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$12 Gallon Gas- Who Cares?

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Now from the experts we hear that gas can easily be $12 per gallon. In a year, maybe two. Then, $15 per gallon.


An expert in economics, running for President, is just nuts.

So, far better to vote on plumbing, skin color, or war-mongering. THAT’S SANE.

Just imagine- think taxes are high now? Wait until the government decides it needs more money to pay for its additional gas expenses. Wait for government officials to increase your taxes to pay for the extra fuel fees for flying around the world for no benefit to us. Wait until the taxes go up to pay for the extra gas costs for the post office delivery system. For busing the kids to and from school. For the firetrucks, inspectors vehicles, police cars, military fuel expenditures.

Wait until your costs go up at the stores- plastics are made from oil, anything with plastic in it, on it or packaging it will skyrocket in price. Ordering online instead of driving to shop? Wait till you see the new shipping fees. Groceries shipped in from Mexico, Brazil, China or across the country? Try adding those fuel costs over distances and see what the price of food becomes. Clothing made with oil based synthetics will suddenly become as pricey as haute couture. Medical care is heavily dependent on oil-based plastics. Think your insurance and health care costs a lot now? Wait til then…

But, Ron Paul, the only candidate who even has a clue what economics is all about, is the one that’s nuts.

Unemployment is bad NOW? There won’t even be work at McDonalds. Nobody will be able to afford to eat there anymore. There won’t even BE a McDonalds. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get drafted, so at least you’ll get an e-paycheck. Into the military. Into the wars the ‘powers-that-be’ seem to determined to ‘win at all COSTS.’

Far better to give the government to people who want to double government expenditures at TODAYS prices, and who cares what those costs, and the taxes on YOU, will become as gasoline continues its hideous climb. When it takes everything you’ve got and MUCH MORE to heat your home in the winter.  That’s when the truth of what an inflationary depression REALLY is will hit HOME.

Maybe we’ll be immigrating to Russia! Now, THAT’S SANE!

That’s when you’ll say ‘we didn’t know!’

You didn’t want to know.


  Chef Keem wrote @

“We didn’t know” was the favorite excuse after the collapse of the Third Reich. Back then there were only government-controlled radio stations and propaganda newspapers for information. Most folks really “didn’t know”. Couldn’t know!

Today, with internet and independent media, it’s only your lazy ass that keeps you from “knowing”!

  Rudy wrote @

I have a feeling that in 12-24 months, (if we still have the right to free speech, and that’s a BIG if) that we’re going to be seeing a lot of bumper stickers that read “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Ron Paul.”

And those friends who wouldn’t bother going to or watching the RP Youtube videos I sent because the media said he was nuts, so therefore he must be nuts–they will learn very quickly not to complain to me about the economy, the NAU, their rights being taken away, the Great Depression of 2009, how much the wars are costing, etc. because they know my answer will be “I told you so. But you voted for (fill in the blank) because of (fill in the blank reason), so if you want to complain to the person who’s responsible for all this BS, go look in the mirror and give your pity-party speech.”

  Volpeculus wrote @

First off, RON PAUL SOLIDARITY! 😀 And secondly, where did you get that beautiful header image from?

  Margaret wrote @

The header is a stained glass cathedral dome in Europe that depicts heaven. It is beautiful… Thanks for asking!

  lary ross wrote @

M you are correct in your assumption on the cost of anything connected with crude oil. I sold hundreds of millions of pounds of Polypropylene ABS and even the bullet proof stuff called lexan and the cost is going up so fast huge companies like Plastech are folding under the burden. We need leadership in this country who understands real energy, We need nuclear power for our homes thru utility companies. We need a few viable solar panel solutions for more juice but the technology just isnt there yet. Ron Paul understands this and so does Jesse Ventura who was on Larry King last night. These two arent nuts, the rest of the political machne is. » Blog Archive » truthseeds 5/22/08 wrote @

[…] $12 Gallon Gas- Who Cares? […]

  truthseeker1234 wrote @

Just out of curiosity I wanted to write a blog once called “What’s your price” but I have hardly the readership to pull off something like that.

Anyway – how much would gas prices have to go up before you – the average U.S. residing human being – would actually get the nerve to stop school/work/duty etc… and start trying to spark change in the system? What’s your price? How much does gas have to go up before we stop blogging about the problems of the world and start taking physical action? At what price will we kick down our representatives doors and demand we the people represent ourselves instead of letting another do so for us? What is our price for taking back our independence as sovereign human beings each unique and special as they are unconditionally? What’s your price?

I know it will be hard for anyone to gauge a price but I thought it would be a fun concept to tout around. For me I would have to say…


When I have to pay $300.00 to fill up my car someone is going to hear about it…

(On a side note my first price was $8.33 for a $125.00 fill up for a 15 gallon car. I then realized though that gas in Europe has been about 8$ for a while and the general populace hasn’t rocked the boat yet. I then realized $20.00 would be a more realistic estimate for “my price”)

Gas prices in Europe:

We shouldn’t get shaken up by fears of depression and energy crisis anyway. Scarcity is a myth invented by those in power to keep them there. How about some free energy?

  Margaret wrote @

They hear from me already. What Europe does doesn’t even apply to America for the reason that nobody NEEDS a car there to get service/supply of necessities. They have public transportation such that it is actually useful, and not painful, and no matter how poor people can still get anywhere they need to go. Cars are for the wealthier folks, and those folks are able to pay the extremely high gas taxes the government tacks on to every gallon.

Not so here, where there are only a few places in the country with adequate public transportation. However, even there, things are so spread out it is still painful to get your necessities met using it.

Blogging is only the latest thing in a LONG LINE of actions I’ve already taken. The challenge is to break apart the hold on the mind of most of the country- get them away from the mesmerization of the television and chemical hypnotics. They can’t seem to live without their tvs, though, and therefore this problem remains.

I was there at the last contrived ‘gas shortage’ and saw the rich get richer at the expense of everyone else. People suffered then, it will be much worse now. Even if scarcity is a MYTH in truth, the capacity to withhold necessities to force scarcity on the people exists and will soon be exercised, despite what we know to be lies. That’s power and that’s what they want. They’ll have it, too, unless the people do whatever it takes to wrest it back.

  The Broken Telegraph wrote @

Ron Paul rocks. He is the lone voice of truth and reason.

  Edmund wrote @

Great blog entry. I found it through my sister who mentioned it on her opendiary account. “I didn’t know” indeed.

The so-called debates were sickening except for Ron Paul and the occasional moment where one of the other debaters tried to claim a Ron Paul issue as his own (like small government, which none of the others truly like if you look at their records). The way the media treated Dr. Paul after the debates was also sickening.

Even with the lack of coverage, Paul would have kicked a$$ in the primaries if the elections weren’t rigged (check out sometime).

  Margaret wrote @

I’m not giving up hope yet. McCain could still ‘meet his maker’ (he isn’t looking too good, is he?) and there are so many other things happening that NOBODY can claim they have the nomination sewed up- its just been more lies by a pathetic and terrified media puppet-machine. Even Punch and Judy were better actors….

Hang in there and, if you pray, PRAY LOTS, PRAY HARD.

  Mighty A wrote @

Imagine: what if these tax rebate checks, that were, in reality, meant to buy our love — what if that money, instead, was used to invest in solar and wind power?

What if the money spent on a profiteer’s war had gone to subsidize affordable versions of high performance electric cars like TESLA?

Does it seem like those who are really pulling the strings are greedy, myopic, paranoid, and have priorities that will only lead to very, very bad times.

  nut wrote @

[…] online instead of driving to shop? Wait till you see the new shipping fees. But, Ron Paul, the only – Definition from the Merriam-Webster Online DictionaryDefinition of nut from the […]

  truthseeker1234 wrote @

The best we can do right now is let everyone know. And by everyone I just don’t mean like minded individuals. Go to the belly of the beast and tell those people who you know will think you’ve gone mad, become a hippy, or have become a “terrorist”. Make your stand – the real war is not outside but is internal. Only by conquering our own fears and insecurities about ourselves can we have the mindset to take the necessary actions which result in real change for this world. We can’t be afraid to tell x person what we think because we fear their judgement. I guess what I’m trying to say is that our love for seeing a better world must overcome all of our self created inhibitions, fears, and limiting beliefs.

We must make our stand and become a bastion of truth among the disillusioned masses. If they refuse to listen or acknowledge then move on – that is their choice and their crumbling world will reflect their beliefs. In those cases just save yourself and move on. Some people very dear to me will not listen unless the TV and the “respected media outlets” tell them otherwise. That’s fine – I love them enough to let them choose their path. I haven’t lived life through their shoes and most of you haven’t lived life through another’s so we can’t try to convert people. We must just save who we can and move forward.

  Janette Toral wrote @

Hi Margaret. Your post is an eye opener on how hard life is for citizens even in most progressive nations.

I guess it also shows that our old and usual means of living wont be able to sustain our future generation unless new means are embraced for energy, environment saving, food production, among others.

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