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Franken Romney

While Mitt Romney was, far and away, the preferred candidate in Michigan, there were LOADS of voters that didn’t trust him and it seems with good reason. Mitt Romney is Frankenstein’s Monster only far more evil, far more hypocritical, far more hostile to the people of the state that made his a household name.

During his campaign he spouted his support for manufacturing, for the Big Three, for the families and communities that depend on these jobs for a living, their retirement, their health care.

But while our economy and our dollar collapses, while the CFR and global bankers sniff that they want massive bailout help and GET IT WITHOUT OVERSIGHT OR RESTRICTION, while more and more families are homeless by the criminal banking and investment that has been done; Franken-Romney has changes his tune and declares it to be irresponsible to help the Big Three.

If we don’t, we’ll lose at least 3 million jobs, countless small businesses, and the death knell of Michigan will spread all through the continental US.

The powers that be want an enslaved, consumer society and no other kind. Once we can’t do that anymore, and we can’t, they will surely demand something we don’t want to give: our sovereignty.

Franken-Romney doesn’t mind being a traitor to the most foundational of all relationships so there is no reason to think that he would be loyal to anyone else. Though a Christian he professes that he is completely pro-choice, would never interfere in a woman’s right to choose an abortion, despite the fact that he, like the rest of us, are bound to the Commandment Thou Shalt NOT KILL. If he can betray his own God, his own spiritual heritage, there is no reason to believe he’ll be loyal to anyone else either- not to America, not to Michigan, not to the Americans who depend on manufacturing to support their families. Big money is his interest, big money is his true god, big money is the only one with his true loyalty.

Even the Frankenstein monster wouldn’t have done that. It takes another traitor.


  nate wrote @

“he professes that he is completely pro-choice”

I can tell you are not up on politics. Did you watch any of the 11 debates at all? Romney is pro-life and even won awards from pro-life groups for his efforts as governer. Just read up a little on stuff before you write please.

  Margaret wrote @

Thanks for commenting Nate, but I wouldn’t have said it if I wasn’t sure of it. Check here or see it for yourself in his own words here:

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