomfortably INTRUSIVE it all was.

Now, we have all this and more in America. It is a true change. One big difference is that here, these measures are not so ‘friendly.’

In spite of all these fascistic measures, used by the government to ‘protect’ the people, it still did nothing to protect the people from a very serious scourge- pickpocketing!

I thought I was well-prepared for this well-known problem in Paris, I had travelers checks, duplicates of my passport and ID, credit cards. I had a bag that seemed to me to be difficult to get into, I kept my bag where I could see it, kept my attention on it.

On the bus from La Defense on the way to the Louvre, though, just before an interim stop, a young man, preparing to get off the bus came close to me. I felt NOTHING, my bag seemed alright, but I JUST KNEW. I looked at him with… an intense look and he was SHOCKED. He zipped out that door as soon as it slid open and ran so fast….

I got situated and looked into my bag and, yes! Everything was gone. Money, ID, credit cards, traveler’s checks. Bureaucracy of ANY kind in Europe is simply torturous. It took ALL DAY to deal with what I lost. I’m STILL waiting for my traveler’s checks to be reimbursed. Talk about a blot on a trip to the City of Lights! It ruined more than one day, I can tell you!

As that European Spirit of ‘friendly fascism’ descends on America, and rumors of pickpocketing and other crimes in America grow, like purses snatched from church pews and restaurant seats; identity theft, and so on, traveling now takes on a whole new character.

Traveling comfortably, lightly, with easily manageable things are important skills to hone. Now, though, to ignore your personal security is to leave yourself wide open for crime.

I’ve looked long and hard for a purse/ travel bag that would really take care of the security problem. This may or may not be important to you, but it has become increasingly so for me. I’ve looked and looked for good travel accessories- a purse, a backpack, an overnight bag, etc. that really did address my security concerns. I found onesecurity features of my bag that I want to share with you.

pacsafe has made these bags, lightweight, with certain security features that are really useful. My pickpocket managed to get the top of my bag open without even letting me know something was wrong- these bags have secured zippers and clasps that are IMPOSSIBLE to open without notice.

So many times I heard other tourists complaining that someone just used a razor knife to cut their strap and BANG, the bag was GONE. pacsafe has put cabling in their bag’s straps- TWO cables- which means someone would actually have to have large wire cutters to get through both, spaced as they are. The body of the bag cannot be slashed to create an opening, either, because there is an ‘exomesh’ that cannot be cut but that moves and shifts with your bag and protects your contents. It has anchor clips, and you can use your cable straps and anchor clips to secure your bag to your restaurant chair, your belt, or someplace sturdy in the event you will be distracted for a few minutes.

By the way, I earn no money for this. Many of my readers seem to be on the ‘same page’ as I am on so many things, I thought I would share this important preparation for my summer with you.

The bag I have is attractive enough- not a designer ‘to die for’ bag, but it is presentable, if you’re not wearing pearls, but for a more casual look it is just fine. It is light to carry, (my coach bags weigh a ton), and it has all the organizing bells and whistles that are standard fare in any bag.

One thing that it seems to me is missing, though, and that is an RFID cloaking pocket for passports and identification cards. Now with the new chips going into the passports and the driver’s licenses, no matter what the RFID manufacturer’s say, criminals like those pickpockets, who make it their career to find ways to steal from people, will be concentrating very heavily on getting RFID readers and they will be USING them. They may already have them. This is a NEW vulnerability that is being completely ignored or denied, but I say it is an even greater danger than a pickpocket getting a few hundred bucks.

This is the trouble with travel now. The government fears what WE will do to IT, and it cares nothing for what it does to us, how miserable travel has become, how humiliating to go through a search that only convicted felons have had to undergo in previous years, or how vulnerable it makes us.

Pre-emption, Threats, Coercion & Bluffs: REAL ID


Department of Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff reports that ‘most jurisdictions meet initial REAL ID requirements’ according to its press release of April 1, 2008. The press release states “The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has granted extensions to 49 of 50 states, the District of Columbia and all five U.S. territories, putting more than 99 percent of U.S. driver’s licenses and ID cards on the path to secure identification. Congress mandated in the REAL ID Act of 2005 that state-issued identification must be REAL ID compliant to be acceptable for official purposes.

Of course, what isn’t mentioned in this document is the battle being waged in many states against the privacy violations of REAL ID, the unfunded mandate foisted upon states in this time of depressed revenues and inflationary costs, and the resistance of the public to the surveillance demands that are unconstitutional and an invasion of privacy.

Aside from the fact that the Federal Government isn’t supposed to be dictating to the States such matters as licensing to drive, in order to attempt to force compliance DHS has threatened to keep non REAL ID citizens from boarding airplanes.

This indicates clearly to many of us how far the Federal government has come to an extreme dictatorship. It has ‘taken over’ the function and passage of the privately owned airline industry, the demands of the DHS having turned adequately paid service and safety personnel, the flight attendants, into underpaid and over-stressed front line terrorist combat forces! The demands, expectations and enforcement of the DHS into arenas that are unconstitutional and dictatorial is causing great alarm not only among airline employees and the passengers that are harrassed by high-turnover lackey DHS ‘security personnel,’ but also States who are being forced to pay for MORE unfunded mandates.

One reason is the price tag, estimated at $14.6 billion. Congress has so far appropriated only $40 million and twice this summer voted against additional funding.

“There’s also concern about how difficult it would be to implement. Critics question how states could verify the legitimacy of many foreign passports. ((Impossible to verify with any certainty!))

Conservative libertarians and liberal privacy advocates balk at the requirement that the cards would eventually have an infrared chip containing such personal information as Social Security numbers – machine readable from several feet away. While critics argue that having a central databank could dramatically increase identity theft, DHS contends the secure nature of the ID would decrease it.

So, rather than speaking the truth of the situation at the press release, Chertoff mislead the public by making it sound as though the DHS plan was going forward without opposition at all.

In truth, the objections raised by states have already prompted DHS to extend the deadline for implementation from the spring of 2008 to 2013.

If states take their citizens SERIOUSLY, and the Constitution of the United States, it is entirely possible that we can still beat this hideous surveillance of the American citizens.

9/11 would NOT have been prevented by REAL ID. Those men were in the country LEGALLY, they were PERMITTED to have licenses even under current DHS requirements, and any intelligence that had been gathered was simply ignored by our government as irrelevant. That, despite the fact that the military had, that very day, conducted identical ‘test’ drills, of planes flying into the WTC and the Pentagon; Dick Cheney ordered responsive fighter planes to STAND DOWN while these terrifying events went on.

There is FAR TOO MUCH unknown information about 9/11 to give up our rights to privacy and liberty. The government has PROVEN itself unable to act upon terrorist information in such a way as to even provide available protection DURING a known incident-in-progress as 9/11. There is no reason for us to believe that they will make any better or more effective use of intelligence gathered with REAL ID cards.

THIS is the truth: “Eight states have voted in the past year not to participate in the program. Nine others are on the record opposing the proposal. In total, legislation opposing the plan has been introduced in 38 states.

Furthermore: “”This is the federal government telling a state you must do something, and you must pay for it. Well, thanks for playing; Montana is not in,” Governor Schweitzer told NPR. When asked whether his residents will be able to board planes, he taunted DHS. “This is another bluff by some bureaucrats in D.C.

We must, through our State governments, continue to fight for an end to RFID monitoring of all types.

Fascism #4: REAL ID by 2009: Michael Chertoff vs Ron Paul

real id, rfid chip

In a press release speech given this month by Michael Chertoff, Dept of Homeland Security, he said:

“Another important 9/11 Commission recommendation was the need to make sure that driver’s licenses do not become weapons in the hands of terrorists as they were on September 11th. As you know, this past fiscal year 2008, there has been $360 million available in funding, potentially, for states that want to have support for their REAL ID efforts. This fiscal year 2009 we’re requesting $50 million to facilitate State compliance, and there will be another $150 million in grants that will potentially be available to states for this purpose in fiscal year 2009.

I want to emphasize, though, the most important contribution we have made to allow REAL ID to be implemented in a way that is efficient and not overly burdensome for the states, is our cutting of the cost of the program by three quarters through rules, changes, that we recently announced in the last few weeks. This now means that the basic cost for a REAL ID-compliant license is about $8 per license over the life of that license, and that is an amount of money that certainly is well within what we should be prepared to pay protect not only against the possibility of terrorism being facilitated with illegal licenses, but to make it harder for illegal immigrants to get licenses, and also to manage to reduce identity theft, which, of course, is a very real problem across the country.”

Making enemies of Americans, by forcing them to have REAL ID, is the fourth step in turning a weakened democracy into a fascist state. Among the many, very expensive, things that are outlined in this horrendous press release, is the plan and the strawman arguments for forcing this unwanted and expensive tracking device on we, the citizens.

As Ron Paul has plainly told us, the government has too much, and is far too easy with releasing, our personal information. The ‘secret’ social security numbers, that were NEVER to be used for any other purpose, are now in the hands, and easily accessible to anyone that can claim an employer ID number, through another program called e-verify.

He explains, “We’re requesting for fiscal year 2009 $100 million for E-Verify, an increase in $40 million. As you know, this program allows employers to use an automated system to run employment authorization checks against DHS and Social Security Administration databases. Currently, more than 50,000 companies are enrolled, and we expect that number to more than double this year. This is a proven tool that attacks one of the most common ways in which illegal aliens fraudulently obtain work in the workplace, by using phony Social Security numbers or mismatched Social Security numbers.”

Soon, no one will be able to be employed without this RFID technology.

Furthermore, the money being provided to states to cover this UNFUNDED MANDATE is only 10% of the total. In this time of decreasing tax revenues for states, because of the increasing financial difficulties of the citizens, taxpayers, and homeowners, the costs of this corporate welfare program will be foisted off on an already struggling populace.

There are so many false assumptions in this very long winded statement from Mr. Chertoff.

He also said, “Let me talk about some of our progress to date. First, we’re requesting $140 million this fiscal year to support the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.

One terrorist incident is NOT sufficient reason to require RFID identification corresponding among THREE OR MORE COUNTRIES of Mexico, Canada and the United States, and perhaps ALL OF SOUTH AMERICA. This is a springboard for the North American Union and will be the database that will be shared among all three countries, and readily expanded to include the entire American hemisphere- both north and south.

Since when are we, as American Citizens, required to give such personal and private information to OTHER nations, especially when it is the ‘illegal use’ of such information that seems to be the ‘get around’ for illegal immigrants?

The rapid and unquestion progression of this very dangerous program is accepted by all of our representatives as a matter of course. Only Ron Paul is speaking out against this horrendous violation of our rights, and the danger of lost sovereignty that this promotes. Fascism is on the way, and is NOT being curtailed, let alone stopped, by our elected so-called ‘representatives.’

It is time for this to END. NOW.

Mexi-Chin Invasion Courtesy of NAFTA

chinese UN troops

Thanks to Billary and GHWB & son, the Panama Canal (along with all our military and nuclear tech secrets) have been turned over to China. But that doesn’t END the matter, not by a long shot!

“Radio sensing stations to track traffic and cargo up and down the I-35 NAFTA Superhighway corridor are being installed by Communist China, operating through a port operator subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa, in conjunction with Lockheed Martin and the North America’s SuperCorridor Coalition, Inc.

The idea is that RFID chips placed in containers where manufactured goods are shipped from China will be able to be tracked to the Mexican ports on the Pacific where the containers are unloaded onto Mexican trucks and trains for transportation on the I-35 NAFTA Superhighway to destinations within the United States.

NASCO, a trade association based in Dallas, Texas, has teamed with Lockheed Martin to use RFID tracking technology Lockheed Martin developed for the U.S. Department of Defense’s projects in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as at U.S. military stations throughout the world.

China has a central position in applying the RFID technology on I-35, given Hutchinson Port Holdings’ 49 percent ownership of Savi Networks, the Lockheed Martin subsidiary that will get the job of placing the sensors all up and down the NAFTA Superhighway.”

China has, so far, amassed approximately 80,000 troops along Panama, in the Bahamas, in Mexico and in Argentina, all busy building or expanding ports to accommodate the HUGE ships that bring ‘goods’ from China- ships that are TEN TIMES the size of the largest American ships, are multi-use which means they can carry more troops, military equipment, even weapons- all with ‘trusted traveler’ status, meaning they’ll NEVER be stopped at ANY border, never inspected, never questioned.

Furthermore, the least reported and the most dangerous aspect of immigration on our southern border is that of the Mexican military itself! I quote: “between 1996 and September 30, 2006, there were 253 confirmed incursions into the United States by Mexican government personnel. The government has documented shots fired on both sides of the border, unmarked helicopters invading U.S. airspace, drug smuggling and actual confrontations between U.S. Border Patrol agents and armed members of the Mexican military.”

Not only is all this being done at taxpayer expense, and taxpayers will be charged a toll fee to use the highway themselves, they are also giving up their land for this through EMINENT DOMAIN seizure of property, regardless of the desire of the land owners.

This superhighway will be going all the way from Texas to Canada, with assorted ‘inland ports’ along the way, drop off points for foreign invasion forces that get a ‘free pass’ because THEIR radio chips will be accepted without question by our “National Security Administration.”

Why is it that the only candidate to actually address this incredibly dangerous issue, Ron Paul, is shut up, ridiculed, and defamed? Is it, perhaps, that while we are asleep looking at American Idol candidates, they are buying all the time they can to make their final dream a reality?

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