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Fascism #9: Politicians ABOVE the Law- R3volution is in ORDER

We know fascism is descending when politicians are above the law, and anyone who dissents from that is ELIMINATED.

John McCain broke his own campaign finance laws, the ONE HE WROTE (McCain-Feingold), one that was written due to the widespread and evil corruption in the campaign finance system.

Now that he is awaiting the ‘coronation’ of taking an oath he has no intention of fulfilling; when the FEC decided that they would NOT permit him OUT of the law- shall I say this again- that HE HIMSELF WROTE- the person, David Mason, who made that decision was, of course, TERMINATED BY BUSH.

All by itself this is a crime: the obstruction of justice! By OUR PRESIDENT!

So not only have the powers-that-be decided that they are above the laws they write; they TARGET THE INDIVIDUALS that hold them accountable.

Let me ask you, American Citizen/Taxpayer- DO YOU get out of a parking ticket? Do YOU get out of ANY law that was written by ANYBODY???

We have over 1,000,000 citizens in prison for an enormous variety of crimes. What we don’t have is treasonous politicians in prison for THEIR crimes- crimes against the people, crimes against the Constitution, crimes against humanity.

R3volution is in ORDER. If our leaders won’t abide by THE LAW, then there IS NO LAW to abide by. Arrests are simply, in this case, ‘articles of harrassment and power-flexing’ and they can DO IT TO YOU, but don’t you or ANYONE dare to call THEM out on the carpet for their crimes!

Ron Paul and the people who support him are right. I can see it now. This is going to get UGLY.



  Rudy wrote @

This is an outrage! Besides the fact the the FEC has been rigged by King George in favor of the media darling that both he and daddy elite endorsed, besides the fact that McCain broke his own law and will no doubt get away with it (the “quorum” hasn’t voted yet but the handwriting’s on the wall, especially with W overseeing the FEC)– what this means is that by his getting away with it, he will not be penalized. The penalty would have been not only big $$$ in fines and up to 5 years in prison, but that he would have lost all delegates he “earned” (thanks to Diebold) from when he went over his spending cap, which was before the 4 states voted on Mar. 4 and possibly as far back as Super Tuesday. What that could have meant is that THE ONLY candidate in the 2008 race who CARES about we the people, who has FOUGHT for we the people for 30 years in Congress, who, unlike McCain, IGNORES the lobbyists that come knocking– this candidate, Ron Paul, will not be able to pick up any of these delegates. If the FEC was handled legally, Ron Paul stood a very good chance of clinching the nomination. But God forbid, the powers elite would never stand for a nominee who couldn’t be bought and would get rid of everything that’s ruining our country. No–they can’t have that. You’re right, this is going to get ugly. And it’s FAR from over.

  Dianne Winkler wrote @

It is far from over and I forsee a lot of bloodshed. I may die for our people before these fascists are put out of power. What is it that thinking people cannot understand? I will tell you. The Power Elite has controlled our education and our pocketbood for so long that people struggle to make a living and haven’t the time or intellect to find out what is really happening.

  Go for it – Page 23 – Marijuana Growing wrote @

[…] friends and family, etc.- are above the law, than you are living in a fascist dictatorship.)Fascism #9: Politicians ABOVE the Law- R3volution is in ORDER « Margaret Schaut You can’t possible blame a big group of people (like Jews) for the worlds problems(I’m not saying […]

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