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Treason in High Places

scorched earth liberty

Scott McClellan now has to come out and DEFEND HIMSELF even though the only thing he has done is to expose the horrendous treason foisted on the American people and the world.

What has this preposterous and evil nightmare of an administration cost America for its incomprehensible purposes?

It has cost us the CONSTITUTION- with the Patriot Act and so many other legislative events, the citizens are now enemies of their own government!

We are now subject to intense surveillance, are staring down the impending micro-chipping of our very persons, likely to be arrested and imprisoned for protesting, criticizing or opposing the decisions and the events that are unfolding before our eyes.

The fascism that is coming about is staring us in the face, has been completely legislated, has been supported by private militias and UN troops on OUR SOIL, and is ready to be implemented against us at the drop of a hat. ALL WITH THE BLESSING OF THE HOUSE, THE SENATE, AND THE SUPREME COURT!

We are now more dangerous than any other country in the world. By abandoning the Just War Doctrine, and pursuing a ‘pre-emptive’ unprovoked strike policy, every other nation in the world perceives itself to be at risk of a wild and unprovoked strike against them. There is no basis upon which we can operate responsibly in the world of diplomacy. America is now, like never before, at risk of other nations taking a ‘defensive’ first strike against us for no other reason than being criticized in the media!

It has cost us the economy. The terrible inflation that we are all experiencing in reality, but that mainstream media, Wall Street and the government denies and fudges over, is costing Americans their property, their livelihoods, their savings, their retirements. The effects of this have only just gotten started, and we have an enormous way to fall. Depression for us is inevitable, all the while the wealthy cronies get bailouts in the billions, laughing at Americans all the way to their ‘dual citizenship countries.’

Crony capitalism has cost us our industry, our jobs, and the American dream. It is bringing on our heads super-governmental organizations like NAFTA, NAU and expanding the relations with the UN, with troops brought to America that agree to fire on our own citizens.

The Vice President has declared that the US Constitution DOES NOT APPLY to the office of Vice President!

It has proven to the world that they are correct and America is little more than the stupid big brother of Israel. We went to war based on Al Qaeda being the worst and most dangerous terrorist organization in the world, but now that Israel has failed to take down Hezbollah, Hezbollah is replacing Al Qaeda as the greatest monster. Couldn’t be just coincidence, could it?

It has cost us thousands of lives, and many thousands of permanently disabled American vets, and has put us at very grave risk of nuclear war. Millions have already died, millions upon millions WILL die, all to do what… give a ‘legacy’ to the Bush Administration?

We haven’t even gotten around to discuss Chinagate and the treasonous sale of our nuclear secrets to China by the Clinton administration! This is ready to overcome America at any time now! China has said that all bets are off after the Olympics in August. They hold the Panama Canal against us, hold all the major ports to our south, have all the military secrets about America that they’ll ever need. Plus, a 100 million man standing army who will NEVER have a wife or family…

It is WAY PAST TIME for this administration, the previous administration and all the way back to Gerald Ford to be charged with HIGH TREASON, and investigated thoroughly for every single instance of it in every department, every office, every crony connection. Every Congress and Senate needs to be charged and investigated for the same.

The PEOPLE need to DEMAND of the current roster of so-called ‘representatives’ WHY THEY AREN’T ACTING IN THE INTERESTS OF AMERICANS???

Failure to do this is to lose our country altogether. If we let this go, with the VAST AMOUNTS of evidence available to us, then we have no reason to complain that we have lost our country, are starving, are imprisoned, and our children have no future. We deserve what we get.

But THIS is the roster of ‘statesmen’ the powers-that-be are railroading into the presidency!

What we NEED is COMPETENT and experienced STATESMEN, those who are COMMITTED to America, to the Constitution, to a proper and healthy world citizenship.

How much does this governance have to cost us before we say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!” ???

The time to act is NOW.


  Keith Vega wrote @

This last post paints a grim but unfortunately, a pretty accurate assesment of our “fix”…..
Ten or so years ago I finally came to grips with the fact that most people have a VERY difficult time processing this kind of information….they would get this “glazed over” look in their eyes and just shut down.

Then along came the internet….and now we have wonderful blogs like this one. Blogs that aren’t afraid to spread the information that people can glean for the truth we all need to survive, both physically & spiritually.

We all die sooner or later…..we all leave this place we call the Earth….The question is will we leave it better or worse?

You, my friend, obviously have made your choice, for which I say “Thank you”.

  Shane Bertou wrote @

I don’t think the White House has ordered an assault like this since Normandy! 😆

  Rudy wrote @

Has anyone noticed all the terrorist hype in the media lately? Both Bush and Petraeus have said they are expecting another 9/11 attack on US soil. Looks to me like they’re prepping us so that when the “terrorist attack” comes, we’ll be back into the war mode and ready to vote for their golden boy McCain, who is losing badly to the Democrats.

Although the lesser of 3 evils is STILL evil.

  chefkeem wrote @

It makes me sick to my stomach to read the reactions to McClellan’s book. “He offers no proof…”??? There’s been plenty of proof for the grave (intentional) “mistakes” of this and other administrations. The entire system is based on the ability to perpetuate these “mistakes” which feed the interests of the power elites.

Proof is needed no more. The emperor is naked.

McClellan’s mother ran for Texas office under the slogan “Telling it like it is”. Good boy!

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