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Ron Paul & 4th Estate of the American Government

Crony Capitalism EXPLODED under Greenspan, with the government INCREASING the privatization of government at a rate NEVER seen before. Independent, PRIVATE security contracting by the government expanded from 3,000 at the beginning of Greenspan’s term, to well over 100,000 by the time he gave up his chair.

Given that all of those private security contracts by the government VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION in their very nature, that the government is prohibited from performing ANY security functions of ANY kind AGAINST the citizens, it behooves us all to take a look at what that REALLY means.

As heavily taxed as we are, with so little return, with so much money, time and talent invested in our intelligence communities, policing action and politicians, STILL 9/11 happened – with critical issues totally unaddressed.

This taxation and the privileges it gives to corporations outside of the constitution is clearly impoverishing the people, the municipalities, the states, but wildly enriching the few at everyone else’s expense.

Yet, the question remains- with government SUCKING THE PEOPLE completely dry, incompetently addressing its own Constitutional role, WHAT IS THE GOVERNMENT TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH, AND AT WHO’S EXPENSE???

The answer that WE have been given, through the primacy of the Federal Reserve, is to INCREASE THE ENFORCEMENT POWER OF THE FOURTH BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT- the Crony Capitalists, through illegally funding private militias AGAINST the American people themselves.

This is, far and away, the largest explosion of non-constitutional spending since the Bush/Clinton dynasty took power.

These are the ones terrorizing our media, our politicians, our bureaucrats, our courts into otherwise inexplicable non-Constitutional rulings, activities and support.

The people are fighting back. Whether the Fourth Estate likes it or not, uses our own money against usor not, the CONSTITUTION IS STILL the law of the land.

The parties are no longer demi-gods. Anyone who will vote, this season, for one of the parties against the Constitution, is an idolator and even a traitor to their own heritage.

Ron Paul’s ‘The Revolution: A Manifesto’ is on the NYT’s best seller list, and will probably remain there for a while- and if the NYT succumbs to its puppet masters, Amazon will still know!

Here is the pattern: “Whilst the SA was made up of beer drinking thugs with limited IQ´s, the SS (who appeared later) were more “middle class” and eventually gained more power than the SA. This pattern will probably repeat itself in the US. The mindless fools who are destroying what´s left of America´s democracy will be pushed aside once their job is done and suffer the same fate as everyone else. What they can´t understand is that they are doing the dirty work of the “Elite”, who are not in the least bit interested in their future, only their own!”

“The “Elite” have done a splendid job in fooling the American public into doing exactly what they want, again. With your help they have taken away what will probably be your last chance of having a future, and they won´t stop until all the voices have been silenced. We have already seen what can happen to those who try to speak out, they have their reputations destroyed (at best), have “accidents”, develop fatal health conditions, are murdered, or commit “suicide”. We must protect Ron Paul by showing the “Elite” that there are MANY voices that will spread the word, and remember that there is safety in numbers.”

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  kristen wrote @

Just finished RP’s book. I took away a vast amount of info and plan on digging deeper as he suggests. I always love to see other blogs supporting his premise.

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