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Impeach Them ANYWAY, Conyers!!!

Do NOTHING Congress? I wish it were so simple. Had the dems been doing what they were ELECTED to do, which was to either END what Cheney/hypnotizedBush/militaryindustrialcomplex/ globalbanking FREAKS were doing, AT LEAST impeach them and bring them all up on charges of treason.

Now, Conyers threatens to impeach IF Iran is attacked.

IMPEACH them ANYWAY, and PROMISE investigations on TREASON charges against ANY AND ALL politicians who have participated, supported or in any way done ANYTHING treasonous to our country. They have broken the law, hidden the truth, gutted the Constitution, committed illegal acts of aggression against other countries, make their banker buddies and other cronies rich at OUR expense, destroyed Americans, the American economy, THE LIST GOES ON AND ON.

At least, if this were a ‘business’ they could be sued for false advertising. Since they are not, they need to be brought up on charges. They and every last one of their supporters in the House and Senate- the ones who have done-nothing to a degree GREATER than ANY before it; done-nothing but damage to the country they claim to, and take an OATH to represent.

Yes, that sweeps away nearly every last one of them. Frankly the country AND THE WORLD is much better off with all of them languishing in solitary confinement somewhere.

Yes, the global bankers have threatened to destroy our economy if we don’t go along with their program. They’re destroying it ANYWAY. We will need to live without a functioning economy for a time, we might as well do it without such RUTHLESS dictators, that would drop a NUKE on innocent people! They NEED to be brought up on charges of treason too, and NOW.

If this nuclear attack actually occurs, the damage would last FAR BEYOND the ten years predicted. What it would do to the heart and soul of Americans, not to mention what it would do to the hearts and souls of the rest of the world, and the hideous – no – MONSTROUS deaths that would occur FOR NO REASON- these are things that don’t ‘just go away.’

“You have been TOLD, o man, what is good. Choose life that you may live.”


Ron Paul is STILL Going to Win! Its the Economy, Stupid!

liberty wtc

Over and over we’ve been lied to by the mainstream media, and you’d think we’d be used to it by now!

Ron Paul is STILL going to win for some VERY GOOD REASONS.

Its the economy, stupid!

Conservatives DESPISE John McCain- they’ve abandoned him and the party in droves. He IS INCOMPETENT in the economic matters that are taking our country down, and he is all too willing to hand over ‘control’ of these things to the ones that are destroying us already.

The democratic ticket is an absolute nightmare of lies, hypocrisy and the kind of spending that all the economies in the world together couldn’t afford. Dumping more worthless money in vast amounts into a dying economy will only worsen matters, but they won’t own up to their own responsbilities in this.

Anti-war people will FINALLY understand that the solutions offered by any of these self-serving candidates can only get more young Americans killed, drive us into the kind of bankruptcy that there will NEVER be a recovery from, and push us into the type of foreign ownership that will turn us all into Chinese slaves.

Hypocrisy is perhaps the worst plague modern society has EVER seen, leading to everything from eugenics and abortion to total corruption in Washington DC and the governments in state after state, municipality after municipality.

When will our ‘representatives’ hear the people SCREAM ‘ENOUGH!’


Only Ron Paul knows what he’s doing!

It is only a matter of time before that much is obvious, even to the most mania-blathering Obama idolizer.

Truth will out. It always does. So will the treason, with honest inquiry.

Too bad for Ron Paul that the problems these idiots are leaving him are so horrible.

I look forward to the day when our Strict Constitutionalist has the Justice Department say to the rest of the politicians “You have the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to remain silent.”

American Traitors: Rack Up a Few More!

Liberty Betrayed

It has gone beyond toleration any longer. America is waking up to the fact that there are traitors INSIDE, with great influence, who aren’t even bothering to hide their lies anymore, not trying to ‘coordinate’ the propaganda. They’re just lying BECAUSE AMERICANS LET THEM.

The media has created such a disconnect in the mind of their viewers that we don’t even care when the media is blatantly on many sides of an issue, when they speak off of each side of their forked tongue at the same time, when clear and proper evidence is still defamed.

Newsweek is the latest one to add to your growing list of American traitors. Despite the fact that Texas farmers are protesting the seizure of their property for the NAFTA highway, despite the protests of the damage done to both the American and Mexican property holders, ranchers and farmers, Newsweek still proclaims that the NAFTA superhighway is a fantasy!

Here is the text from the NY Times: “ROBSTOWN, Tex. — Leon Little’s farm here near Corpus Christi would not be seized for Texas’s proposed $184-billion-plus superhighway project for 5 or 10 years, if ever.”

Here is the text from the NY Times opinion page: “Fourteen years after Nafta came into effect, the last remaining barriers to agricultural trade in North America were dismantled last month. Mexican corn farmers and American Big Sugar hate this unreservedly.”

But in spite of VOLUMES of evidence and a huge expenditure on the part of our government tax dollars, this is only part of what Newsweek has to say: ” Paul claims that a secret conspiracy composed of the Security and Prosperity Partnership and a cabal of foreign companies is behind plans to build a NAFTA Superhighway as the first step toward creating a North American Union. But the NAFTA Superhighway that Paul describes is a myth, and the groups supposedly behind the plans are neither secret nor nefarious.”

The article, by traitor Joe Miller from the preposterously named ‘’ goes on and on, attempting to flame and disempower the people by buzz-word lies and disinformation.

They believe the American people are STUPID. They ignore the fact that the internet r3volution is filled with INFORMED, INTELLIGENT AND EDUCATED people- just the ones to notice this continuous flood of traitorous lies.

It is time for MORE action: boycotting the clearly slanted and traitorous news organizations; exposing and deposing their traitorous sock puppet ‘reporters’ and ‘fact checkers’, withdrawing all investment in their parent corporations.

Time to demand accountability from such organizations, including ones with ‘non-profit status’ that are nothing but tools of the wealthy and powerful global ‘influencers’ that are determined to bankrupt America and Americans.

Time to keep an ‘official list’ of traitors- when this revolution finally achieves it end, and it WILL, it may be time to ACTUALLY bring people up on charges on TREASON before judges that still believe in the Constitution, if we can find any.

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